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  1. Try the ping i10s. They are on sale now and are amazing irons. They've helped me out a lot. they let you get away with some bad swings, but they are by no means a hacker iron. they look like a tour iron and they offer feedback, but they are also forgiving.
  2. that's what i thought at first, but look on ebay now, they have hundreds of the nike 5900 SQ Tour, so i thought this one would be similar. im going to check with my nike rep too. Keep the ideas coming. Nick
  3. hey guys, sorry for not visiting for a long time, ive been really busy. anyways im in the market for a new driver,and i really like the New Dymo str8fit driver from nike. i like the traditional shaped head, but im my opinion the head is too big. i do not believe i need the forgiveness of the 460cc head and i like the idea of being able to hit a driver off the deck. the only anthony kim has is 380cc and is something i'd be really interested in. i searched ebay and came up with nothing. any ideas guys? Prices? thanks, Nick
  4. no i should have claified, the white hot XG #5. Nick
  5. does anyone know the head weight of the odyssey white hot #5 if the club is 34 inches. thanks guys, Nick
  6. the nikes fit my feet good, they are a narrow cut and i have narrow feet so im pretty limited when it comes so shoes. if they're good enough for tiger, they're good enough for me
  7. i am looking at buying at scotty cameron prototype putter, and i've found one on ebay that interests me. The only problem is this doesn't have a COA and i've never heard of a C-5 prototype before. Can anyone verify if this is legit? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ksid=p3907.m29
  8. Taylormade is infamous for closing the faces of their metal woods, hybrids, and drivers, in an effort to promote a draw. This is definitely the case with this club, this is exactly why i prefer nike and ping hybrids, as they set up more squarely.
  9. 250 for my circle t studio stainless, and probably around 300 for my studio select squareback circle t. i got hookups with titleist.
  10. i use a alignment tool to create a cross like alignment aid on my one black. i also place a black dot above the swoosh.
  11. well, i would give it a B rating, it is not as versitle as my trusty slingshot hybrid, but it gets the job done. if you are interested in purchasing a g10 hybrid of your own, make sure to get the graphite shaft, as the steel shaft is extremely difficult to use effectively. It is great off the tee and from the rough, however, the depth of the face makes it difficult to hit from the fairway. Also, i have noticed it is very easy to turn this face open, more so than any other club in my bag, this is probably due to the odd shape of the club face, most of the off center hits will result in a slight cut. Despite this it is forgiving, however not that workable.
  12. i've heard mixed things about Scotty's newest creation. But what really makes me want to get one is the fact that JB Holmes lost his at the ryder cup, and had one overnighted to Vahalla. This product has sold out numerous times, so it must be popular, but is it effective? I am a good player, but my game lives and dies with my putting. Ive been working to improve my putting, but i am very very streaky in terms of putting. could this tool be effective in providing confidence when im struggling.
  13. i have a 2 hybrid and i hit it almost as far as my 3 wood, about 220-225 yards and it is deadly accurate. I use it off the tee, from the fairway and the rough, and when i need to punch it. i feel that it is the most versitle club in my bag.
  14. i love my i10s. i chose them because i feel they are the perfect balance between a blade and a game improvement iron. the pro at my course recommended them to me, he has to meet mizuno's requirement of 11 clubs in his bag, otherwise he'd play the i10s.
  15. the 2007 vokey wedges were great, but i heard numerous responses from players of all skill levels that they are difficult to chip with. what has been changed to improve the feel of these wedges around the greens?
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