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  1. I agree with all of this it takes thousands of times however you guys seem to be missing the point. It's advanced brain training doing the opposite of what you intend instead of trying for a target and ending in failure 5-10 times. By broadening the range with high slice and sharp hook to an 85 yard wide target you will develop some Fred couples and Bubba Watson into your game. From here feel will become real and when your need to hit your desired 5 yard draw 200 yards to the green it will come. When your body knows what to do and you eliminate your brain you will become very good to the maxim
  2. I remember once on the golf channel Ken Venturi once said he only plays by 2 simple rules play it as it lies or something else.. Anyway I make my own rules I play it down but give myself relief from those soggy areas on an otherwise dry course. I never play ob and play everything else as a hazard.
  3. I would never open a gimmick range for the short game area, I would however opt for unique targets out there such as bulls eye mounted high or the impossible green to hit being like 5 by 5 feet something like that. Overall It's about golf though mats are fine grass is usually to hard to maintain and good balls are a must must!!
  4. Sometimes it says s-300 or a-100 in little black writing other times it does not.
  5. We had a lpga tour event in 2004 at my home course Longs Drugs challenge. Iv'e seen it on several courses in this area since 1996 to 2004. They play basically the men's blue tees at 6,500 yards sometimes longer i'm sure. The winner shot a 61 one day they tore up the place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CVS/pharmacy_LPGA_Challenge
  6. Such a large thread I just watched his videos. Just my take on what I see I was actually going to delete this and transfer it to another topic I opened figured it would be more relevant and fresh.
  7. That makes a lot of sense just hitting 20 balls very good. I'm talking about rerouting your mind to accommodate misses somehow intentionally hitting the opposite of your misses fixes it very quickly. In the end we all hit thousands of balls most of em aren't as we intended.
  8. It's an unwinnable fictional scenario that will go on and on forever. There are a few nations like sweden that have very little violence yet people have guns literally everywhere kinda like a no win for everyone. Forget stats just use common sense and realize these nutters may or may not have gotten the means to commit the crimes if it weren't so easy for em to do so.
  9. I don't know actually I haven't hit kbs enough to say Im a dynamic gold player. I will say this though a bit off topic but I wish they would come out with an iron version of these shafts id give it a go instantly.
  10. I was giving advice to another member on here 20 minutes ago and I realized an important fundamental know body ever talks about and it's called Muscle memory. Essentially practicing a motion that we learn seeps into our brain we then sleep on and it's there for a while ingrained. The theory is doing only one thing set's you up into a one dimensional motion with stronger % of misses being consistent meaning your drills you practice will work for a while then all of the sudden you will start reverting back to learned misses usually the same one. I realized a while back on the range that trying t
  11. Your holding on to the club to to tight and your left hand grip is probably to strong resulting in a severely shut face going back and to much tension.. Try this practice idea next time you go to the range it really works and is almost required to allow the brain to realize what straight is vs being hook blind or a life time slicer.. OK here it is throw the technical jargon out the window and try to hit some slices and awful hooks in unison one after another. Basically try this with a wood it's easier to. Open your stance a lot and make a big out to in swing and forget where it goes just do i
  12. In 90 deg weather I hit these distances no wind flat ground. Driver 8.5 degrees 275 carry 300 total. 3 wood 16 deg 230 carry 240 total 3 wood 15 degree 240 carry 255 total 22 deg hybrid 210 26 deg hybrid 190 27 deg 5 iron 185 30 deg 6 iron 172 32 deg 7 iron graphite 160 38 deg 8 iron 150 48 deg gap wedge 120 54 deg gap wedge 100 60 deg wedge 86 yard
  13. I can shoot a 96 If i'm wild however I usually shoot 2 over on each nine with about 3 birdies in a round and more bogies. Overall I forget score now and only focus on birdies I even shoot at sucker pins at times knowing I will bogey some more holes. My target is 7 birdies in a round I have never done it My best is 4 with dome doubles bogies and mostly pars.
  14. I think the solution is very simple first off increase security in a variety of places with part time national guard it would be great for campuses and high risk areas. Second make guns and ammo very difficult to acquire legally yet completely accessible abiding to homeowners and the second amendment. It's easier to get guns then it is to get a bank loan which requires a lot of pre requisites and qualification.
  15. Great swing Tom Purtzer has been known to have one of the best swings on tour in his prime but never won a lot. Anyway nice video here good shoulder turn as you stated. Id like to add what about someone who isn't as good as tom here wouldn't there swing be even shorter while making such a centered turn?
  16. That's good to know brotha sorry about your accident. Iv'e been hitting them very well but can see this slide or sway resulting in my pushes and toe hooks. This must be a common fault for most golfers compared to the tour pro's. I said i'm not sure I can make an effective turn like ricky fowler without reducing my backswing which in turn would reduce my clubhead speed but improve contact. That's why I was asking about senior players or champion tour players a lot of time those guys have weird swings because they have to.
  17. Are you guys ok is there something wrong with Iacas?.. The senior golfer thing is a metaphor or example is comparison to the Ricky Fowler photo and what you guys are saying I asked this because it seems more apt for the younger golfer.. Yes this is me I took the time to video my swings compile them together in windows movie maker and get advice, Thanks for all the help yes they are making 90+ shoulder turns but are also 20 years old that's all I get it I have seen video if DJ,Rory tiger woods they all stay centered and this very much makes sense.
  18. Oh not at all I'm loving all the free lessons here you guys are awesome thanks. I really thought I didn't sway I thought it was my upper body cool nice pictures and those lines and stuff thanks. Maybe post a video of your swing so we can scrutinize it.
  19. Yeah i'm not going to change anything besides trying to load up more behind the ball in upwards fashion. I want to feel my backswing farther in the sky behind me which is the result hopefully from a better upper body turn. I honesty don't see swaying what I see is a slight upper body reverse tilt that needs to go the other way. Perhaps I shall tilt back at setup marginally to promote this I will work on it thanks. I'm all about setup tweaks if by body is going towards the target in my backswing then I may be to open and vertical at adress
  20. That's certainly encouraging guys I just don't know If i'm physically capable of doing this young guys move? Is this something anyone can do even a senior golfer?
  21. Ok guys assuming I do all of this what are the benefits? I was hitting on the button with my gap wedge 115 yards,5 irons 185+ 26 degree hybrid 200 but 8 iron only going 145. I would love to get some more pop better impact or whatever so What I'm saying will my best shots be that much better or just no more bad shots?
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