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  1. If a golfer aims more right he will pull the ball even more same goes for a golfer with wide open shoulders he will slice the cover off it. You can get away with or manipulate the face however you want but overall alignment dictates swing plane and has a huge influence on what you can or cannot do at impact.
  2. He states getting 400 feet yes feet with his 5 iron that equates to 133.3 yards Oh ok he stated 400 feet that's 133 yards it was his question.
  3. The first post is the thread starter I have no reason to read 9 pages of everyone else s opinions on the thread starters original question that would take all day. A good example would be why do I slice the ball with a few videos. I see what I see then add my response im not going to go into others people's answers that would not make any sense.
  4. http://thesandtrap.com/t/35576/help-how-to-move-swing-bottom-forward I provided in depth answer to this guy's problems with Bobby Clampetts impact zone technique. He was struggling with it so I gave him my 2 cent's which was more than enough if you can read. Don't ever do anything Like this again Phil got it bud I'm really just trying to help people on here I think it's fun im not spamming and if you can't read my run on sentences then go to another forum or just leave me alone!
  5. I love golf that's why I post relevant information from what I know about the game I never claimed to be a pga tour golf instructor obviously your threatened by me Phil Mcgleno just psych 101. I know one thing is true in life that translates everywhere you go and it's that fact that there is always going to be a hater someone who is jealous of someone else's ability,knowledge or disposition. I'm new to this site so I guess I haven't figured out how to see any responses? If there were some I'd respond to em all. I'm going to keep posting and adding my thoughts and opinions followed by factual i
  6. Man just copy this set up it's spot on perfect widen your stance and listen to Hank here it's a perfect swing.
  7. I hate playing with people they usually suck and if they don't their somehow in a different mindset then me. I play for the ''CHALLENGE'' It's the primary reason I play golf striving for near perfection I like to focus and stay intense which is far easier by myself vs making horrible small talk with strangers. I will play 18 and then some if I need to work on some things or doing very well and want to keep it going. Occasionally though it's fun to play with people just to have a non serious round with a few friends and some beers.
  8. My golf I play here In auburn isn't managed very well the course itself needs a facelift with landscaping maybe some flowers,better mown tee boxes and a little overhaul on some holes. The driving range has mats with holes in it and no tees but it works. They are a nice course as well high tech gps fancy clubhouse and good putting greens I mean the course is great but lack a little effort from it's manager and maintenance staff.
  9. ooo that would be a bit inpersonal I don't like being watched by the pro shop
  10. A lot of hard work getting consistent with the driver is about 70% of it the rest is a good short game. The the real key is a good mental attitude playing aggressively and fearless without beating yourself up about misses. It's mostly physical though it takes hard work to get consistent off the tee that's what 70 shooters do now what I'm working on is becoming a consistent 60's shooter that's about approach shots primarily. It's more of a science than anything % of fairway hit's good putting and some par saves will amount to a 70's shooter because you should make a birdie 6 pars and a bogie an
  11. Iv'e tried just about every club at golf galaxy with different shaft options and will say you can't buy a better game no. You can tweak what you have get a little more yardage or less for more control. You can make the ball go higher less left or right and maybe get a little better impact from bigger heads on the irons. All of this will help your game but if your swinging it like a hack and chopping wood then you need a new swing not new clubs.
  12. If your hitting it 133.3 with your 5 iron or 400 feet you might as well play with any ball because your game needs to level up a bit before you worry about distances. Find a new range ball in the batch that hasn't been beat up and get a calalway hx pro or a titlest pro v1 and find a flat garage type cement surface. Drop the balls at the same time notice how they rebound in height. They will actually be pretty similar range balls just spin a lot less vs a good ball and a beat up range ball will rebound less meaning less carry because it's dead.
  13. Hit more club say a 6 iron or get a 26 degree hybrid and the right shaft. It sounds like your casting the club and chunking it or hitting an overly high straight shot of a tee on par 3's or leaving the clubface wide open on mat's and the grass. Distance is face angle,loft and clubhead speed being the main factor in carry distance.Hitting down on a neat lie and a pro v 1 will cause a lower ball flight that shoots with more spin and good distance. That's why hitting down is for spin and ball flight control primarily! You sound like you need a lesson on some of the basic fundamentals such as ball
  14. Awesome thanks guys I think it's a path to far from the inside that makes sense as I hit a push sometimes. I think getting closer to the ball would cause to me to smother it I need extension through the ball getting to close could also cause me to come to much from the inside.
  15. Here is something to think about if your going back an forth between what your learning and your old ways.. This is what Bobby Clampett is referring to a nice shallow divot that extends 4 inches past the ball. This is Sergio Garcia were talking about he has the extreme talent and master class hands to play the ball centered and time it flawlessly it really does take fast twitch muscles and great hands. Conversely if his ball was and inch forward he would have more time to the ball and would be able to do well with average hands so are you Sergio Garcia?
  16. This is the worst possible thing you could do a common mis conception.
  17. It's a real easy fix just don't over do it or you will start to miss to the right! Take your ball and move it 1.5 inches back and your cured as long as your shoulders are in about direct unison with your toe line. If you go to far back you will hit it straight or miss it weak right. Your ball right now is to far forward you aim right come over the top and pure it left. By moving it back and keeping your shoulder levelish with your toe line pre set up you will establish a nice hit point,. Go ahead and go after it by design your shots will now be baby draws and light pulls in play. Look a
  18. Get one of these assist trainers TM... usually you should start with an open club face or square then it rotates into the back swing. Buy on of these and just work on the take away like 200 times it also has a perfect grip trainer so your good. Don't even worry about full swing just takeaway and a baby follow through then repeat and eventually go hit full shots.
  19. 55 degree weather to 95 Degree weather is about 12 to 17 yards in carry distance. Humid weather at 95 degree weather to dry arid weather same temp is about 5 yards what's most noticeable say 50 yards less is into the wind at 44 degree weather vs no win. You can still hit that ball far in 44 degree weather but some how the wind will just kill it vs a warm windy day.
  20. I actually don't recommend this at all for most amateur golfers or slower swing speed players. Imagine the golf swing as a longer extended ''U'' The middle of your stance is the bottom point of the swing and being that the club is still going downward to achieve ''4 inches'' Your 7 iron needs to be back of center a bit what a new concept trap the ball wow!! Anyway Jack Nicklaus himself said all shots should be placed off the left heel with a vary in stance width because that's when the club achieves it's natural square point. He had an open set up a bit so it was more true for him and worked G
  21. It could be your putter honestly if your greens are slow and your putters is low inertia or insert variety then your perceived smashes will still end up short! If none of this is the case then imagine a spot 5 foot past the hole and try to not go past that put lag it up to that max. Just read the break and pick a zone for uphill putts it's oke to come up short or hit it a foot by your just trying to get it close or hit the back of the cup. I don't see any reason to hit it 7 feet by or come up 5 feet short just work on it.
  22. Hands need to lead pre set up only then can you initiate the right takeaway.
  23. My alignment is good my ball placement is good I feel like im not trying to hold back on my back foot,but I still hit a semi solid toe hook that loses 20 yards down the left side? I still nail a good one but those are my misses albeit a decent miss for golf! It doesn't ruin me but over all even with my irons I toe it a bit why?
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