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  1. Doing both was my plan, just trying to maximize my chances
  2. Hi All, I am booked up for a 3 week trip to Scotland in Sept this year with my non-playing wife. I was too late to pre-book for The Old Course and have seen that you can only take part in the Lottery as part of a twosome. As such I wondered if there was any other single going to be in the area Sept 3rd-7th that would want to join up for the lottery. Otherwise I will do the 3am queue thing and try out as a single Thanks Dave
  3. I can not say anything about the actual error that they had, and hence what additional use cases there might be. I can only say that if anyone has the issue that their unit is not registering ANY shots that switching the mode to something else and back again when connected might help. For me I only test "Outdoor" mode hence I went from Outdoor to Indoor and back again. Whether the same issue can occur for Indoors or Pitching I do not know.
  4. Just to answer my own reply in case it helps anyone else. The versions that I mentioned above are correct. The issue I had is a known issue within Flightscope and there is a fix coming coming in the next days. The workaround should you have this problem is to change the mode (Outdoor to Indoor and back again in the app) when connected to the Mevo. After doing this everything working perfectly again. As usual great support from Flightscope. They replied within hours and came up with a solution immediately.
  5. I recently updated the Mevo App which wanted a new FW update of the Mevo. Since that I am not getting any shots registered. Anyone else seen any issues. My app provides the following version information: App Version 1.3.5 AVR Version 0.08 FSMevo BT DSP Version 1.09 Do these versions match those used by others? Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks for the info. Can you say anything about the size of the black disc and whether there were any comments about where that need to be stored during use (i.e. front pocket only).
  7. Shifting the old models before the release of the new Game Golf Pro that is now being hinted about on their website
  8. Has already been mentioned elsewhere but I have used golfbidder and ebay for my excessive club buying. One other thing to consider or check on is whether your club (or any local club) has a for sale board. Mine does and often they will have sets available at good prices. As for the fitting, I am very standard in height and structure and hence knew that standard length would be fine for me. I only think that a full fitting makes sense after a year or so when your swing has stabilized. My advice recently to a colleague that just completed his platzreife and is already addicted was
  9. I have seen a few oddities for which I have contacted Arccos. For instance it recommends clubs and distances that are longer than my averages by up to 20-30m and sometimes suggests taking a PW off the tee on a Par 5. As said before it is a beta version currently but with work could be very interesting.
  10. Very interesting screen shots and tracking there. I assume that you are having to manually take it from GG to Excel and there is not something I missed about being able to get access to the raw data or being able to export the data? Thanks
  11. If you own an Android phone then you can already use the GolfPad tags. You can even try the complete tagging manually using the application only (Android or Apple). The new kickstarter campaign is really to copy the GameGolf idea and add a separate device for tagging that then enables Apple users to take part as currently NFC tagging is not supported. I signed up early after having got fed up with the lack of progress on the GameGolf backend and having tried the manual tagging and statistics collection.
  12. I played there last Summer and loved it. I know a lot of people complain about the random nature of bounces you can get on the fairways but I had an absolute blast. I played in June and had a stretch of 4/5 holes where the wind suddenly got up, and at that point I gained a real appreciation for the skill of Links golf
  13. As it is a straight two shot penalty without the errant stroke counting, it is basically the same as having hit the ball out of bounds which I think is fair. Especially when you consider that the action has also directly affected another competitors round and position on the course. As someone who did this for the first time ever in his club championship last year you can guarantee that it is lesson learnt - mark you ball and check it carefully. Do not simply rely on the fact that it is a Titleist and in your fairway
  14. Okay understand the difference but not sure I really agree on its "coolness". Not sure where the enjoyment is in ranking that says my 1 over on a dog track in still conditions here in Frankfurt was better than Tiger's 4 over in windy conditions in Torrey Pines. Let alone a comparison with a round made by Joe Nobody in Winnepeg.
  15. The information provided above for South America is also available here in Germany and hence I would have thought in the UK as well. Depressingly it tells me with 9,1 Hcp that I am 4th in my club, 1727th in Hessen (State) and 17,501st in Germany.
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