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  1. I author the Official EA SPORTS Madden Strategy Guides. www.MaddenTips.com
  2. so thats why no one waits for me at the tee box haha everything in moderation
  3. I'm just getting into Golf recently - It was never about waiting until the last minute - i didnt even know you had to register for this - i thought it was something that was just calculated by yourself and then I heard a couple guys talking about it and they told me how to do it. Tough love haha
  4. awesome thanks man. my scores were 103, 108, 104, 103, 100 - i estimate thats around 20 from what i read online but cant wait to get the real thing
  5. Welcome to GHIN! Your Handicap Index will not display until your golf club has gone through a handicap revision (as determined by the golf association to which it belongs). In addition, a minimum of five scores are needed to establish a Handicap Index. To view scores that have been entered up until a revision takes place, choose the "Most Recent Scores" tab. Once a Handicap Index is displayed, the scoring record appearing is what was used for the calculation at the revision. To see scores added after the most recent revision, use the "Most Recent Scores" tab. Those "pending" scores will be added to the Handicap Lookup screen each time a revision takes place. Anyone have any idea what this means? What do I have to do to get this corrected? I have played 5 rounds as well
  6. BAHHHH i love this one lol - i say it all the time - greaaaaat call
  7. About to hit the course for 9 holes. I'm trying to work on staying calm and hitting solid shots today. Playing with a friend so that should help slow me down. Also trying to incorporate this APP - iPerformance Psychology The APP is supposed to be a mental coach for you preperation with tasks to work on at home. So far so good - lets see how it works today. Look to shoot a 48-50 today. #LETSGO
  8. thats so awesome best of luck - i hope to compete in tournaments someday!
  9. thanks man appreciate it. I know what I'm supposed to work on from my instructor (jeff) which is working on my back swing from my takeaway. Im standing next to a wall trying not to hit it. Problem is when i get to the range I cant put it all together. ill hit the ball but with no power bc Im thinking on so many things. My biggest issue overall is NOT using my hips at all. its like I have none - I dont use them or something. baby steps.
  10. I was wondering why i couldnt do this haha
  11. I'm struggling now where I cant seem to string together consistent hits. Also I'm super confident on the range but when I get on the golf course I just lose it all. I instantly feel like I cant hit the ball terrible feeling. my last two rounds of 9 holes were 62 and 58. Playing 9 tomorrow morning so should be interesting to see how things turn out tomorrow stephengibbons.me
  12. I have had the same pain over the past few weeks - now Im worried!
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