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  1. Iv'e certainly tried but over the years I have realized that it's best to treat most chips of about 15 yards the same as a 150 yard shot. I add some hinge shift a bit and actually rotate through to a semi finish. I have some specialty chips like a hyrbid I may use my putt grip or if the ball is in the super rough I choke the club to death and chop down on it very hard to pop it out. If it's working for you great,but to me it seems to locked and not enough touch although I can see it's advantages for precision because sometimes I add to much pop in my chips and blast em by.
  2. I think they need to make super game improvement irons with higher cg no offset and a super thin sole like blades. I think it's the size that makes irons more forgiving that's what companies need to work on not making them chunky and crooked looking just bigger for more hitting zone.
  3. Cool it's all I do I feel like i'm never really off I go to the range and warm up with 5 irons and just repeat the process only hitting 3 out of 10 balls full on this is especially effective with the driver you would be surprised how pure a 210 drive feels over and over again.
  4. Just to keep it simple I have found that golf shots reacts the same way at 75 yards as it does 175 yards. What flaws you may have will occur with a 6 iron at both speeds it's just your body's moving parts will be slower and easier to time at 75-100 yards try that it works with all shots same as the driver hit it 220 yards and watch the ball flight you said you were push slicing and hooking and were lost one day well that happens.. Timing is the forgotten element in the golf swing it is the core of everything id say 80% of it. When working on your game don't develop a Tiger woods mentality of p
  5. I was refereeing to those modern bows with all the gizmos vs say and old wooden bow the Indians would use it was just an anology. My take is 40 grams less weight in a driver head can increase clubhead speed by 15 mph so the design of the head can make a huge a difference just like cg. Offset does the work for you with a sloppy less than ideal impact vs blades making you do all the work.Stated by saevel25 I guess it makes no difference at all he's done the math so maybe it's just mental?
  6. Sounds ambitious but doomed from the start.. I'll tell you a quick story I got into low limit poker for a while and studied it day and night and got very good reading hands and assessing the random truth to the game. The problem was it was unbeatable period and I couldn't win consistently no matter what I was doomed just like this guy. Golf is played by instinct and passion you see college guys go out there and shoot a 67 and career wise they are very early. The game isn't that complicated if your good you go out there and do it not practice 2 foot putts for a year how funny.
  7. Mac O grady disagrees of course he is in the extreme minority.
  8. Swing easier every club is hittable their isn't your swing and only your swing adapt. Knowing this work on it a bit hit some change ups and use the club as it was intended to be used even if it's a lady's soft flex. I'm not sure about the numbers but a stronger flex and less loft should reduce the spin a lot but your launch conditions wont be ideal better go get fitted.
  9. What's your take I find it to go left up in my stance and straight back in my stance vs my blades which are more neutral and allow me to hold it off and do what I want. The recurve bow in hunting is far superior to a standard bow according to the hunting experts it has more torque etc.. Could physics in head design allow a player to be better like the bow or does it just allow the golfer to make a sloppy swing an not care?
  10. Thanks bud There have been a few problem members giving me beef on this forum it's been taken care of though. I really appreciate the feed back actually this helps a lot. So you say the x factor is a fad or not true? I could see that with Ricky Fowler he is like gumby and just goes after it.
  11. Yeah that's me in the video 270 yard 3 wood on the green was a nice shot thanks
  12. Actually im a firm believer of body type favor-ability an swing emulation. I won't copy Jason dufners swing because he is short and pudgy a bitt just like I won't copy Jason day's technique because he is taller with long legs. I will however copy Jonathan byrd or sergio a bit. ''Mike you don't get it again lol...''' People on this forum are kinda jerks knowledgeable about golf but jerks.
  13. You will get more information from the great players and teachers of the past than any Sean Foley fly by night guru can teach just my opinion.
  14. I agree great point I play all my shots more forward. Stuff in these books are set in stone as the fundamentals you can have new gurus if you want but these have been true and will always be true that's why there are the fundamentals.
  15. here is an extreme example of how a conventional swing can produce power. I see this and it seems to throw conventional teaching out the window right? His swing is long he falls away from the target and kinda comes out of it yet he hits it 340 yards just warming up. Can this prove that the driver swing is different than say a 5 iron shot?
  16. I'm really liking this depiction here regardless of my arm, swing and a little movement what can I do to have my chest more towards the target? I see this as the the toe hook problem I have followed by weak misses straight and to the right. I think the ability to rotate though is important are you saying this is the direct result of over body rotation on the back swing if so how can I fix this without having a swing that's short and to tight?
  17. Great swing but i'm not 6 feet and Jason day my back could deal with that strain at impact. I love watching his swing though wish I could do that.
  18. Niice I do see this however a tighter more braced swing only seems to slows my swing down I rely on my longer swing for power, but it's obviously causing and over rotation a bit making me fall away from the target at impact. My body doesn't seem to want to swing like the pro's with minimal hip turn and a big shoulder turn partly because I hurt my back years ago. This is the same swing I use at the driving rang the carpet has no effect I swing out side,inside and hit 300 balls a week minimum I also play a ton. Should I widen my stance or narrow it to get a more coiled swing? I honestly don't se
  19. You gotta be kidding right> I don't need to validate my credentials Iv'e been playing the game since I was 6 years old I played in high school,college and professional. Golf digest has articles from the best teachers in the world! The golf channel has teachers like martin hall who is probably the most knowledgeable teacher in the world with a unique style. By the way what is your credentials what have you done or anyone else here? Is this a site with only pga tour pro's am I out of my element I don't care im going to offer my expertise like it or not I know what i'm talking about if you
  20. I watch them play everyday on the Golf channel they are not hitting 280 yard 7 irons and 440 yard drives. They make a lot of mistakes and look to me like they are comfortable out there and manage their game well average about 286.00 yards of the tee.
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