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  1. Well ok here is something to think about though and it's my number one grip key. First take your grip the way you do then take your left hand off the club and see if it's actually possible to hit the ball square with your right hand. By this I mean just look at it don't try to hit balls. With a stronger grip the right hand is sometimes off the club or so far underneath that if it weren't for the left hand the face would stay wide open I mean you literally have 3 fingers on the club with the right hand the palm has to square it up which is almost impossible with a strong grip. I would not in an
  2. You have a good swing make a nice turn and the only thing I can see is that your grip on your left hand must be a tad to strong. The face of your club going back in really shut down and literally facing the sky at parallel. Hey Dustin Johnson does this and smokes it but your not him so maybe? I think your consistency level would improve if your clubface was only slightly closed going back and more parallel to the target at the top. This is all grip related and not swing related you path is good and your coil is solid.
  3. hmm to each his own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIXjPMYjLPk&list=PLHJx7UHuWgYGil9iiE60x3zPaLjnHAZwk Great but your still a 9 handicap how long have you been playing?
  4. I can bench press 160 that's it I quit benching because it's the worst exercise for golf.
  5. I take advice from the best of the best and less teachers.. Instruction from Greg Norman,Jack Nicklaus,Tom Watson Tiger woods etc.. They offer little tid bits that always make sense and of course it's great because they have careers to back it up. ''Those who can't do try to teach''
  6. You guys do watch the pga tour show on the golf channel right? Even lpga tour players knock it 300 these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP9oiYP_nCQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fwG10eE4gc
  7. I'm not talking average guy, just being able to do so. The guys on tour hit it 370 yards sometimes and usually hit 7-9 irons 170 to 210 yards. This is why they can play 485 yard par 4's as if it's a cake walk. This is kind a like a prerequisite to being pro these days. Everything else is short game putting sand saves etc.. This is all factual dude what's so funny lol?? Pga tour guys hit it 289.00 average but have the ability to crank it up!! My point is a club player like Dan probably hit's it 275 max maybe he can be a scratch but just lacks firepower. This isn't baseball here where being 5 fo
  8. Right on swing plane is also dictated by how much or how little bend you have at address. Find what's right you know not to much or to little knee flex and not standing up to tall. For you I recommend a little more flex in the knees and more vertical bend over with your spine. Then swing it it will automatically flatten out your swing and you will have more down though it and less coming out of it. Maybe try this if it sucks then go back to what your doing now and find it good luck.
  9. Good swing your problem is your to tall jk Yes welcome you have a good swing What your doing is lightly cutting across the ball with a closed face or square. I did this for years and still do at times the result it your hitting the outside of the ball with a 10 yard draw or straight. Check out Kuchar here a tall man that adopted a flatter swing for a better approach. If it's not your video then you look like your 6-2 at least right? Anyway this video is saying tiger has more power but the idea here is finding a happy medium of to much of an upright swing and a bit flatter.
  10. Ha ha very funny I know what you mean. What I hate is the guy huffing and puffing rapid fire hitting the ball with little random comments to himself looking as if it's a torturous endeavor vs fun or practice.
  11. I don't need anyone's help sir I stated what I thought about my topic which got changed from me saying this is a fundamental know body thinks about to a question? I was not asking a question anyway i'm done with this topic. You have been reported for abusive demeanor good day.
  12. The best way to do it is to get a ladies club or real whippy club by design you have to swing it 75% to work and after a while you might find better rhythm and maybe even like the club a little. Your club is designed with a tolerance or range if it's an xx flex it will only work well at very high speed to moderate high speed. A reg flex works at med speed to approaching high speed. It's really not that hard to find a good range with the right shaft I play with a semi s flex shafts it's above reg below stiff and allows me to go firm and soft and get the results I need. It's a learned skill you
  13. I saw this guy on my driving range once and I was shocked because I remember watching the show. He was pretty terrible hitting what looked to be a 6 iron 140 yards and often chunky. Anyway I though it was cool and posted it to my facebook page about 2 years ago I wonder where he is now do you think he made the champions tour?
  14. It's really not that hard to asses if your good enough to be a pga tour pro. It's about range you need by today's standards a minimum of 315 yards driving distance ability and be able to hit an 8 iron about 175 yards, That's it the rest is skill and scoring which isn't easy but is learn able and trainable and might take 7 years to get really good. If a guy like Dan is hitting it 260 of the tee and shooting par then he has no chance same goes for anyone in that distance range.
  15. I would say a 300 dollar shaft might be worth it the driver of the shelf for 400 is a rip off.
  16. Hey guys I know this, but you kinda have to agree that a good grip is usually neutral or slightly strong kinda like the golf stance. If you were giving a lessen and some guy was aimed 40 yards right you might bring that up. http://www.golf.com/video/bubba-watson-secret-my-swing
  17. No because i'm not 100% right or wrong just stumbled upon something that will really allow any golfer to get into position to hit a baby draw and get the club into the slot without manipulation. If you scrutinize something enough you can twist it into anything you like then promote your 5 k system while belittling me. A nice thing to do would be to add positive feedback along with your opinion then add other ideas to further add to what i'm saying not coincide with it or demean it. First thing you responded with was an argument like not true trevino does it otherwise that is childish.
  18. I know but I never get any remotely positive feedback on this site regardless of conflicting ideas or opinions. If I disagree I offer my advice in a Honorable way just how I was brought up I have integrity.
  19. You guys and a few others have the big ego I'm sharing something that's factual and real and every time I get lashed at my the 5 k instructors here for no reason scrutinize it to death. You know how many different golf instructors are out there? They all conflict just take any opinions or ideas with a grain of salt and give it a try that's it. This is a public forum not a north Korean dictatorship that must be tailored to the 5k instructors needs.
  20. This is way of topic I'm done with this post It's about stance and shoulder alignment working together it effects the golf swing a ton most people are out of alignment.
  21. Good depiction however it is actually turning level at an angle because your bent over at address. If he were to stand straight up those green lines would be level vs angled. He is about as balanced as Iv'e seen in many swings maybe not the most powerful but balanced.
  22. Of course it does but just a little bit it's all set up relative. It's more of a feel than reality because of the way the human body is designed. But as I said Earlier compared to Justin Thomas who has a +4 deg upswing thrust I bet Lee has a - or +0 at impact.
  23. Agree disagree it's about as level and in unison as it can get. Compared to Justin Thomas Lee has a more traditional swing for consistency. It's great you have an opinion but show some facts or rebuttal instead of just disagreeing for the sake of it.
  24. Yes he lifts on the downswing this has nothing to do with the back swing and the direct unison of the hips and shoulders from the start. He lifts because he snaps his left leg a bit at impact and hits on the upswing. This is now off topic and is only one example from a young player and yes I watched the video. Look at lee here great player not a skinny young kid and about as simple as it can get. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYjLjwt8aqI
  25. That's just what I feel he is hitting it on the upswing good swing. On his backswing his hips are in unison with his shoulder alignment. This swivel is kinda the depiction i'm talking about two separate parts working as one. The more you have them together from the get go the more likely they will work together better. Just like a proper grip it doesn't guarantee success give someone a perfect grip and a perfect set up and they might slice it because they suck and just are a terrible athlete and aren't likely to succeed at golf
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