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  1. Take less club don't tee them up and swing easier I bet the shafts are to soft for your swing.
  2. Don't worry about just have fun with the game. Your swinging about 50-70 mph a possible cause is your just not strong enough to swing the driver it's to heavy.
  3. When chipping or pitching keep weight on your front foot a bit and keep your shoulders level don't dip into your right side. From here aim the blade of the wedge to your target and swing straight back and through. The cause is the blade of your wedge is aimed dead right before you hit the ball the weight is on your back foot and your hunched to the right doomed before you even hit the shot.
  4. Do some research on ball position it has 100% to do with how you hit the ball thin fat etc.. There are some weight distribution and alignment causes but for irons it;s all ball placement. https://www.google.com/search?q=ball+position+irons&newwindow;=1&espv;=2&source;=lnms&tbm;=isch&sa;=X&ved;=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMI6MvL1L2HyAIVipqICh3LhQq_&biw;=1082&bih;=955#imgdii=aDN0KiL3mGSniM%3A%3BaDN0KiL3mGSniM%3A%3BihJu-dhMok2f6M%3A&imgrc;=aDN0KiL3mGSniM%3A
  5. I think pga tour courses allow for maximum distance with the fast fairways and one could easily adapt after a while. You look at guys like Ricky Fowler and Zach jhosnon and you think to yourself that their not that intimidating right? It's not what golf is all about it's about skill and consistency and that's what they do time and time again.
  6. I think it's about elitism a bit the web.com guys are often the grinders who have to play the hard way whereas some of the pga guys had sponser exemptions or were wealthy to begin with just a handful though.. I see guys on the web.com tour hit it farther and better than a lot of the pga tour guys.A good example is Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson the web.com guys bring the heat just like em. I like the AAA baseball anaology in the minors you will see guys throw 100 mph but lack control and skill and I bet the same goes true for web.com being fairway stats and greens in reg however as stated my
  7. What can you win guys the entry fees seems outrageous to the amount you can win. If it's a 100 dollar entry fees then first prize should be 1000 dollar gift card etc..
  8. Pretty awesome 200 grams is the standard hmm.... Just browsing the graphs it shows 110 mph at 230 yards carry what are they smoking? 110 mph with a persimmon wood driver is 285 yards carry a titanium graphite modern about 300 to 310? Anyway I like the depiction showing the correlation between mass and ball speed. A modern driver weighs about 280 grams total these prototypes I made about 185 total. adding another 25 grams to increase the mass and stability of these clubs could be the difference needed to still have 120 mph speed and easy power.
  9. I have conducted a semi scientific test proving mass or a heavier head will go farther given it was designed correctly.I took a Titleist 975 d titanium and a Callaway I fit 8.5 tour head and chopped em. The callaway was nearly un hittable because it had no mass and was essentially just a titanium plate. The Titleist wen't as far as my best drive one time the rest were terrible mostly low or just weak shots with no power especially the Callaway! This is all despite the fact that I could swing these clubs from 120 to 130 mph. My razr x 460 cc driver went 270 yards with a 96 mph swing sign
  10. Put the ball more forward in your stance and learn how to make a turn you reverse pivot causing a push that is amplified by your ball placement.
  11. Iv'e been researching this a bit lately and it's inconclusive however I think the two go hand in hand to a speed and density ratio. Density does in fact outperform a rebound test in the ballpark figure of swing speeds say 95 mph to 110 mph. A super dense material will outperform or be equivalent to the 110 mph results and so on. The average golfer however is only capable of so much and if you go to heavy they can't swing it nor could Greg Norman in his prime Anyway this leads to the conclusion that a trade off could help just about everyone with the emphasis of going super light combined wi
  12. Thanks i have recently researched the cor thing kinda sucks.. Im talking tungsten carbide different,
  13. It's fairly simple guys any material will rebound a golf ball x amount of energy at x amount of speed. Faster speed with a less than ideal material could possibly perform the same as a superior metal at less speed. I'm not sure about cor it's the trampoline effect right? I think a dense metal would be like a blade 5 iron with very little if any trampoline effect so I think it would be legal. A good exapmle would be a thin sheet of ply wood wood traveling at 200 mph vs a 2 by four going 120 mph.. It's possible the could have identical energy output at different speeds.. Well anyway I can not gi
  14. Having a steady head is the worst advice you could ever try to imitate in your swing.The reason being is a golf swing isn't just a swing it's a serious bod motion of rotation and re rotation with your hips and legs. A good coiled back swing will give the appearance of a steady head but in reality it's just good balance and rotation it's actually ok if the head moves a little in the back swing. The rest is just timing and motion go after it and finish towards you're target and the head will follow. see here as the prime example.
  15. There shouldn't really be any rules in golf besides play it as it lies unless otherwise fairly specified to be deemed relief from the course such as soft mushy fairways in otherwise dry conditions or odd lies in the fairway like holes, sprinkler heads etc.. There should be no out of bounds just hazards play it as it lies if you can and if i'ts ob a specified drop area should be specified not re tee from missing it by a yard when you can clearly see your ball. Rules should be there for relief and you should always be able to place your ball not drop it ten times then place it like on tv.. Water
  16. Iv'e researched a ton into metal density and how it relates to certain elements. Osmium is the densest metal on earth but is brittle and highly expensive rated at 22.6 or something. Titanium is not very dense 4.6 however it's very strong and flexible for it's weight and is used in current tech along with the tin can frame used by today's manufacturers. I think it works great I mean obviously titanium 400-460 cc drivers perform well but I wonder if there is another answer. I think Tungsten carbide is the key ''https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tungsten_carbide'' Iv'e done a little experiment droppi
  17. I used to waggle a lot no I waggle a lot before the ball the go to a static position and just go from there. 98% of all tour pro's start from a static position the check their aim and go when ready.
  18. Yes the hands control the golf club forget the triangle get a good grip and good set up and the arms will follow.
  19. Not enough information to help you are you a male female age how long have youv'e been playing etc... My advice watch lpga tour players hit the ball their perfect
  20. It takes one finger off the shaft and evens out the the grip to reduce right hand dominance. Actually probably good with people who have big strong hands and hook the ball from to much right hand. I use overlap because I have average hands and need all the fingers on the shaft for control.
  21. Good swing good ball placement the only thing that's probably causing your high shots with your iorns is in proper shaft flex and low cg irons like game improvement variety. Try a stronger flex and some blades it will automatically lower ball flight without needing swing adjustments. Your swing is a bit steep but only marginal check your equipment.
  22. With a stronger grip it's essential to realize that it won't be effective at all unless your right hand for ''right handers'' is capable of hitting the ball. What I mean by this is take your grip then leave the right hand on and then take left off look at it and see if the fingers and palm can square the face if it's to far underneath you can't do either and your doomed. The grip always need to match whether it's a bit more neutral or stronger. If you wanna practice technicality hit balls 50% shorter than normal it works great go to the range hit some 7 irons 70 yards look at the flight and sh
  23. Good swing with a solid foundation but lacking in overall gracefulness from to much grip pressure and lack of lower body flexibility. Everyone is built differently so what you need to work on is your set up. Flare your feet out at address and take a stance that is only marginally wider than your shoulders,also try to lighten your grip pressure! This should add some greater rotation and a bigger back swing. A good drill for you is to take a graphite driver shaft broken ones work or break one from a junk club. Go ahead and wrap some computer paper and masking tape on the tip to add some marginal
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