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  1. No li hu I believe I can be a +5 and don't think i'm conning myself. Greatness is always in the face of naysayers I never give up and wan't to keep getting better, but Get i'm an 80's shooter and sometimes a low 70's guy because,well maybe I need to work harder. The people who have a vanity 10 handicap like the thread implied are kinda funny cause they can't even hit the ball.
  2. There is a lpga teaching pro who isn't a tour player and isn't a kid either, but shot if I remember about a 63 or something here at the ridge in Auburn Ca. I think here name was Carol French. It's about scoring mac not some magical playing ability. I hit the ball well enough to shoot a 65 yes just inconsistently. The people who con themselves are the toppers and duffers who think they are a 10 handicap because one time they made a few putts and broke 45 on 9 holes.
  3. I rate my game from what I shoot on average unfortunately I play alone and not competitively a lot. I never cheat myself sure iv'e taken mulligans and generally don't get to hard on myself but I know the way I hit the ball at my best I should be a +5 at my home course. I'm just so inconsistent I range from scoring as a 9 handicap to a 3 it fluctuates. I play from the tips and use a handicap calculator online to figure where I'm at.
  4. I learned the game with a set of 1976 wilson staff blades so if your new stick with what you have or find a full set on the cheap until your ready to fork down more money for newer fitted equipment.
  5. Yes thank's last session I was setting up more square giving my right arm more room through impact and better hit's I'm hitting it straight right now maybe it just looks bent. I agree though it's an issue. Look at els here kinda bent but good extension. By the way what other tips do you have for better extension? My typical misses right now are bad distance dead straight or light hook toe.
  6. Yes it's a hard thing to master and it takes some agility but more so a proper set up and on plane swing so you don't get stuck. You also need to understand the concept.
  7. I don't mean to state things in such absolutes so I shall rephrase. Bench press is a terrible exercise for your golf game. Iv'e seen guys like this at my gym no joke they are big and unflexible and would make great linebackers. To get strong arms curl 15-30 pounds do triceps exercises or machine pully rows not bench press. Rory,Jordan are 20 and hyper flexible as they get older lifting will not help them. Golf exercise is about balance training and high reps low weight plyo metrics stuff. If you wanna go ahead and bench say 80 pounds that's ok itt'l even out your body and create more upper bo
  8. Tom Watson was never a weight lifter and nearly won the British open at age 60! Just look at tiger woods it may have ruined his career. Mocked far and wide maybe I think his swing and the whole somax approach is spot on unless you wan't to be a football player go ahead and lift heavy weights.
  9. Rory is 24 years old he can do whatever he want's to get stronger until he realizes the truth. What's he know yada yada... All you do is quote what do you know?
  10. Been working real hard on my swing trying to coil better and align square, Im getting faster club head speed however still inconsistent with contact on irons and a little direction mostly straight or a high push. Otherwise i'm not going to change much from here based on results and my increased clubhead speed what I am looking for is the final touches Maybe there is something I can tweak very small I don't see much but hey that's why we do this
  11. I don't where that's been proven but the best putters absolutely apply acceleration through impact. I'm a good chipper and I treat 9 yard chips like 100 yard swing I hings release have follow through and hold the finish which is nothing like putting.
  12. I used to be the same way hey if you wanna look great by all means.but it's terrible for the golf swing.
  13. It's not nonsense I see his swing it's short slow and is using some steel shafted iron. He say's he is lacking distance from what I can see equipment actually would help him by 60%. All the technical swing tips in the world won't help someone using a crooked stick.
  14. Well great dude good luck with those They will hep yes! No +1 wont hurt anything what flex did you order? A nagging wife ha ha that's good
  15. A lot of random stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq-gYOrU8bA
  16. Ha ha I wouldn't doubt next generation all the way will never be copied.
  17. Short of going to they gym and training hitting 300 balls twice a week it's going to be very difficult to improve anything with drills or ideas. They can help a little but the good news a quick fix for you is new clubs lighter longer and softer graphite shafts maybe tour edge. http://www.touredge.com/products/hotlaunchirons.asp Think long and smooth not restricted and powerful try stretching more setting up square and making a good hip turn with a nice balanced follow through don't try to hit hard the graphite will work for you potentially a plus 15 yards per club.
  18. Iv'e seen a lot of blades from Wilson and the mizuno lineup to titleist and they are very similar in head size give or take. These and macgreegor are kinda elongated and oversize. and are probably hard to find.
  19. I usually hit a softer 7 about 155 works great. I have hit 9's in the past even pw though it depends on how you hit it.
  20. ''Be water my friends'' absolutely awesome eye hand coordination or was it ZEN?
  21. Clones are made out of inferior metals with aluminum slag and low grad stainless steel in other words they really suck.
  22. Here is a few updates of my swing I think I'm making some progress. It feels more coiled because iv'e been working on setting up square vs open and it's getting my swing on plane. I still need some work here is a montage labeled the ''GOOD BAD AND THE AVERAGE'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV5kgQp6aOA&feature=youtu.be
  23. Here you go sir even at your handicap over time they will improve your game. If you got the dough get them in graphite or lite steel don't fall for the game improvement trap it's actually due to the really lite shafts on a ping g25 that helps you thing your smacking the ball. The heads of course are more forgiving but are in no way better on solid hits which is how you should be judging your game not your misses. http://kzg.com/-zo-blades http://www.oobgolf.com/content/the+wedge+guy/golf+equipment/5-4172-A_Matter_of_Offset.html Offset is generally a terrible thing for anything 6 iron
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