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  1. Every fix opens up new faults golf is about managing your misses. I used to aim to far to the right and pull it wildly years later I fixed it but found I was blocking the ball so I wen't back to aiming marginally right. Find a good miss and a great perfect shot and stay with it. There is perfect but there will always be misses. If you watch a lot of pga tour events they miss to the right with the irons all the time because they are set up near perfect. It's just good to know at least for me that my misses are long and left which is usually better than short and right.
  2. I hit this driver 10.5 deg r flex at my home course with a 117 mph swing speed. The ball went miles in the air but I managed to hit one very long. Should I get this club,or was it just the extra light and long shaft that was making me hit it farther? I'm thinking about playing with 2 drivers a short stiff one 7.5 and extra long 45.75 inch 50 gram x flex 9.5 degree for max power does this make sense?
  3. Golf is best played without anger and a little bit of aggression so what are you afraid of?
  4. I have found the thumb on your left hand for right handed players weakens or strengthens the shot in a two ways. If you move it to the left off the shaft a bit it causes more rotation and a bit more power draw if you keep it tighter and more up and down it makes the ball go straighter. This is what pro's have found over the years. I remember Jack Nicklaus talking about this in an article of Golf Digest 2004.
  5. I rarely deal with this anymore but over the years I have found it to be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how well your striping it. If your on then use it build it up and release it! Otherwise block the mental mechanism and slow everything down until your find your game.
  6. Most people who play golf have played other sports they pick it up and overpower the swing resulting in all upper body. This tends to cause an over aggressive move that cuts across the ball 98% of the time resulting in all sorts of wild misses mostly slices.
  7. I was hitting it well misses high and to the right or high and straight. Good shots are high and low draws the ball is going about 285+ I over rotate by nature I can's stop this I have good clubhead speed at 109 so what can I do to keep this speed with a better tour move than what i'm doing? I'm looking for some ideas thanks.
  8. Oh great then I need to gain about 20 yards of the tee average and work on my irons sweet I can do that one year from now ill be a plus 6!! I think I have a good swing so here is the bet Iacas 7 iron whoever hit's it the longest wins.
  9. Ok whatever iacas I don't make crazy birdies and I'm inconsistent so.. I shoot in the high 70's but it equates to a 6 or 4 give or take on my home track from the tips. I rate my game by my best shots not my score. If I could hit a 330 yard drive just once with a certain driver on flat ground then I would know I could do it again, and again.. That's 75% of the game guys it sets you up for easy approaches. The best players in the world is by no coincidence the longest it's a pre requisite to play in tournaments. You could hit it 240 yards of the tee from the men's tee on most courses and be a +5
  10. I have the talent I have no doubt about that people on here with their plus this and that cracks me up.. Look at lpga tour players they shoot 65-65-70-68 because of consistency and their not exactly pro athletes. To be pro distance is all I need because i'm working on consistency all the time. I succeed at everything I do I hit up the gym and have swung about 115 mph just not consistently. Maybe you guys are right it' cant be bought it's just I have never tried a 45 gram tour ad 300 dollar shaft with a 120 gram head yet.. Theoretically If I can swing something 124 mph then i'm good right now
  11. Hit a ball that was surely gone forever with lake water no rocks but somehow ended up on the green. Another day I saw a bobcat mauling a squirrel that was kinda cool.
  12. Pro's are putting for birdie your'e putting for par that's the difference.
  13. Seeing that windows 8.1 was essentially pre loaded with spam to make you buy windows products and never use google and only bing I would say we need a new her in the os department windows 8-10-15 whatever sucks!!
  14. I can totally see this never happening after reading these I think it would be fun to just see an exhibition! Take two retired guys and have fun with it maybe even just 9 holes?
  15. I try to finish strong that day with 10 solid shots regardless of distance and go home. It could be lack of sleep,a hangover or maybe your mind was elsewhere the thing to remember is if you did it once you can do it again smile it's just a little white ball on the ground,well sometimes it's yellow.
  16. Somewhere in the back of my mind the dream of being a pga tour pro is still alive maybe it's for the millions of dollars or the fact I'm decent at golf and wish I were doing it for a living. I feel like the only thing holding me back is distance. I can hit it 285 yards i'm ok, but I see guys on tv smoothing it 325 yards and I think ouch i'm no good. Can distance be bought with hyper light shafts and uber performance heads like this I mean long drive guys consider 330 a terrible pop up.
  17. One thing I see from good players vs guys who love golf like you and aspire to be great is attitude. To break 80 you need to not care and kinda of laugh at the terrible shots seriously. Intensity can result in greatness or awfulness it goes both ways. Just have fun with it it's basically a numbers game keep playing like it's a game of bowling eventually you will break 80 that's how I did it not graphs charts or swing coaches. Iv'e had a competitive round where I shot better than my best once that was fun but most of the time by yourself or with friends the mindset of I will shoot the best roun
  18. I watched your videos and would like to offer some non golf advice and more atheltical wisdom. Motions in sports are dynamic with fluidity and transition your knee bending thing before you hit the ball is killing any chance for that maybe it's a habit or just you but it can be unlearned. I will never be able to throw a 100 mph fastball or dunk a basketball it's out of my physical limitations however I can copy and aspire their motions into what I have. If your a good bowler or dart player or something use your skills in that area towards golf. You can get better even if your an average athlete
  19. Not enough examples I say stop waggling so much get set from the start maybe one waggle then reset and go it's a much more uniform way to hit the ball.
  20. Iv'e hit some Wilson staff 1970's blades and some older ones and they don't feel as good as today's offerings at all. Ttliest has made some awful ones in the last 15 years the Z forged comes to mind it felt harsh and terrible but was just 7 years ago maybe less. Look into the process of forging how it's done and the metal used it's kinda interesting. You will find quality design doesn't have an age besides the grooves of course, but you said your refurbishing them right? Most forgings are done with 1025 carbon steel varieties some are softer and some are harder it's preference. Find a quality
  21. Those heads being heavier could be a great fit with a dynamic gold x-100 for a stronger player. I hate heavy heads and light shafts I feel it's a bad combo overall anyway these clubs look money I bet they feel great launch a bit higher and jump off the face Mizuno has the top 5 irons in the world.
  22. It's helps you get though yep! I saw your first video you hanged back and the ball went dead right. Your last video looked better, but your weight transfer was to up and down with out enough leg bend though. The step drill forces you to get through with leg bend like a pro instead of a faked follow through like many amateurs or less flexible players do.
  23. From demo-ing all the irons here at Haggin oaks holf complex here in Sacramento ca I have yet to see what i'm talking about besides Adams and Wilson a bit. They can still make game improvement clubs the way they do but more can be done referring to what i'm talking about here is a good example they don't even make this club anymore.
  24. Since your brand new to the game you can stick with the fundamentals without them seeming odd because you haven't developed any bad habits or good ones yet. Try this drill without hitting balls I personally don't do it because i'm not used to but again your new to the game and this could ingrain some good habits.
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