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  1. Hi all Iv'e gone to a square to slightly open set up but both seem to have the same issue even though my shots look pretty and go far and I get good speed. The problem is the over swing my upper body is tilting towards the target like / instead of a more \ motion. This is costing me an easy 5 mph in swing speed and is the cause of my bad shots when I miss time. How can I fix this without setting up right side dominant and placing say 60% of the weight on my back foot which the pro's do but I can't physically manage it? This swing was a square set up,but sometimes I open way up both basically l
  2. From the most recent videos the top of your back swing looks droopy a bit like it reached the apex then you continued on with to loose of a grip and a non leveraged swing. I can see that your concerned with getting the weight forward and clearing of the hips ironically this is where shanks come from when mis timed I don't think your doing any of the steps you have practiced in correctly just mis timed. Think of the bottom of the swing as a line----------- When you have a standard ball placement as center and slide the hips forward to early in combination of a droopy backwing it could cause a s
  3. This is something that can improve all of our golf misses and it only requires a basketball! If your a right handed golfer and feel like your on your heels and your pulling the ball it's often caused by a mismatched body and over practice. I assume your were once where you wanted to be in your game and it has now left you right? Forget golf mechanics and dribble a basketball left handed and right handed everyday and get good it. It's a lateral motion that will train your foot work and agility beyond millions of golf shots give it a try! I do this when I get off and when I go to the
  4. ''I would say any player to have won a major can never be deemed a poor player''. To play along the worst player.. And this might be as a personal opinion but tom Kite his thick glasses hmm, but his swing is good again any time you win a tour event and then a major put's you as a hall of fame candidate.
  5. Yes absolutely the grip is like the tail-weight of a sword it's must be weighted correctly and is tough to gauge. I found a Lynx black cat 6 iron old school club at a thrift store it has a stiff and light graphite shaft and a jumbo max grip. For some reason this club is so damn perfect I love it to death! I tested it down at golf galaxy 5800 to 7200 rpm spin high launch and it just feels right goes 176 yard op the mark! Now say a dg s-300 wedge shaft and a cleveland rotex 56 deg. This club might be better with a standard to midsize grip but probably never a jumbo max grip based on the need for
  6. Well yeah dude i'm a golf purist I know it's not going to happen but who knows subtle changes do occur right? We have the anchor ban then the groove rule who knows? Anyway the tees are already there just up 20 yards. I think it would improve the quality of golf with increased spin balls and increased spin drivers. We hear it all the time the balls don't spin anymore and you can't work the ball so maybe that's all they need to do maybe..? Anyway Again just my vision thanks for your feedback though I think im done with this one :)
  7. Id focus on maintaining a level to forward tilting shoulder base at address and get used to taking more club and letting it work for you! I myself sometimes nip the ball it's not a bad thing and is the result of some ball placement and the fact your standing up on the downswing. Your to A symmetrical in your set up the shaft is up and down the ball placement is center and you have no shaft lead resulting weak added loft at impact. Try this take a 6 iron for your next 7 iron shot and move it up 2 inches in your set up at address. from there lead the hand lightly and get a 60-50 weight bala
  8. Seems kinda cool mimicking Jack Nicklaus swing or Ben hogans move but in the end it's looks like a fancy toy that might be helpful to some tour pro's or very good players but that's about it.. Over the 15 years I have played golf seriously I have learned one very important thing and it's each good shot gives you a + 1 and each negative shot gives you a -1 or whatever you wanna call it. The beginner can learn from this by simply not hitting bad shots in essence every good shot you hit equals improvement and every bad one the reverse. Each range session by amateurs or 20+ers is 100 balls 15 pret
  9. Just step away from the ball an inch and your good it's that easy.
  10. No your confused with older tech and the current tees they might shoot those numbers. With shorter courses and older tech these guys would post 72-68-70-70 often winning score on tournaments would be like 6-9 under.
  11. I hit it about 260 to 270 with my Titelist persimmon. Id be an average tour pro If i could shoot under par.
  12. Well yes and no let me explain. With older tech and the current 495 yard par 4's the players would shoot in the high 80's or mid 70's. It would put a premium on fairways leaving players with 133 158 etc.. Today they just hit a hybrid often and juice is straight 277 because hybrids also have low spin.. That's how they are getting 315 yard averages. If they only hit drivers it would be more because they hit it 330 very often and more. A increased spin ball would make it harder and put a premium on skill overall it would make the game a skill game. This is mostly pga tour level not so much at all
  13. Here is another interesting tid bit of how current tech might be making the game to easy. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/golf/pga/2007-07-12-oldclubs_N.htm
  14. Well no they just play from the old tees like going from the tips to the blues at your home course. If the average shot was 144 to 177 yards in give or take a short par 4 then it creates challenge. A downhill downwind hole would still be a bomb but with a low spin driver and a graphite shaft made for lower spin you get 400 yard drives. Yes you can always just make the courses longer and longer and equipment companies will just keep making the balls longer and drivers faster. so whats next 550 yard par 4's 260 yard par 3's and 700 yard par 5's.
  15. The long bombers of today would be 300 yarders and the current 300+ yard hitters would hit it 275 or so just like the 90's when golf was golf and the second shot counted with positioning and working the ball to tight pins. Today players are starting to hit the ball 350 yards very often making courses a pitch and putt that's boring and not golf! No I totally disagree with fitness being a prime factor and more athletes as golfers you would see longer hitters more often with rolled back equipment, but not 360 yards and chip it in. Greg Norman was a true athlete back in the 80's he swung i
  16. Mechanical checks are fine as long as they are a feel thing. I make sure im not standing to close to the ball then check my shoulder alignment by looking left to see where they are aimed. I sorta double check ball position and if it's off I simply strep away and start over. This is a real quick deal but it's essential to have a mental; trigger such as telling yourself to commit or stay smooth whatever works it's a trigger then go.
  17. No offense but you sound like a mess! Of course we all have our glitches because our brain is like a computer and it happens and is the direct cause of terrible shots. The best thing to think about before a golf shot is: A dove,boobies,the pine tree your aiming at,smooth takeaway let's go,clear the mechanism,one time,etc... You swing keys your working on are for the range and probably nor full committed shots you want them to develop muscle memory so in real time on the course they react to a faster committed swing. For me on real intimidating shots say trouble left I sometimes say
  18. There is a 7 inch height gap and probably a 7 inch gap in arm length yet Rory hit's it as far or farther than his style of swing. Bubba swings is very long and get's his speed from momentum and length. Rory get's his power from loading up torque and acceleration. If you happen top be a normal sized golfer with some decent flexibility and power than Rory's style might give you 30 more yards. If you lack power and have just ok flexibility then what you guys are advocating is probably fit for the majority of golfers who couldn't complete a backswing with a restricted hip turn and wouldn't generat
  19. Ok but there are a lot of contradictions to what I was working on and what Im doing now I'd rather have a fresh perspective and make new videos.
  20. Did you watch the video? Butch Harmon specifically states '' Huge shoulder turn but not a very big hip turn'' This is butch Harmon were talking about directly describing how his wide stance and stable back foot creates power all from a huge shoulder turn and minimal hip turn also called the x factor. My post is describing exactly this to a T advocating that flaring your stance with both feet isn't for everyone and can kill power potential in the young athlete. I'd have to agree with that to some extent I'd say 85% of the swing is firing of the core. You need something to fire from thou
  21. Oh cool that's a good idea. I would like to create a new my swing thread if I could I have one that's has to many replies is 6 pages longs and isn't relevant into what i'm doing now :)
  22. Yes I agree it's for entertainment purposes and making the game golf again would probably draw less spectators and revenue. There isn't from a business perspective but as far as the game is concerned it would be for the betterment on the professional level. You think old timey players were bad athletes I would disagree sir!
  23. Yes the lofts are low but it's a nice design and a great looking head. I'm more concerned about offset and feel and not so much loft, These irons are designed to go up and the low loft lowers the spin most noticeable on 4 irons and not so much on the 8 or 9. Take an old blade 8 iron and bend in stronger 3 degrees to make it 36 degrees or so and it would play very much like the m2 8 iron at 33 degrees, Give them identical lengths and the same shaft and the blade would spin more but go the same height not to mention more consistent distance. Blades when hit dead center go the same distance given
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