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  1. It's actually not a bad swing what it looks like is a punch cut swing that a tour player would use under a tree to advance the ball up the fairway on a par 5. Of course your not trying to do this instead I recommend relaxing your swing to get some hinge into the top of your backswing it's entirely to restricted and probably stems from a death grip loosen up. Yourtakeway is perfect for a baby cut either stick with a small left to right shot or get a shoebox and place it 2 inches outside the ball to initiate a takeway on the inside and flow from there this will promote a baby draw. A must for a
  2. I have normal hand size and have played with the vardon grip my whole life but recently I decided to really give it a try on the range. The results were outstanding with my 5 iron I no longer had to leave the club face wide open to hit a straight shot. Iv'e experimented with tape a thicker grip to no avail other then a baby draw. With the interlock I can hit it straight with my irons however I can't use it with any other clubs other than my 5-7 irons why is this?
  3. No doubt that it is however he can still drop it in the slot and hit it straight. Iv'e seen a lot of senior golfers in general they lose flexibility and often compensate by swinging more vertical and across the line at the top often causing slices but the down swing can be timed. Overall I think if he swung on plane his back swing would be very tight and short but would cure his faults so it's a double edge sword.
  4. Today's attributes are height flexible and powerful. I think the older guys were better in some aspects because they played with very hard to hit equipment and sometimes smashed it. This guy once hit it 500 yards in Las Vegas tourney His name was Mike Austin. Overall today With some power training and good athletic ability today's golf is way easier then yester years. http://hardhittinggolfer.com/mike-austin-swing/515-yard-drive/
  5. Shafts are never uniform as they say it's really feel along with some specs such as kick point weight etc.. Overall I like to flex it with my foot a bit and just see the flex I can just tell if it's good to go or not. Golf shafts are also like tree branches the shorter the shaft the stiffer the flex so if your driver or fairway wood shaft is + or minus it will effect flex. 105 mph isn't fast enough for an x flex,or true x flex with a stiff tip you need about 117 mph average. 105 is really in the regular flex range with lower loft say 8.5 or 10 deg stiff. Assume sometimes you will swing 98 mph
  6. Hybrids have got to be the easiest clubs to hit it's like cheating. I found a l flex meaning ladies flex burner 22 deg and nail it!! Basically from a fairway lie place it the same position as a 5 iron nip or hit down a bit and it's as easy as that. From the rough it can be a challenge because it's like a mini wood and sometimes chunks it out a bit but never tops it. You must be doing something wrong in your swing no other answer than that because I can hit any brand of hybrid like it's a 9 iron on a mat.
  7. The number one reason they played Persimmon woods and metal fairways is because of quality and most of all it's size. Persimmon woods like this one below were 200 or 250 cc and just felt good and performed very well in terms of workability. The metal drivers then were to small for it's weight and generally performed just so so but were equal to persimmons on dead center hits. The smaller profile of a 15 deg steel headed fairway wood was ideal and still performs better in some aspects than today's offerings in the same steel.
  8. Your pull is caused by going after it to early in your swing from the top. The cure is to hit 5 iron 130 yards and making softer 75% swings. By not loading up to the top you will develop the understanding of the bottom of your swing timing. Right now your are chopping wood and really going after it from the top and can only be cured by feeling the bottom of your swing.
  9. Golf is a tough game but it comes down to eliminating your unwanted misses right? You clearly cross the line at the top of your back swing but that really doesn't effect as much as you think. You've played golf for 51 years so you understand what your physically capable of maybe you should try hitting a cut. A pull is you cutting across the ball with a shut face if the face was square it go straighter and if was open it would cut. Simple stepping away from the ball one inch and weaking your grip will fix your faults and your overswing may be needed at your age to get optimal speed. Just saying
  10. I can't offer to much technical advice here because you don't need a whole lot being your an athlete. My suggestion to you is to go EXTREME!!! Yes bust out the driver play it off your left heel and make a crazy exaggerated hook swing which is kinda very inside to a pull swing feeling. Minimize this a bit until you get a draw. Basically your body gets used to certain things and doesn't know how to perform what your mind want's I do this all the time on the range with big slices hooks etc.. It's retrains your mind and it's great because you care about nothing when doing this and accuracy impact
  11. Iv'e been around golf a long time sir and from Iv'e seen at the range in general people are always trying a new swing or something in general before a tourney and they totally screw it up. Your new head doctor or swing thought could help but in general golf is cause and effect with reaction and timing! Go out there and try this mental approach because everyone is different and it's ok to find what works in your head however if this closed stance isn't working then revert back to what works physically. The two are never really related your head can get in the way for sure but if your fundamenta
  12. Good swing a bit to vertical needs to be slightly flatter with a bit more leg action into the ball. When I say flatter I mean a hair anytime you get to up and down your path becomes steep and you chop at it causing a high fade which is nice if your trying to do this otherwise it sucks :) Your grip is to strong probably causing you to shut the face or more likely leaving it open. You need a neutral grip and more hand lead at address don't worry about swaying because your new to the game ad it' kinda natural. It goes away as your body get;s better at swinging a golf club so In the mean time focu
  13. That's why they are the pro's! Good amateurs or 80 shooters can find a fairway here and there because it's 60 yards wide and has loads of forgiveness however greens are small and approach shots get killed by poor yardages and the wind. Pro's shoots lights out or just ok and save a bunch of pars it's what they do no surprise. This article proves however that amateurs need to hit more 7-8-9 irons on the range vs hybrids and drivers.
  14. Ahh yes you have discovered the gravitational relation ship between the clubhead and yourself however there is more to it. Within the golf swing you have force and applied force when you take the club back to the top be it correctly or incorrectly you have achieved a form of leverage. The clubhead has mass and will falter to the ground if nothing is applied so having a looser grip and arms creates and extended leverage point to the club and when you add tensile force with your hands it multiplies this along with gravity into the ball. The reason you find it one day and lose it another is pract
  15. Good drills I however never use them because they don't simulate reality. I play with one ball on the green i pick a hole from 50 feet 2 feet any random hole and look read and go. That's it cause you aren't going to have any tees on the course so better putt by feel.
  16. I was at the goodwill looking for used golf clubs as I often do and stumbled upon this 4 iron. It's a Jack Nicklaus tour forged Macgreggor Murfield lite. The head has zero ofset and is very small it's a beautiful club the shaft is a bit short and I already regripped it with a secret grip. I was stunned that it had little offset compared to my mizuno's it's quite significant. I hit this club and it goes much straighter than my regular shot and with a new shaft who knows, It might not be tournament legal because of the grooves but overall for a 1980's club and the 4 dollar price im happy. A set
  17. This does happen sometimes the best thing you can do is play the hole you just played again or wait for them to to off and because you know they are super slow just skip ahead when they are looking for their bad tee shots.
  18. As everyone stated of course they might be forgetting Byron Nelson, but has anyone ever heard of Mike Austin?
  19. I have hit a few persimmons and have found this one to be the best I have ever tried. I think that driver in particular is called the thumper it might be good it's a reputable company and would be brand new. To me it's kinda looks funny,but they do make one called the 1957 classic I think. To further answer your question no any persimmon will not perform as well as titanium or steel it's not as hot even with a titanium insert. Persimmon is a very dense wood and has a ceramic hard insert. It's close but just doesn't come off the face the same Iv'e hit the titlesit 260 it's heavier though so If
  20. I have played on the Pepsi tour and don't take mulligans unless it's just a practice round? Come one guys why are you so combative? I knew this one golf teacher that deliberately told some people that they will improve but only so much. He was kinda a doof that's really a stupid thing to say it's about the will to get better not where your at now if you now your good enough then there is nothing wrong with having high expectations. http://www.pepsitour.com/open_home.php
  21. I have a completely different view primarily from being dyslexic and high iq it's just the way I am. I'm never delusional and have been getting better every 2 years steadily because then I was a 12 handicap and hit the ball 250 yards now I'm a 5 hitting it almost 300 again with training after back injuries and some family tragedy. I live by a never give up never give in mentality and will keep getting better no matter what any nay sayers do or say. To me anyone speaking of can't or you can't be serious is just upset about personal failures or just lacks ambition for success.
  22. Work on that grip it's never good to have any finger or thumb vertically down the shaft itt'l restrict your wrist hinge the rest I can't see because your left handed.
  23. It depends li hu some guys hit it 235 yards are seniors and play to a scratch and others guy's are pro athletes who hit it 320 yards and look like pro's and play to a legitimate 11 handicap.
  24. Well that's a good point guy but your a 20 handicap miles from my level; Iv'e been playing since I was 9 years old and have play professional and collegiality. If you shoot a 100 and hit 2 great shots per round thinking I can go pro might have your head in the clouds a bit I will agree with that.
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