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  1. It has to be 400 yards long and 200 yards wide with about 60 stalls 2 decks. You would need a short game area and a parking lot not to mention the clubhouse seems like a lot of acreage. Looks like you really looked into it newto golf I think it's a challenge even if you had the money for it.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K06_xm9BZ4g I guess this is the secret then?
  3. Most golf instruction has similar ideas so check this video out. I'm not sure about your back-swing but hips shoulder knees all have their parts in the golf swing.
  4. You gotta realize that old adage take it to the course is pretty stupid right.. The driving range is usually a flat open field to hit balls in you get grooved and are always aimed at the same target give or take so of course it's easier. The golf course is no different except it has a much smaller target and usually has trees and blind shots to deal with. Work on alignment and hit the ball with force. Everyone on here does not hit it 300+ I hit it 285 with a swing speed of 109 but who cares 250 is good. If you have ever played frisbee golf for fun with some beers then you need to take that min
  5. Is this a feasible business model or would it take millions of dollars to acquire 50 acres with a supreme clubhouse with simulators,inventory food etc..
  6. Well if you can hit it over 300 yards then you don't have a problem.
  7. Also will a centered hip turn make me have a real short and restricted back swing like all the photos you guys have been posting? I'm really just trying to make a big back swing that's where all the power comes from. For me making a real centered tight swing is for wedges. I put 70% of my weight on my left foot and make a short tight centered swing for downward impact, I feel like a real centered turn like you guys are talking about would cause me to make better contact but reduce my speed by 40% This swing in particular was a warm up swing 135 yard 8 iron it was short and tight did I still sl
  8. Oh guys funny thing is I was hitting it 185 yards with a baby draw 5 irons. I have good hands I guess and it saves me a lot. I don't mind the slide a bit what I have noticed is the cramped right arm at impact I see pga tour pro's always extending through impact I am cramped up So I guess their all connected,Good I can get better then What is a flip?
  9. I was absolutely striping it today been working on tightening my swing marginally.. Here is a side view of my swing I'm way open for pointers anything to help me clear into my left side better.
  10. Ha ha he's the hacker :) His left arm is way to straight it's locked.
  11. This may be a very old thread but I always thought a stooped posture reduced rotational turn like when you get old. I can see it both way now stooping is bad where standing up like you have a something were the sun don't shine is bad too.
  12. Don't over analyze it guy work on your keys and make a full swing and finish. Your keeping your head down at impact and aren't even making a golf swing in one of your videos because your thinking about technical jargon. Think of it like a door with 5 hinges you know the little metal pin you put in to lock it in place. Well anyway if their not in place the door will not close unless you force it and break the door jam. That's the golf swing no matter the speed your swinging. Whatever your working on it will only work if you make a full swing and finish watch your misses and adjust accordingly u
  13. Oh man I have so many clubs it's ridiculous. Loft isn't always the solution finding the right shaft and optimizing that with your head will produce so many different results some will be so similar while other will be way different. I had a burner 18 deg head on a xx steel shaft shortened it went 215 yards with a tail fade because it was so stiff. Overall The best combo for me is a 16 deg titleist with a reg flex diamana shaft and a 15 deg x steel Callaway with an aldila stiffer shaft. For me it gaps it 4 degrees when it's technically just one,but because of the shafts the ball flight and temp
  14. Well it's isn't easy that's for sure I notice a lot of pros don't have the right elbow room he has and are more stuck on the inside. He makes it look easy with the driver when it's really not that easy or maybe it is does he use the 5 swing key system who is his swing coach?
  15. Iv'e done this for years it helps me hit the ball crisper with my irons and draw it with my driver however I see some pga tour pro's don't do this yet some have some lead why?
  16. Always have some wrist hinge unless your trying to hit a spinning wedge. Check this video out it helped me on 75 yard spin shots. Otherwise the wrist must have a hinge with your woods and that starts with a solid grip.
  17. Good round sounds typical of what I do all the time. 30-70 yards isn't to typical of a round buster it's usually par 3's of 185 yards and hazards well for at least me. If that's your weakness work on that at the range other wise if you only have time to play golf use course management set your self up for 160 yard approaches play to your your powers and error on the fat of the green.
  18. Well many consider tiger to have his best swing in 2000 different topic though. I have had about 8 lessons from really good teachers they always conflict. One guy wanted me to swing flatter the other guy very upright it's always so confusing so Iv'e taught myself over the years. I'm trying to find a happy medium with my swing I'll try to post a side view of my swing maybe you guys can give me a few setup pointers sometimes that's all it takes.
  19. Sometimes it's the fact that you may not be playing competitively. Casual rounds rarely bring out the best in anyone kinda like a pro basketball player in the offseason just shooting hoops with his buddies.
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