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  1. Dancin Dogg Optishot simulator

    I have the Optishot and I love it. I have seen mixed reviews on here so I wanted to give my feedback, which I don't usually do. I have not spent a lot of time on the more expensive monitors but I will tell you the Optishot does provide fairly accurate feedback. I had to tinker with the settings for a while to get my distances more accurate (I lowered most of my distance %'s to 92%) and now they are pretty close when I hit a good shot. If I close the club face or hit a pull the ball goes left if I don't rotate and I leave my club face open I get a fade or slice. It is winter here in PA but we had a beautiful day a few weeks ago, the only hitting I had done was with my Optishot . I went out warmed up a little and shot a 39 on the front...I am a 12.3 index so that was a good 9 for me. The Optishot has helped me see the difference between a good swing and a bad swing. When I think I had pure'd a shot the Optishot usually shows a good result and conversely when I feel I have hit a bad shot I usually see a bad result. So for me the Optishot was money well spent.
  2. I had been playing the Taylormade Penta's for the last year and liked the distance off the tee and my irons but never felt they were that good with my scoring irons plus they scuffed really easy with my Vokey wedges. I won a dozen ProV1's and thought they were good balls very similar to the Penta's but they also scuffed easily for me. I was told to try the B330 RXS as my SS varies between 100-105...I have to say I love the balls. The are long off the tee and longer with my irons (my 8 iron maxed around 145-150...now 155 is attainable) but the best part is they drop and stop with my scoring wedges and they are nearly impossible to scuff. I have played an entire round with them and you can hardly tell. I am now a believer in the Bridgestone brand and especially the B330-RXS.