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  1. With the angle I had left to the hole I would have only needed 8 inches to a foot to be able to clear the fence so it sounds to me like I can remove a stroke from my scorecard as I did take a stroke with the drop to be on the safe side since I did not know the correct ruling. Thank you for the clarification!
  2. Thank you for clearing it up. The rules officials at my high school regional golf tournament must have been under a misapprehension as well. So, now the question is...Since it was in the gopher hole (which I get free relief from) but close to the fence (which I don't get free relief from) how is the shot then played? Can the free relief from the gopher hole give me a club length and allow the ball to be further from the fence but no closer to the hole or would it have to remain the same distance from the fence?
  3. How long has the manmade fence not given free relief? The fence in question does mark the course boundary but I have always known to be able to take free relief from a fence. However, this was when I played high school golf back in 2000-2004 so maybe some rules have changed. Please help me to understand when and why this rule may have changed.
  4. Upon playing my round the other day I found my golf ball down in a gopher hole in the rough. First off, what is the ruling about a ball ending up down a gopher hole and secondly the hole was also within a foot of a fence and had the ball not been in the hole I would have gotten free relief from the fence anyway. So, the question is...Since the ball was in a gopher hole do I still get free relief or do I have to take an unplayable lie and take a stroke. I only asked because after googling for the answer I got two different responses. Thank you!
  5. Since we play together on the same course and shoot very similar scores I am going to go with the same predictions but for S & G's I have posted again anyway. Maybe we should just throw down a skins match while working out these results? Keeping our stroke by stroke scores as well of course. Course Name : Prairie Ridge Golf Course Course Website : Prairie Ridge Golf Course Course Style : Hilly, Big misses will cause you several strokes. Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope : 6456 / 69.6 / 116 Regular Tee Average Score : 84
  6. My lowest score was when I played high school golf back in 2003 (also when I played 4 to 5 times a week). I shot a 71 on our par 72 home course after pulling off a 32 on the front nine and then somehow couldn't keep it up on the back and shot a 39. The course rating is 69.3 with a slope of 114.
  7. I apologize as I was appearantly wrong. I personally have just always deemed a ball I couldn't find as lost. Now I too know the correct ruling. Thanks iacas!
  8. If you find the golf ball in the lateral hazard you can either play it as it lies or take an unplayable, drop it out and take a stroke. If you do not find the golf ball in the tall grass then it is deemed a lost ball and you then have to play your provisional.
  9. I'm glad I don't have to play with you! I'm not a fan of speed ball. I like to actually enjoy the game.
  10. Did you know where Osama was? If so, maybe we wouldn't have had to enter so many countries. Man, are you telling me this whole thing could have been over years ago?
  11. I don't think I could have said it any better. As the United States military we sometimes have to take steps to reach an ultimate goal. I believe as motown88 was saying that it worked out nicely as we did find Osama in Pakistan. Just because some steps are drastic doesn't mean they are not right. We have freedoms in the US and belive that everyone in this world should have a right to the same freedoms.
  12. I honestly belive you made the right choice but I do not have a rule book in front of me so I am not sure either. No matter the ruling there is definately a penalty there of some sort. I would have also called it a double hit for the simple fact that the club was swung and the ball was struck a second time with the club before coming to a rest. Someone else please let me know if this is the correct ruling as I would like to know as well.
  13. I agree. As long as you are between the tee markers when you hit your first drive; the round has begun. Therefore, if you are always playing your second ball then you should be counting your second shot as your 4th and so on after.
  14. By the way, I am all for space exploration but I also don't think it should take any higher priority. This is not an option in the poll so I did not vote.
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