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  1. Funniest post i have read on here!

    BOOM BABY !!!!

    I felt that our players deserved a better Capt. Wow did this guy do a number.... Stone faced when we were winning...then it's all shits and giggles when we got our heads knocked off in the 3rd round matches...WTF??
  2. Does anyone think that the way Hunter ended it might have caused damage that is going to take a long time to bounce back from? It feels worse than Dustin Johnson's blow ups, to me anyway. I hope he can recover quickly, but I don't know it will be all he hears about for quite some time I imagine.

    I doubt it, he got beat by a Major Winner in McDowell. Probably trying to make too much happen with all teammates and eyes of the world looking at his chip shot. Euro's won it fair and square, I'm glad we sacked up and made it pretty damn exiciting at the finish. Good Ryder Cup, the Euro's played as a solid unit and played with class. But I still think our Captain sucked! I will take it back to when Pavin blatently ignored the fans and signing auto's at the Transitions Championship in March of this year....I was scratching my head.....this is our Ryder Cup Captain? Way to build spirit Corey....didn't even look at the kids and fans wanting Auto's....Harrington, Sergio, Furyk, Fowler, D Johnson, and almost every other player took the time to interact with the fans.

  3. Congrats to Corey Pavin...what a bang up job he did.

    He didn't look like he wanted to be there. I don't think he recovered from the early wardrobe malfunction. The "iron on" ryder cup sweater decal was a nice touch also. If he was trying to motivate the team by keeping them wet, cold, and looking like tools....it didn't work.
  4. I don't fancy Rory's chances. This is his first RC, by the time he gets in the flow it will be over.

    Really....calling out a guy who isn't even on the team yet. Sort of like a pro football team saying...I bet we can score 40 points on your second team defense.
  5. I think his kids may be on his mind... That is one of the hardest parts about divorces, the children. I could not imagine living without my kids in my daily life, if you do not have kids its hard to understand... I think people are forgetting that Tiger is not 20 something anymore and as you get older your priorities change in life. Sometimes people need to fall before it all makes sense to them!

    Well said. Kids are the victims in divorce, they did no wrong.

  6. Depends on his family’s financial situation…a white kid from a country club…probably not an issue but who knows. The hypocrisy is universities make millions on these kids but if he takes a hamburger from a booster the NCAA goes beserko. Amateur status is just a convenient gimmick to keep the money in house. Why can a law student intern for money, an accounting major work summers at a PA, an environmental major get paid to clean up the oil spill, a journalism student gofer at a TV station?

    He was wearing a Titleist hat during Saturday's round.

    Looks like he is playing the St. Jude in Memphis
  7. 25% of their 52 man roster is thugs? Can you name all 13 and tell me why you think they're thugs?

    Wow....sorry dude.

    I actually walked on a major division 1 football school in the early 90's and still hold high school records (at my school) in the shot put and discus last time I checked a few years back. You are 20, I am 40...pro football has changed a lot over the past 20 years, I really don't watch it much anymore
  8. The next Tiger Woods........give me a break!

    There is no way that kid is going to bang that many porn stars, strippers, perkins waitresses, and next door neighbors!

    I'd tell the kid to forget college and take his winnings.....Hello World!
  9. Tiger didn't give a "F" about anything the past 4 or 5 years of his life, a narcissist (sp?)

    I wouldn't doubt for a minute he was on roids a few years back, he was so damn full of himself it was funny. And he was pretty yoked up at the 07 or 06 US Open if I can remember.

    Lets see.....Bang porn stars and perkins waitresses, next door neighbors, etc....... But he wouldn't take anything that would be "illegal" and give him an unfair advantage in golf....Child Please....
  10. Romo would much rather be a pro golfer.....he is probably debating hanging up the cleats. He probably despises Jerry Jones and is sick of playing with a team that is 1/4 filled with thugs.

    He's rich...... and I bet I am not far off the mark.

    Pro Football sucks...what a glorified circle jerk.
  11. In full shots it's 99% hand/eye coordination. These guys are wild west sharpshooters and gunslingers....really. They can make last millisecond adjustments in the downswing to pull shots off if they are out of position. It doesn't hurt to have some strength either obviously.

    Putting is the other 75% of the game, don't see many swing videos of putting though....Some have the ability...while 99.8% of us don't.

    Like I said .... wild west gunslingers of 2010 is the best analogy I can give to non golfers in the classic bar argument ......"are golfers athletes?"
  12. I shot 6 under on 9 holes in my Wednesday night pins and skins.... Very short course though
    #10 - short "par 4" over forced carry over water...240 yards-- Birdie
    #11 - 500 yard par 5 -- birdie
    #12 - 290 yard par 4 -- birdie
    #13 - 170 yard par 3 --- par
    #14 - 120 yard par 3 --- par
    #15 - 240 yard "par 4" --- birdie
    #16 -- 145 yard par 3 --- bogey
    #17 -- 365 yard "par 5" (big dogleg with swamp and tall trees...290 carry high shot to carry trees) --- eagle
    #18 -- 440 yard "par 5" (tight with trees and dogleg) --- birdie

    Won 40 bucks ---- Priceless...
  13. Rice can't play golf. He's not a two index. And he shouldn't be out there.

    He can play golf....just not near as well as a struggling mini tour player sleeping out of his van.

    If Jerry is a 2 index, then I am going to make the cut at the US Open this year. He shouldn't be out there....correct. If he want's to be a pro he should play mini tour events (He would get his ass whipped out there also), Nationwide Tour should be reserved for Pros. Damn....I am really not trying to bash him...I respect his dream and effort, if he wants to be a pro then go the mini tour circuit and improve...which he would.
  14. The guy's 34 and a top athlete. He could still swing like that. He may not want to - and right now I'd argue that he can't with the swing he's got - but he's capable.


    I think he swings harder now...with many more moving peices and f'ed up positions at the top..it's really awful and the results show (not even talking about his scores...damn, some of his drives are downright funny). His old swing looked like a wider and smoother arc, he looked like a golf ball whacking machine.
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