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  1. Dude. Wake up. Look at Tiger's and Phil's wife again and tell me you've NO IDEA why they're tired.
  2. After disgusting, horrific round I decided I'm not up to "real golf" anymore and I played with 7 iron only (incl. putting) holes 13 through 18 on my home course. Managed to score 4 over on 6 holes, including a sand shot from a deep bunker and a chip-in on 18th for a par it was the BEST scoring streak of my round that day !
  3. especially now in Oct/November a very interesting gadget to have problem is - it would have to be tiny. If it's tiny it can't be powerful enough (or cheap enough ) - and quiet... tough one.
  4. my resume will be short... Age 34 - went to a driving range first time with a set of starter clubs (given to me by my friend). I managed to hit a post separating the stalls dead on, ball came back at me and bruised my ribs. Swore never to try that stupid game again. Age 35 - started to go to a range regularily. "Played" few rounds, using mostly 5wood (the only club I could hit decent). Managed to keep my scores in low 100's. Age 36 - bought first set of clubs (Top-Flight tour). Several times a week on a county course, playing after work into the darkness, every weekend as much as I could
  5. who of you haven't though about making a millions with the "next big thing" for golfers? it seems like the market is great - there are thousands if not millions of people playing golf, who refuse to admit that lack of talent prevents them from getting to really advanced level of the game - and they'll try ANYTHING to improve - after all 50% of broadcast time on TGC are infomercials.. Of course I thought of it. Didn't come up with anything yet, but in the meantime I stumbled upon the golf-related patents ... Holly molly. Check out that list - is there ANYTHING that's not patented yet?
  6. and don't let Don hit it, even once ! (2006 Newport Cup insider joke - maybe Don will care to explain )
  7. IMHO you should focus on short game (chipping + putting). Shooting in the 80's means you can get off the tee and keep the ball in play (occasional slice/OB will happen, but it's not a regular event). You should be able to get on or around the green in 2... that's where it's very easy to need 3 - 4 strokes before the ball is holed out. Once you get your "up-and-down" ratio up to at least 75% - your scores will drop.
  8. is it just me, or worrying about a rule infraction 22 years after the fact is quite stupid? What's going on, did he not get enough headlines lately ? I don't get it.
  9. A young fellow from a poor family would often take a bus to the nearest golf course and after the course was closed, would walk through all the roughs, sand traps, and water traps to find as many lost golf balls as he could, then sell them at his yard sale to raise money for his family. One day, both of his front pockets were jammed with golf balls from his trip to the golf course as he rode the bus home. He sat in the front seat,and seated in the front seat across from him, sat a woman with two bags of groceries in her arms. She kept staring at the large bulges in his front pockets, which mad
  10. shank itself it's not a problem, it happens to the best of us (did you see that "lateral fade" that Davis Love hit on Saturday at Disney? ). What pisses me off is his attitude - one can't shit on your partner's heads making sound like he's the only one who belongs there - and then follow it with that stinker.
  11. Hi Bradford, welcome. Did anybody tell you about the hazing ritual for new tst.com members? Well - there is a special one for the guys from Atlanta GA. You have to bring every member over to National for a round of golf, before you can keep your posting privileges!
  12. for the Albert dude is just way too much to handle. Arrogant ahole, commenting on others, talking about how they fail - backs up his talk with a beautiful shank in a must-win situation. It could be hard with this dental work - but can you spell L-O-O-S-E-R ?
  13. to get just enough spin on the ball one way or another you can start simple. Draw: imagine a V line, where left line goes at the target; line up your feet along the right line in the "V" - start small, few inches. Keep your club aligned towards the target (left line in the "V"). Try to swing "normal" and allow your body guide your club from inside-out along the line of your feet. Experiment with that, changing the angle in the "V" until you reach appropriate effect. To hit a fade - do exact the opposite. Feet alingment is the easiest way to send your club down the proper path, if you don't
  14. Yes indeed, don't you just love that smile?
  15. Myrtle Beach could be a cheap alternative - and you're there within 2 hrs flight, tons of cheap packages too - talk to EatDrinkSleepGolf member of this forum - he should be able to hook you up. Of course weather is not as solid as Florida, but if you time it right - you'll enjoy 70's in December or February...
  16. and of course you disqualified yourself based on the rule 4-3a(iii) ?
  17. ok, I knew I didn't like you before but now I just straight out hate your guts. call me jealous, whatever. I'm sick of reading your reports from Myrtle while I'm sitting in my office and outside it's barely over 40deg. but seriously - great trip. You selected your courses visely what a great package
  18. Can I change my pick? I think I'll go with her instead:
  19. it's actually "oooh Tiger...", and only after severe push-slive deep right. This is the ONLY thing Eldrick and myself have incommon in our golf game - bad driver misses going way right... and our reaction is the same I could yell out "God Dammit" like Tiger does too, but that would upset Cody, so I stay away from it
  20. PRICELESS !!!! I had to replace my 4iron, now I need to replace my undies after laughing too hard
  21. Rafcin

    Mock shirt

    Amen. Couldn't say it any better!
  22. Was it? Yeah, it was a tough crawd. Not only it cost me $180.00 (bought the sonartec MD to replace it), but I had to hear it over and over and over.. Let's see if I learned my lesson. I hope so
  23. indeed, unless you indicate line of putt - it's not a rules violation, it's only a ettiquete question. There was a discussion once at LPGA tournament. Player's ball was hanging on the lip of the hole and player walked up and by casting a shadow on the grass under the ball "made" the ball drop ( supossely grass reacts to shadow within 10 seconds ). From "Decisions on Rules" : 16-2/3 Casting Shadow on Ball Overhanging Hole Q. A player’s ball came to rest overhanging the edge of the hole. The player walked up to the hole and cast his shadow on the ball, believing that this would caus
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