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  1. Great swing looks like a tour player stick with that one.
  2. When I was getting better a few years back I Incorporated a cut shot into my game that was usually a high balloon shot 150 yards vs the 182 perfect shots I got right say 2 out of 10 tries with my 5 iron just abysmal.. Anyway Lately I have found simply opening the club-face marginally with my woods or irons and making a inside approach normal swing with a neutral grip and sawn of release produces a baby push fade that's more reliable but tends to release.. So What more effective in terms of spin control because as you know an outside approach to the ball on say a 10 yard pitch will cut land sof
  3. Yet another reason to swing a driver shaft with no head on it only then can you see what your grip does on the backswing and downswing. The head has a specific weight your fingers support this weight and with a little applied force and the help of gravity it becomes the down swing. For a right hand player i'd say the left hand and finger makes this force possible and the right hand applies the stored whip and the bottom of your swing. It's really about understanding gravity and applied forces.
  4. Hmm I can't go to deep into this because your working on other various things so the best I can do is offer a few tips that wont conflict with what your doing. First off heel hits are caused by lack of hip rotation through the shot along with poor knee flex through the ball and standing to close to the ball. The golf swing might look pretty on your backswing your centered making a huge coil practicing that aspect hard but will see your main misses from improperly firing though also known as the second half of the swing and it's far more important than the first part. A good drill is to take a
  5. Anyball at your handicap is fine even top flite gamers,Of course pro v 1s are a better ball but when your just practicing it doesn't matter
  6. I honestly think Jack Nicklaus was the better golfer given the technology his great distances he hit the ball and he uses a rubber ball well Balata.. Anyway I would compare Tiger to Seve/Arnold Palmer. Tiger is extremely obsessively competitive Like MJ and was driven to succeed he kinda blew up sometimes but manages to escape trouble while other times he had a perfect tournaments. He was dominant for a very Long time similar to Greg Norman and records aside Nicklaus was better because of his temperament he was calm calculated and very consistent combined with his superior athletic ability. Ta
  7. Easy depends on the pin placement green type and wind direction. Assume your not a long hitter and that kinda carry normally would be out of the question but with wind help your getting the correct odds to blast one over the ditch. Let's say you pull this off and are left with 182 to the hole it's slight downwind into a big green that receptive to long shots... This is the key if you got a big green that's receptive to shots that release and it's a back pin then it's nonsense to carry the ditch when a 200 or 212 shot is essentially the same type of shot. If it's stagnant wind and it a middlish
  8. His swing is so perfect is he unique or does he do something better?
  9. Nice swing although I can see clearly in new down the line video that your face is shut going back and your plane is still underneath at impact leaving the face open resulting in pushes,smothered shots and ugly toe hits. The good news is your very close the bad news is your wrong in thinking you shouldn't use your hands in fact the hands are the core of your swing. Your swing is a bit smothered you stand a little to close the the ball and your hands are to low at address. Think of address as impact this is how you will return the head at impact. You need to fully rotate your hips through impac
  10. Check your wedges if you playing like anything in the photo I have provided then it will chunk often even in dry conditions
  11. Here is my new swing any feedback would awesome :) This new swing incorporates and entirely open setup level to lightly forward shoulders allowing my right arm to attack the ball freely the results are good however I could use some pointers in regards to leaving the face open on my irons still... It seems a bit awkward but it's actually working on all shots even the driver. This is a 3 irons swing going about 210 yards light draw when pured. https://www.youtube.com/upload
  12. Hmm well I'll be honest sir I didn't read the entire post most the graph party sorry. Putting is an art you have to evaluate the green speed slope and gravitational forces some how they apply and it's a mystery. Anyway putting is truly an art you have a clubhead with an arc that only travels a small distance so line shouldn't really be an issue so it comes down to applied forces in relation to the line slope grain and again gravity...
  13. Well I have read everyone post's and see it has a maybe or maybe not proposition? I can hit my 16 deg 3 wood 235 yards vs by stiffer hybrid at 22 deg the same distance when I really go after it. When I'm on fire my hybrid with it's xx flex and performs perfect however 90% of the time I hit the same 16 deg with a reg flex diamana shaft the same yardage with about the same consistency and the shaft is 4 inches longer. So Im talking hitting a 15 yard green vs a 50 yard fairway so maybe a 48 inch ultra light s flex or r flex shaft with 12 deg loft swinging easy will produce an easy 310 yards. Of c
  14. Instead of criticizing my opinions why don'y you guys offer some help to the guy asking for it. Oh that's right I forgot this site is run like a dictatorship you have to promote the 3 key system or you get penalized.!
  15. Perhaps however he will struggle at first vs my advice allowing him to get better right away. He will eventually find his balance and stance and eliminate swaying but in the mean time it will just destroy his game he will try to make a restricted swing without swaying and probably struggle and just quit the game. Yes I came up with it myself I have over 20 years of experience and he isn't swaying that much is other problems are more prudent and need to be fixed first then he can move on to more advanced stuff.
  16. I tinker around with my swing radar all the time and it varies with my driver from 98 to 114 depends on if im tired or not and what driver im swinging. I bought a stock calllaway s flex project x shaft put in on a nike ignite 410 8.5 degree and it's long and heavy,but on good days I can really hammer it compared to my other standard drivers.. With new technology Getting lighter and stronger will I soon be able to get a max legal length shaft and go after it with a m2 head being it's basically weighs nothing? I have very good hands and a good swing so I can handle anything and as a confidence
  17. The golf swing has a path to it be it 7 inches to the left or right allowing you a decent margin of error and as you approach the ball it shrink to about 3 inches. Here is a product I use diligently it's called the Haney swing path I found it a garage sale :) Anyway as you can see there is a margin for error for an outside and inside approach but as you approach the ball it's nil. The shank is causes by either paths to far inside or out usually standing to close to it is a huge culprit. Basically you smother the ball and being an athlete you fire everything to early you get ahead and the path
  18. You know there has been so many on the golf channel books watching tv it's hard to figure? I think over the years I have found 4 or 5 great tips that make sense more than anything else. 1. Calvin Peete quoted hit the opposite of bad shots mind blowing stuff I know but.. 2. Jack Nicklaus quoted never try to hit a straight shot because you limit your self to 15 yards left or right vs a 40 yard fairway to work with. 3. Davis love 3 said tilt your head to the left and where your eyes are looking is where your shoulders are aimed. There are many more most of the ti
  19. Perhaps however he will struggle at first vs my advice allowing him to get better right away. He will eventually find his balance and stance and eliminate swaying but in the mean time it will just destroy his game he will try to make a restricted swing without swaying and probably struggle and just quit the game.
  20. Wow dude that's awesome but honestly none of that is needed from what I can see in the photo. Get a greens mower and Simply mow some grass as low as it can go say fringe height and make the green as big as you want. Get some cups and hole cutter and your good to go. Maintaining and building a real green cost about 2,500 dollars each or more depending on size and takes rocks crushed gravel layers of sand and drainage it's really not easy. Artificial turf is also expensive and isn't weather resistant it also doesn't play like the real thing so it's not worth the cost. If you decide to make a san
  21. Honestly it stems from hand lead at address. Every good golfer returns to impact the same or about the same as set up given the fact most male tour pros have some hand lead with a 6 iron thus returning to impact with left wrist supination. You probably see this less with drivers of the golf ball and lpga tour pros because they are less aggressive through impact and some players have zero to negative hand lead at address with the driver.
  22. He needs help no doubt do your thing!
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