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  1. Iv'e been chipping with the interlock grip with my lw because it reduces or totally eliminates face rotation and causes a softer landing on 12 yards chips.
  2. Iv'e contributed a lot of it to the dry firm fairways on the pga tour. Club head speed doesn't lie though 117 mph will go 300.
  3. I hit 3 buckets of balls and chipped for an hour then went home had a protein shake watched tv. Later went to the gym for an hour leg presses,ran a mile stretches,crunches and 17.5 pound curls 3 sets of 20.
  4. A plus 1 is ridiculously good honestly and I don't mean to be rude but your swing doesn't look to have enough speed to be that good. Maybe you can hit it exactly where you want it everytime but I just don't see enough speed to be that good and speed is kinda a prerequisite to be a +1 unless you play an easier course from the white tees always then id say your good at scoring and congrats that's good :) Prove me wrong post a video of you smashing a driver 285 Then... That's club pro material This is speed me hitting it 275 off the deck on the gr
  5. Hybrids hosel sizes are either wood size like 3.50 or smaller sometimes .335. This is why woods cant take a parallel irons dynamic gold shafts sized 3.70 or 3.55 taper these are iron shafts for reference. You can buy a brass shim some shafting bead and use a 3.50 hybrid head into a 3.55 tapered shaft. This somehow artificially snugs it in there however the problem lies in flex. A stock 3.50 wood shaft cut down to any less than 2 iron length will be to whippy also called soft stepping. This occurs when you take a tapered 3 iron shaft and place it on a 6 iron mizuno or something. The shaft flex
  6. I just had a 3 bucket range session today trying to ingrain a square stance and better turn. An open stance has lot of benefits it allows you to attack with your right arm better and creates a free flow non restricted follow though. The downsides are your hips and shoulders are lagging behind from the get go so you are restricted in your turn by 35%. I was doing this with my driver and hybrids and hitting long high shots that draw, but also some pushes and misses. I think overall it's harder on your body and causes on average a power loss.It's overall better to stand farther away from the ball
  7. Oh well yeah that's a different topic it also depends on the shaft a 5 iron in 1986 had say 34 degrees of loft higher cg but a 37.5 inch steel shaft. A modern blade may have a 37 or 38 inch shaft but 28-30 deg of loft with a but lower cg in some models. The game improvement clubs your talking about have 38.25 inch graphite shafts designed to launch high with heads designed to shoot high and low loft say 25 degrees to lower the spin stamped 6. It's all feel but essentially all clubs can go about the same yardage but with varying spin and in a 6 iron you need spin to hold the green.
  8. Were talking relief here in no way should a player get penalized for taking relief it's that simple case closed. The fairway divot thing is debatable and usually just a pga tour thing. If you've seen tournaments by day's end the fairway is covered in divots full of sand so essentially your hitting out of a hazard in the fairway. Nicklaus talked about this as a possible rule change getting to place the ball out of the sand filled divot i'm for it! As for as recreational golf goes it happens as well and should probably be a common local rule. The rest of the game has plenty of hazards and obstac
  9. Not really dude it's pretty easy get a reg flex 30 deg hybrid ping g 30 it goes about 6 iron distance and very high if you swing to hard, If you want get a s flex or a r flex and check the lie angle if it's to upright as they often are get it trimmed 0.25 inches and slap a new grip on same goes for the s flex if you want something more on the x flex range. More than likely it's good to go off the rack.
  10. Dropping the ball is almost always for relief in pga tournaments the players drops it twice on purpose then places his ball it's stupid. Hitting a great tee shot down the middle and find it lands in a divot full of sand is bad luck but is also been up for discussion for a free drop because hitting a fairway shouldn't penalize you. Assume your getting relief from a cart path then it should be relief not have it fall in a small gopher hole impression. The only time golf is play is at it lies is in the fairway and rough in play where you don't get relief only and in the summer no winter rules. Tr
  11. Iv'e been through this dilemma and trust me no hybrid will replace your 6 iron it will need to be 36 degrees and at loft it kinda becomes bad for ground impact. There is one option however and that's the ping g 30/ 30 deg hybrid in a blue shaft. It's about as close as your going to get to a 6 iron replacement. Iv'e bought power play they are terrible basically a mini driver no grooves no spin the shots won't hold the green but it will fly! The ping is a great club find it used because they are costly.
  12. Adam Scott is on fire he could win along with bubba,Phil and maybe a Sergio run who knows?
  13. I think the drop needs to be eliminated in golf tournaments it's non productive and slows the game down. To make it simple you should get a 5 foot area monitored by a official and simply place it for relief because that's what they end up doing 90% of the time anyway.
  14. Not bad for a conventional swing,however I can hit it 345 yards left handed but only like one out of 100 so I decided to stick to my 275 yards or so right handed.
  15. Who knows it's a POS like everyone else has claimed I really liked the head design concept and it's not to far off in terms of design however it's components suck. Yes the m1 driver and Hammer was used in a comparison of a 20 year old prototype and current 2016 top tech.
  16. I always try to help from what I can see and enjoy adding some wisdom . First off keep doing what your doing with the fundamentals but I have a solution for your wedges and irons for better feel and it's to get a hold of some cheap ladies flex clubs preferably 7 iron to pw maybe a hybrid. This will put your swing into a spectrum you didn't know you had and it's one of the best practice aids I can think of. You seem to be serious about your game but are going just about 100% on all of your shots. The ladies flex clubs literally won't allow you to do so all of the sudden you will throttle back o
  17. Great you can hit a lw 100 yards cool how far can you hit your driver? Sweede isn't a troll he is on here everyday with 2000 plus post.
  18. This seems to be the holy grail in golf and it's what separates tour pros,celebrity scratch players like Tony Romo and then there is rest of us! I do gym work stretching the works even though I had a back injury years ago I still want to make a better turn like the photo below. I think my hooks,pushes and misses left stem from this so is there some kind of weight displacement key in the setup that will allow a full turn yet allow for a full finish as well this is my main problem. I set up open to make a full finish yet it hinders my turn and when I square up I turn fully but I cant follow-thro
  19. Oh it's probably because of your ad click or whatever this is a golf forum site that hates trollers and spammers I think the admin is real serious about that otherwise just add your 2 cents to other topics and have fun.
  20. hmm k well most people post video for advice,feedback or theory or discussion why are you being so defensive don't take thing so personal on here they will ban you for a few days if you blabber on to much or disagree to much. On this site add your opinions and be open to interpretations and feedback mostly on here they teach the 5 swing key method and it has loads of good tips and is probably used by many tour pro's lpga and pga alike, I'm on here here because golf is basically an obsession and life for me.
  21. Me just 75 yards actually :) I'm referring to the Natural golf swing as your premise here. It seems to have a weird axis vs a traditional set up and less moving parts. I know Sandy Lyle endorsed it a while back and it has merit but lacks in angles.. The traditional set up on tour is something like this with some variations but it's what I believe in for better impact. It does however create pushes hooks and the majority of missed in golf and might be harder to time hence golf is hard. This angle initiates a powerful e load at the top of your swing as well. Post some more videos teach us someth
  22. If you wanted to post swing theory there is another section for that under golf talk or random stuff etc.. Oh well it's fine I personally don't give much credit to Moe Normans style I know I can take a 5 iron swing with with a braced nuetral grip 3/4 to 3/4 and hit a stinger straight every time but the rest of the swing combined with hand action load up and timing creates much better golf shots that flight higher with more spin. Great or good player move the ball left to right and vice versa even with wedges I just see much more artistry into the game then a straight shot. If you played on a f
  23. Right on guys for some reason in my mind I want my shots to look this this and less Ricky fowerlish. I think you guys are correct in fact I tried it today and nailed one 7 iron 170 yards but I also caught one on the Hosel!
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