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  1. Iv'e gotten so sick of over drawing the ball left of the green with 5-6 irons that I have developed a push swing that's working! Today I hit a beautiful 6 iron 170 yards and land it 8 feet from the pin. It's controlled and I know that I wont over draw it. The problem is I feel like it's sawn of and maybe just a band aid however if it''s consistent then who am I to argue> I know I could get 180 out of the 6 if I hit a normal full high draw but it's usually 4 out of ten and that's a lot of missed green's tough pars and inevitable bogeys.
  2. The golf grip is either slightly stronger or neutral The stronger grip allows the face to close a bit and the neutral keeps it from doing so as much. The problem lies in the strong grip if you place your right hand underneath the grip so much that you not connected to it then you leave the face wide open! The strong grip hook is a mere myth for me a strong grip is great for a baby draw or the driver because it's harder to square up vs say a sw. Your feet are way to close to each other and your swing looks like it's chopping wood and is vertical up and down which will cause your pa
  3. When it comes to shot shaping and hitting irons shots today's pro's have proven that they have talent and essentially play with the same clubs as 80 years ago. The driver and 3 woods are the real issue 370 yard drives down wind and consistently getting 30 yards plus roll on firm fairways with 340 yard bombs. It sets up a lot of easy birdies for the majority of pro's and the long players like day just make it a pitch and putt. I was watching the world match play today and it was a 135 yard par 3 into a cross wind! This hole was fun to watch the guys struggled with it a lot and was an actual gol
  4. No replies because that's a terrible video quality.
  5. The right foot is a huge source of power as displayed here and flaring it out automatically ''kills'' That power. However if you do this it opens up your hips a lot and makes a free flowing swing. Not flaring your right or back foot causes a restricted hip turn and if combined with a big shoulder turns give you a powerhouse platform to fire from otherwise your golf swing will be looser and whipper like a uncoiled spring. The good news is good hands and the fact the golf club act's like a whip can still allow for good power just not like Mr MciLroy.
  6. Fast is hard and vice versa it's about clearing the hips or letting the body into a full finish while at the same time swing as hard as you can and timing the bottom of the swing. If you think ''SWING FAST! Then you might get quick and twitchy basically the backswing is for loading power it's rhythmic and and deliberate like a pitcher then as you transfer down it's builds speed to the moment before impact and there it should be it's fastest.
  7. You should hover as long as it's static for a split second before the takeaway. With the head on the ground you tend to pick it up a bit and can be hitchy.
  8. Fatigue usually iv'e swung my driver 116 before and I happened to be going to the gym a lot was fresh and just had 2 cups of strong coffee! Technical factors include swing plane and power leaks. You could simply be losing power before it reaches the ball but it's usually about 5 mph. I normally swing 108 mph with the big stick but sometimes it's 98 or 103 and I can't figure it out other than being stiff or lack of sleep.
  9. http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2015/8/24/same-length-irons-will-dechambeau-start-a-trend.html Interesting topic to say the least i'm not exactly for it or against just seems odd right?
  10. Im always looking to turn better and I can see in by back swing that my weight goes to the outside of my back foot. I have it timed so I don't know if it's good or bad but I know it causes inconsistency.
  11. What kinda help? They are old bladed clubs the lofts are higher the shafts are older how do they feel?
  12. Shaft fitting is primarily a head weight,swing speed and cg ratio mix basically you can figure it out from there. For instance say your wanna play a callaway x2 hot iron you love them, but they just feel like you cant control em. You could get a dg x-100 super light to bring the ball down which is essentially lowering the spin. In combination with that shaft and the low cg boomer head you then could get good very playable results for most good players swinging 85 mph in that head. The scratch blade may or may not weigh less but I will assume it does allowing you to option for say a weaker shaf
  13. What is there not to like? It's common sense if you theoretically swing like the robot here then you be the man!! The problem lies in the robots uber lower stability is so far from human expectations and it's locked wrist stability and left arm leverage is beyond what any human can do that's it's flaw. If you see the best athletes Like Rory and Adam Scott swing a golf club then you will notice that they display very good lower body stability and nice left arm leverage all while making a big turn. Just look at The robots turn it's impeccable far beyond what even the best human can do! If Bryon
  14. This is what I did in my irons that's all hardly 100% recommend it to everyone else. I ended up with an 8 iron the same length as my 7 based on flex and just eyed and tested the rest as close as I could then cut lo length and re gripped them. I later went to a golf shop had em fitted quickly and bent one degree flat one the 8-6 and 9 iron as they were longer.
  15. High tech fitting is great and all or most pros do this but I have found the cheapest and sometimes more effective way is rehearsal fitting. Simply get the club or clubs you want fitted as length lie etc and rehearse impact on a black rubber mat mostly with wedges and irons not so much woods.. Make sure you have your playing golf shoes on just eye it diligently along with a few swings. Ideally you want some flex and the toe should be upwards a bit upright just a hair so impact should be a smidge towards the heel on the bottom of the club. The reason for this is there is a mm cushion between th
  16. Perhaps maybes so. I think it was a smother across the ball hook or heel push. When I got the ball position forward enough with the big stick I hit uber high draws that was working well but it was hit or miss so I wen t back to square.
  17. Oh I agree as long your reasonably flexible then it might actually be a plus to your swing. When I was younger I hand such a narrow stance because I'm hyper flexible and over swung most of the time. Just recently adopted an open stance actually because it was really getting my right arm involved more but it was causing snap hooks so I quit on it for now..
  18. Not really I understand concept for shots meaning maybe try to hit some wild hooks and fades to keep the brain from developing golf hypnosis and poor muscle memory but I never want to miss the sweet spot if I can. As for putting I have heard the toe theory and even seen Dave Pelz talk about cheating on breaking putts say hit of the toe on a left to right to cheat and still make the putt and hit of the heel to on right to lefters to make it more forgiving still I don't do this. I have a very small old putter so hitting the sweet spot is imperative. It's a Maxfli Tad Morre.
  19. If your right handed it has to do with your left leg. If you make it extreme enough say almost facing the target then it's 100% impossible to even make a swing. When your feet isn't perpendicular with your other foot and the left leg is open it automatically opens you hips in a pre set position this makes it harder and harder to make an upper body turn the more open it is. It's just a feel thing and kinda common sense right I mean it's human anatomy.? Believe it or not I'm a big supporter of the open stance at times especially wedged that don't require a big turn.
  20. It's just an estimate 35% 15 % etc.. A hyper flexible person may get to 90 degrees yes or 110 degrees but if they were square the would turn more. Again this is just a fact it has to do with the knees hips and shoulders they way there designed. A guy like bubba lifts his right foot and makes a big turn many adaptations and his open stance helps him fire through the ball better it's what an open stance does.
  21. You sure like to always disagree don't you? Anyway try this take a super open stance and try to make a turn the result will be you can't it's impossible. The more open your set up the less you can turn the more closed your set up '' to a degree the more you can turn''. If your open just a hair then your turn will be restricted by just a little and it goes from there depending on how open your hips and shoulders are. This is just one of those things that is it's not really debatable! For instance if someone told you that they can jump farther forward better when the took a step backwards first
  22. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/bernhard-langer-is-still-upset-confused-by-anchoring-ban?mbid=social_facebook
  23. I guess because it's easier to hit for the regular guy. All of my hybrids wont fit my steel shafts and yes they still make steel wood shafts.
  24. For sure I'm talking about the majority of em and forget callaway they often have a bore though shaft. If you can find a nice hybrid head that's 3.70 then your in luck because that';s the easiest most compatible shaft to find. ttp://www.golfworks.com/images/art/TaylorMade.pdf 0 Quote
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