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  1. iacas - I think this had been touched on but not addressed specifically (I have read all 4 pages but I may have missed it) and if so I apologize. You stated this in your Post #4. "I like the one we have now: the close of competition. It has a nice blend of the practical (when we hand the trophy over we don't want to have a Steve Harvey moment) with allowing for the actions of everyone through the full 72 holes to affect the final score, because it is a 72-hole competition, not four separate 18-hole competitions." So why not have the players sign the "official card" at the end of the
  2. A guy I used to play with on a semi regular basis at my club actually did what you just did. He quit golf cold turkey. He now spends his time cycling as much as possible. Not sure if he will come back to golf when the cycling craze is over but he also like to fly fish a lot too.
  3. Go get yourself fitted by a good club fitter. Don't use a brand specific fitter rather go to one who can offer you all the brand name shaft combinations with any of the brand heads. Here in Canada I used Modern Golf there are several similar companies in the US. Having the proper shaft and head combination is a big factor in getting distance and consistency. During my fitting the optimal shaft for me increased my ball speed increased by 17 mph without any increase in my club speed. This translated to an average of 15 yards increase in carry distance based on Trackman d
  4. I wonder if the difference is between private clubs created as part of a housing development vs. those that were not. In my area of Vancouver, BC, Canada we do not have any private clubs created as part of a housing development. There are a couple of golf courses that were created as part of a housing development (Morgan Creek and Westwood Plateau) but they were never private. None of the private clubs in my area has gone to public play.
  5. Absolutely there will be bitching and moaning ....... I think this is why sports is so popular. I don't suggest that there is a simple solution. I am merely stating that officiating in sports is never PERFECT and that errors made in officiating is part of the game. So let the players and officials inside the field of play make the call and if it turns out it was wrong well too bad it is part of the game. Of course people with bitch and moan but there will be bitching and moaning either way.
  6. Final game EURO 2016 ........ handball penalty awarded to France instead of Portugal: 107 mins: Koscielny earns a yellow card for handball right on the edge of the box, but the ball actucally hit Eder's hand. Eder then subsequently scores the winning goal. Original call stands ........... that's sports.
  7. Right - perhaps the USGA should have noted this in their in their official statement on the Dustin Johnson ruling and should have added .... while we created unnecessary ambiguity for Dustin and the other players there is no inherent right to for each competitor to know where they stand in an competition ....... "Upon reflection, we regret the distraction caused by our decision to wait until the end of the round to decide on the ruling. It is normal for rulings based on video evidence to await the end of a round, when the matter can be discussed with the player before the score card is r
  8. I was already aware of that decision but in an earlier reply to me you quoted 34-3/8 so I surmised that it was more appropriate. You stated that by Dustin's remarks he was not aware of the new 18-2 rule and that he gave false or incorrect information to the referee who then made a determination based on that false information. I assumed that you thought 34-3/8 was more appropriate as you would have had to read past 34-3/7 before you got to 34-3/8 so I did not bring up the 34-3/7 decision. Mistakes in officiating will always exist in sports. It is really a part of sports. As much
  9. I agree the current rule is better than before. I do not believe that the entire field played under the same conditions though. The television cameras were not trained on every player equally. I am sure that rule 18-2a came into play with other players and they consulted with their playing partner or the referee, obtained a ruling and continued play based on that ruling. Had any or all of those rulings been subject to instant replay I would suggest that at least one or more may have been overruled by the committee. In Johnson case he obtained a ruling and with the agreement of t
  10. I think the USGA would say they didn't make a ruling because they didn't have the facts. That the RO didn't get those facts is his fault, and a big screw-up. That DJ misrepresented the facts is his fault, too. I'm not speaking for the USGA, but I don't think 34-2 applies here because of the misrepresented facts. and iacas: You made the argument that 34-2 does not apply because 1) the referee did not have all the facts and 2) because the facts were misrepresented. "I think the USGA would say they didn't make a ruling because they didn't h
  11. Not arguing whether the first ruling was correct or not but it seems to me the USGA broke their own rules by not adhering to rule 34-2. 34-2. Referee's Decision If a referee has been appointed by the Committee, his decision is final. IMHO if the USGA wishes to have an additional layer of oversight in order to get the rulings absolutely correct and therefore err on the side of caution then why have rule 34-2 in place? This is the reason I made the comment that now players are going to not only look for a referee's ruling but to also look for the rules committee's blessi
  12. I am not as offended by the application of the rule as I am by the fact the referee can be overruled hours later and after the completion of the round. Mistakes are made by officials in any game or sport. Whether or not the referee made the correct ruling once that ruling is made it should stand. No more second looks. Didn't the rules committee violate it own rules by overruling the referee? 34-2. Referee's Decision If a referee has been appointed by the Committee, his decision is final. Had Johnson not consulted with a referee and got a ruling then I could se
  13. Sorry. Spring has arrived in Vancouver. Cherry Blossoms are out.
  14. Not even close to a mid-life crisis. Six or seven years ago I was having some real issues with my irons so within three months I bought a new set of TaylorMade R7 CBG MAX irons then Ping Anser then TaylorMade R9. I still have the R9's in my closet but the R7 and Anser are long gone. Right now I have Mizuno MX-23 and MP-25; TaylorMade R9, Titlieist AP2 714, and Ping G25 in my closet. Along with the irons I have so many drivers, woods and putters I cant' even name them all. I must buy at least 3 or 4 new drivers and at least 2 set of 3 and 5 woods at year. The only thing I have no
  15. I think it was because he did not have a sponsor for his bag. I don't think that will be a problem now. We will see at the next event.
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