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  1. 98% of all golf drivers are not hollow duhh. Besides Nike. That bottom plate and movable weight is probably 35 grams or more See the 2 photos below? Which one would you categorize as actually being hollow vs just internally hollow?
  2. Yes the Nike one I was depicting here,but not all of them. Sure they are tin cans but the bottom of them often has added weights and metal between the hollowness it's wasted weight tha alters cg as they say. Great clubs sure I'm just saying they can be better in design..
  3. You a betting man? No I'n not a scientist either are you or most people. Anyway 100 bucks say's this happens one day ok Boom I win yup pay to paypal@ I win.com ha ha jk.
  4. No I don't really have the answer persay I do kind of have an idea and it's called optimized weighting vs a lot of wasted weight, For instance take a look at the bottom of your driver it's pointless and is wasted material and weight. Nike has already started to hollow out their drivers and adding more wight where it's actually needed. In the future they may find a way reduce it to 100 grams optimize the weight where it's needed for faster club head speed same energy transfer and of course being the face is the same titanium and legal cor.
  5. I'm not saying I have the answer nor am I saying make it illegal. I'm saying make a club with 100 grams or less with the same energy transfer as the 200 gram head within usga legal limits. It seems impossible with the laws of physics i'm saying i'm sure it's not and someone will figure it out. Another topic could be what will golf equipment look like in 20 years?
  6. This is also my point here as tech advances energy transfer will not have to Equal weight. Forget everything that is known as somewhat common knowledge today it's always wrong. It's something to remember when it comes to science,medicine as it's been proven throughout history. '' Mostly Everything that is known today will one day be incorrect.''
  7. I didn't contradict my self I was essentially saying the thin titanium plate is really what gives the ball it's boom and the rest is just filler for added mass and stability. Titanium is very hard to work with and not very plyable so I doub't ping has a 100% titanium 460 cc driver head show me this? A lighter driver head as I have studied with my swing radar with about 500 swings has shown me the truth in club head speed. Take away 100 grams and I can swing a driver 132 mph,or 115 just swinging in control with a 44 inch driver shaft and 100 gram head,maybe less.. If thy can counterac
  8. When pga tour pro's or teachers say these things it really refers to very slow swingers like seniors swinging sub 80 mph or ladies. The average male is at 90+ and would benefit from a reg flex 10.5 degree driver. More loft yes but a forgiving big headed driver will be easier to hit as long as it's the right shaft and not to long of a club. Id rather have a 460 cc driver 43.5 inches with more loft than a tiny 15 deg 3 wood of the same length.
  9. I agree this has been the tried and true method for centuries however maybe there is away around this. Does energy transfer always have to equal weight if it still has mass and stability? The golf ball weighs 1.68 ounces and the thin titanium plate itself doesn't have a lot of mass instead it has solidity and flexibility, The rest of the driver head isn't titanium an is essentially filler to add weight and which contributes to mass and energy transfer. In other words energy transfer doesn't always have to equal weight and reducing a meager 125 grams seems feasible. I for one have swung a 100 g
  10. Interesting cool chart do you think it's correct? 104 mph and a 227 heavy driver would go way farther than 219 yards carry that's more like 250 to 260 carry.
  11. Slow play on the pga tour always baffles me as these guy's are tour players why would they play slow? I get taking your time for the shot at hand,but why 4:30 min?
  12. I'm all about technology bro what;s wrong with that? I am however kinda ironically a golf purist to some extent. Your correct about the balls they make a difference I hit a 300 yard drive 2 days ago with my 1989 tour model persimmon driver and a top flight, I can swing this club 106 mph though and I nailed it. The small head allows me to swing faster and when hit pure the solid wood and hard ceramic face produce fine tee shots on the screws!! We can learn a lot from older tech with it's smaller heads and centered mass so it's a plus to learn from and hit. I'm looking for a sub 100 gram dr
  13. I'f I could hit a 3 iron on the flag I would go for it! Hey it's a par 4 though nothing wrong with a 80 yard lw in to 10 feet vs a long chip from the back of the green it's all relative your trying to make a birdie.
  14. It's really about the shaft that's what it all comes down to. You can make or buy some cheap game improvement clubs for more distance. In fact you could take a tm head from 2000 get a light graphite shaft with the right flex and get more distance if you design it that way. Companies are trying to help low speed players they are maximizing spring effect on miss hit's and optimizing shafts for higher launch low spin with more carry. This is to help you get it pin high. If your hitting your standard steel shafted 7 iron 144 yards and kinda low then an m2 iron or equivalent could work wonders for
  15. Swing very easy until you get it down. Most likely your toe hooking it and are just making poor contact. Off the fairway a 15 deg needs to have a good lie place it of your left heel and nip it clean. Easier said then done but that's about it this takes some skills. This is one of the best shots I have ever hit with a fairway wood. It was a 13 deg callaway octane 275 yard shot. I had a great lie and just stayed in balance.
  16. A lot of tour guys add weight to the head of their drivers making it 200+ grams and I think stock heads range from 180 to 200 correct? So my question is how light can it get before it no longer becomes hittable? I have one driver head I cut in half making it about 80 grams or so. It's so light that I can swing it 115 mph with ease and actually feels kinda good. It is of course un hittable because it lacks mass but sometime in the future as tech advances this might not be the case. We could see amateurs dipping into the 120 mph speed range quite often.
  17. Try smoothing out your tempo a bit it's to quick.
  18. Pretty cool man! I have heard the right hemisphere part of the brain is responsible for movement or reactionary things vs the left is very analytical. What about putting is it more right or left?
  19. Iv'e been taking it seriously. I hit about 400 balls played 36 holes and really tried to implement this method. I haven't posted any videos of me doing this,but I have worked on it to an extent. I will keep posting videos of my swing and look for new feedback on other things. I'm not overly concerned with a baby sway right now vs what I am concerned about is a more connected takeaway and balance that's about it. Last night I was got 114 mph with my old 45 inch driver and same sway move so for me i'll stick with it on tee shots and not on iron shots.
  20. Hey kinda harsh bro why? I think outside the box if I didn't I would answer like some people saying I prefer one plane and I like 2 plane without much thought. My official opinion on this topic is the golf swing is always on a plane sometime it's more upright and sometimes it's flatter depending on many var-abilities. I think saying from his infomercial he said your either a one planer or your not. I like his concept there's nothing wrong with it I just see so many gaps in between the 2 swings he portrays and with so many different types of golfer builds ranging from skinny and tall to medium
  21. On a driving range to warm up sure otherwise hell no why would you play with it on the course?
  22. Well yes that's my point it isn't just 2 planes. To simplify it I think it's just flatter or more upright where ever you fall is probably more upright or flat based on your set up height and build etc..
  23. The more you bend over at address the flatter your swing becomes and the taller you stand the more vertical it becomes. There are some exceptions If you stand to tall it can become like a baseball swing but generally speaking a very tall set up with the intention of making a vertical golf swing will make it very upright vs bending over more at address. To answer the golf club question maybe so maybe not? bending over at set up will influence the lie angle and vice versa for standing taller so it's possible yes. I know I just posted this with the same picture that abou
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