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  1. Well what are you trying to learn here it does kinda have that natural golf one plane to arm axis look to it. Anyway is it working what's your misses and what do you need to work on?
  2. This looks like an over complicated mathematical equation just saying..
  3. Your first drive looked nice but maybe you can add this idea into your irons for less pushes otherwise work on your swing path and a few other fundamentals such as posture and a better set up like this one below just a good mental picture.
  4. With day it's possible he has such a big swing,but doesn't he hit his 3 wood that far you know 15 degrees.
  5. No zolex is the material it's not titanium maybe some kinda ceramic claimed 300% harder than titanium twice as light. http://www.amazon.com/x-factor-hammer-driver-handed-regular/dp/b000qwyx6o Anyway Here is my official test results vs my current driver in wet conditions Current driver 45 or 46 inch project x stock shaft in white with red graphics and an 8.5 ignite 410 cc head circa 2006. vs hammer terrible heavy x factor shaft 10 degree head. best drive today 58 degree weather wet fairway hammer 250 yards my driver 268 winner is Nike clearly hammer felt o
  6. No doubt these guys are long! I have however tried all game improvement irons and they do go farther but it's like 15 yards. I have hit my 7 iron max 172 yards it's a mizuno mp-67 probably one degree stronger because of wear and tear. I hit a callaway 7 with a speed step shaft graphite maxed out say 188 to 192 crushed, But it's really just a 6 iron with higher launch and plays just like my 5 iron so I chose to not play these clubs. So logically speaking this means say Day here is using a 4 iron and nailed it 295 this means his normal 4 iron goes 268 .. This is Jamie sadlowski distances I just
  7. Hmm I did not know I guess. in all of his photos he looks like he gets extension thorugh tha ball all I was saying.
  8. Most people don't use the right hand enough keep with that swing thought because even the smoothest swingers hit the ball with their right hand.
  9. Isn't this kinda bs Im sure he can hit a 2 iron 260 but 300 really really?
  10. It's never to old as long as it's effective. I put this driver head on a adila shaft and when pured it goes just as far as my 2 wood because of it's overall weight I had to make it shorter. Technology is enabling us to hit it farther though lighter components longer shafts and better golf balls. Overall if you like the design of the head and can make it work then it will work for you.
  11. Very good from I can see a bit it's the transition into the left foot that initiates or causes the small amount of hip sliding though action like mickleson.
  12. Don't the hips rotate as you knees flex into a balances finsih? If this hips go forward that means in my mind a slide forward you never want to to that.
  13. Iv'e been searching for this club for years and finally found it at the goodwill for 5 dollars. It has a huge hitting area 595 cm and a really good head design.Today's 2016 drivers even have less hitting area than this stick it comes with a very old heavy x factor shaft but for me it's the head that's intriguing. It's made of zolex better than titanium usga legal and was even praised by callaway back in 1998 as being innovative.
  14. I always try to play alone 95% of the time I hate playing with people it sucks. However I have worked at many of golf courses and played a ton as well so I have been paired with so many different characters it's hard to remember. Many good players,weazels to whiners it's funny how golf brings out you. My problem is when I play i'm either out there to hit 3 balls per hole and practice or play a tournament round in my mind. They are there we have small talk they talk with their buddies and it's a slow round! they are playing to relax and im there to focus.
  15. http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.331.html
  16. You have a good swing but are way to herky jerky before you hit the ball get rid of the pick up the club vertically move and either incorporate a waggle or don't 95% of pga tour pros hardly do it Iv'e eliminated it but if you must here is how to waggle. Similar to the photo but more back and though not up and downish.
  17. I got this from google images unknown location. I think with say a 5 iron the face will have more loft in an outside approach to the ball if it's open at impact then it cuts goes left to right it's not a push it's a cut similar to say a flop shot just in super high speed. A push is an approach to far from the inside you leave the face wide open and hit goes high and to the right maybe the same loft as a cut but off line. The bullet fade is a hard shot to hit your path is level to outside in and very shallow but the face is a hair open causing that shooter. I don't it's all that complicat
  18. Very old post but I will add my 2 cents and say I use jb weld on my irons because it's so strong rated about 4000 psi and is thick with it's 2 part steel and hardener that it works well to bond to the tip and inside of the hosel. Don't use this product on woods that you intend o taking apart your irons work better because you can use a blow torch and just heat the hell out of em being that jb weld takes forever to get off.
  19. Oh I see kinda of a high draw the face is open like \ at impact the ball goes high to the right and turns back vs a face that's closed at impact and hits the back of the ball causing a low draw. I do however believe that a cut will probably have more effective increased loft and therefore will land softer and probably wont travel as far.
  20. I think Tiger swang to hard most of his career if anything weightlifting gave him sturdier bones to support his swing and might have even lengthened his career. Take a player like couples who never lifted much had a fast swing and played a ton like tiger eventually things wear out. I wouldn't doubt tiger hit to many balls in his career.
  21. It depends on your lie but in general a hybrids should be hit like a 4 iron with a sweep or just a nice little descending blow! I mean just look at the hybrid a divot will bet to deep and you will dig. In general you can take a 4 iron play it back hood it and take a massive divot as a utility shot to get out of trouble shot but hybrids don't work that way instead take a 3 wood and nip in clean swing easy and it will go low. See the difference in weight displacement and the leading edge's of the 4 vs the hybrid? it's like a butter knife vs a fishing fillet knife.
  22. To me that's the key to getting good I shoot 3 when I'm playing and sometimes one or none makes sense.
  23. So far it's to master the approach game from 132 to 168 yards and become a green hitting machine but winter is still holding on lot's of rain.
  24. Iv'e been researching this forum diligently and being self taught I disagree with some aspects off it but I can clearly see tour player example getting the weight forward on the down swing. How do you this with getting ahead of the ball and shamming it right or pushing it right. I tend to play shots off my left foot and hit a baby divot it's what I'm use to but I can see some photos of getting this weight forward and it looks good.
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