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  1. Dude, I still think your logic is totally off. Air has to be moving over and under the wings of the plane in order to generate the lift necessary for the plane to pull itself into the air. If the treadmill is matching the speed of the plane, as you said, and it appears to be still to observers, then it is not generating air flow over the wings. You have to take the question literally, and in doing so, the wheels, friction, etc. are irrelevant. The propulsion of the plane, whether it is jet of prop, is also irrelevant. The engine only provides thrust, which you have already stated is inversl
  2. We rented clubs at Pinehurst and they actually turned out to be titleists with a Scotty Cameron putter
  3. mitchalo

    FBR Open

    Wow....tough crowd......LOL Everyone must be focused on Dubai
  4. Welcome from a fellow North Cackalackian
  5. I haven't made it to Tot Hill. Lucky for me that I live in Lee County, and can play TR at a reduced rate on the Lee County Passport program. I will get to Tot Hill soon.
  6. Ping G2 Driver... funny story. I never used graphite shafts due to an incurable slice, but I aquired a Callaway Hawkeye Driver with a stiff shaft in the same manner as the irons listed below. Theis was the first grpahite shaft club that I could hit. When the new 460 drivers came out, I went and tried a lot of drivers, but settled on the G2. will soon be upgrading to a Big Bertha 460, or a Taylor Made Burner. Callaway Steelhead X-14 Irons... I worked for Nortel Networks until Feb of 2003. In 2001 I received an award in which I could choose to receive cash or points to redeem for stuff.
  7. I have a Ping Doc 15. Most people hate the look, or at least question the look, but this putter is incredible. Good feel, easy alignment....and always easy to find in the bag....LOL Prior to this I was using a Ping Craz-E and had excellent results with it, too.
  8. Pinehurst #2.....hmmmmm...how do we rate this? This course is wide open, and not really that hard......until you get to the green. Even a bad tee shot into the pines can be recovered, but those greens!! We also MUST remember, that a US Open set up for # 2 is much, much different than an everyday set up. There is no way they can maintain that course year round the way it is set up for the Open. Pinehurst # 2, to me, is more about the tradition of golf. There are courses I have enjoyed more, but none, that I have played, that I have respected more. Factor in that one of the greatest mome
  9. Tobacco Road is my absolute favorite course. It's not as bad as you would think as far as the forced carries, etc., but I've never paid attention to the ladies tees. If you don't want to play Tobacco Road, I wouldn't consider The Pit either. Same sort of concept, except TR is more like The Pit on steroids. Hyland Hills is one of the best plays for the money in this area, especially on their afternoon rate, and always in great shape. Little River is spectacular...of course my cousin is the superintendent. There are a couple shots over water there, but I think the ladies are safe
  10. mitchalo

    FBR Open

    So, with Tiger noit in the field, what are your predictions for the FBR Open? Notables include: Mickleson, Phil Appleby, Stuart Baddeley, Aaron Choi, K.J. Leonard, Justin Sabbatini, Rory Singh, Vijay Watson, Bubba Weekley, Boo A full list of the field can be seen HERE
  11. My set is a 720 resolution, and HDTV, even at 720, is almost too clear to believe. You can see the blades of grass, and the logos on the ball, etc..
  12. I think George has a true love of the game. Unfortunately, we don't get to see it in this tournament. If you think about it, even Samuel L. Jackson was trying to be funny in front of the cameras at times. The interview in the latest Golf Digest with Lopez is good. that's who I'd like to see on the course....the serious side. On the other hand, there are plenty of us that like to cut up when we're out there with our friends.
  13. I was really surprised at the Womens' Open this past year. Gulbis looked just like she does on television. Paula Creamer, however, looks much much better in person. Not to mention she's somewhere near 5'10".........
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