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  1. Despite using spins balls I rarely get spin on my clean shots from 70-to 140 yards? I pick them clean or take divots both have similar results being stop and drop but no real backspin why is this could it be i'm just not taking hitting the ball down enough or just to cleanly?
  2. Playing the ball to far forward is causing you to make a needed lateral shift on the through swing to square the face resulting in pushes or coming out if it. Generally speaking there a few adaptations needed to play the ball slightly ahead of the standard position. First you need to level out your shoulders a bit and open your hips. This compensates for the ball placement from here a well time drive will be a high draw or high straight shot. It sounds to me your outside of the hittable zone being the ball is just way to far forward an no compensation can help you. Same goes as playing the bal
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=joey+mcilroy+stance&rlz;=1C1AVNG_enUS654US654&espv;=2&biw;=1536&bih;=783&source;=lnms&tbm;=isch&sa;=X&ved;=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMI0LyEveu-xwIVCJqICh094gjM&dpr;=1.25#imgrc=3wYPgYwWn6HCMM%3A
  4. For golf it depends on the tees you play from you can always shoot a better score. Hell a 200 yard drive from the right tees and you can shoot 7 under.
  5. Golf is about keeping the ball in play with high percentages. Don't fall in the long hitters trap of trying to play it safe and hit 5 iron of the tee instead develop a major league baseball pitcher mentality to golf it's what you need to do. With your distances you have the ability to shoot 10 under par,but what you need to do say it's a 375 yard par 4 with little trouble long and just some rough but a fairly big green. Go ahead and tee up the big stick and hit what I call a change up. You see most golfers are stick in 4th gear all day and occasionally 5th. You mentioned the better players hit
  6. It's not about speed it's about ball flight and roll. With a medium draw a 100 mph swing will carry about 255 yards and roll up to 35 yards. A 105 mph swing with the same draw will go 260 carry averaging 275 yards to 300 every time. If you hit a high ball or fade it could be 240 or less it's pretty drastic. Pros swing 118 mph and can hit a fade 275 carry and like the control if you like 235 carry and and enjoy a fade with control by all means play from the white tees.
  7. Off set and low cg means high and left just about every time unless you open the face and play the ball back in your stance. The only thing that makes these kinda irons good is their luanchability and forgiveness.
  8. Iv'e just walked on a few times to play 4 holes or so before dark no sense in paying full price to walk 4 holes.
  9. With the driver tour pros hit high draws and high fades and rarely low shots. The reason for this is their club head speed is in the 118 range and more so carry is better to fly bunkers cut corners or just miss the fairway by a few yards. A simple set up change and they can hit it low by leveling out their path I assume they do this with the irons and into the wind on tee shots. You would have to be a caddy to know but I bet they hit 80% high shots and move the ball a round a bot depending on the hole.
  10. I would say loft and clubhead speed has the most to do with it because a golf ball is so light and only compresses so much meaning a 10 pound weight plate at 9 deg loft traveling at 130 mph hitting a golf ball dead on probably wouldn't go much farther than a thin titanium clubhead going 130 mph based on the ball itself.
  11. Male tour players never hit down on the ball with their driver that's a terrible technique. Look at the long drive pro's they use a 5 deg driver and hit the ball on the absolute upswing as possible. Lady pro's and amateurs alike would benefit with lower loft because of less spin and more roll all while playing reg flex and lighter shafts. Pga pro's use xx flex and 9-10 loft because at their 118 mph swing speed it's a great mixture of pure carry with some roll and more fairways. If they used a 7 deg it would just go to low for em and no control.With a 144 mph swing speed long drive pros using a
  12. If your skilled the advantages are immense on most flattish golf courses. X amount of speed = a certain amount of carry and this is why tour pros use a 10 deg at 118 mph and carry the ball a ton and land it soft. For a 65 year old swinging 86 mph who is highly skilled using 5 deg driver will result in a bullet ball with tons or roll and at times 30 yards farther than a 9 degree driver. Now your shaft should still be reg or senior flex and not to heavy either.
  13. These guy hit it 340 now and 280 to 300 with 3 and 5 woods.
  14. A lot of the par 4's on today's courses are in the 470 to 515 average some of em uphill.
  15. The way I see it from a manufacturer standpoint the dg x-100 sl are basically s-300 guaranteed at a lighter weight. The dg sl s-300 would play on average more like a reg flex and I know from experience playing them in the 990's for 7 years. Shafts vary from batch to batch that's why they have tour issue being more expensive and are the best of the batch in terms of consistency. your safest bet is to get dg x-100 sl at .25 over and get your clubs bent 1 deg flat. This will result in a higher ball flight and more spin but still have a tighter dispersion than s-300 at 130 grams and the x-100 sl i
  16. Get a used set of titlist 690 mb and re shaft them to your liking then go the fitted and bent to your specs. might cost you 400 vs 1,400. I like the look of the miura 1957 baby blade but because of it's reduced size it will have reduced mass therefore will fly shorter. Im sure with it's low carbon steel it will feel great but who cares if it performs ok or just as good. I think as of 2014 the taylormade tour prefreed looks nice! This is an old thread though so id say titleist 690 mb would have been your best choice.
  17. Wrong i'm talking a pured 5 iron that goes 5 feet over the green and rolls into ob the ball is still playable on grass but past the white stakes. Water is ok makes it hard enough but still worth the risk. Why not have super ob 5 shot penalties just short of the green on certain holes just to make sure you get the ball to the hole...
  18. Golf should have 5 rules: number one play the ball as it lies,two only hazards on the golf course hit if you can otherwise drop it one stroke penalty,three free drops from cart paths ground under repair etc.. four lift clean and place in wet conditions and finally if and where your ball goes ob you must drop within bounds 1 stroke penalty just like a hazard,but with the ob you must drop and don't get the option of hitting it because it's ob.
  19. If you don't own the land then it's impossible around here it's 800k for 0.5 acres in a good area! And like 2.5 million for 12 acres in a so so area.
  20. Without getting to technical here it's common knowledge that a pw head is far heavier than a 3 iron head yet Sergio Garcia can belt the 3 250 yards. Loft from 21 deg to 48 is a huge gap not to mention shaft length. It would be a interesting experiment to make a 500 gram 12 deg driving iron attached to a xxx shaft with a robot swing to see what happens. Thin faced driver with 460 cc actually have very little mass just more spring but can smash the ball. I think with golf shaft length loft and flex are the prime factors in distance. I believe mass can effect ball flight and impact and might have
  21. I will add that this is most effective in your irons where it's ok to have a light shaft in your driver the sweeping violent swing and the mass and shape of modern driver heads make it forgiving enough to go after it and achieve as much speed as possible. better to swing at 110 mph and miss it on the toe then swing at a consistent 100 mph with the same toe hit. Sure were trying to hit it dead center everytime but drivers are very forgiving these days so just go after it.
  22. I talked about this in another forum and it's my theory that a longer heavier steel shaft for most male players is far superior to lighter graphite or steel. In comparison take a 38.25 inch 5 iron one a 60 gram shaft another a 136 gram shaft.The lighter shaft promotes a quick jerky take a way and early set where the heavier promotes a slower more online backswing. It's all based on gravity once a player reaches his backswing he is using and fighting the forces of nature to achieve his desired results. Take player A who swings at 90 mph. With the 60 g shaft he would add speed by using his body
  23. http://www.mizunousa.com/golf/products/mizuno-mp-69-irons You guys are all wrong mizuno is way shorter.
  24. All forged clubs are the same assuming they use the same metal 1025 etc... Mizuno on the other hand uses a computer frequency to harness the sweet spot on each iron head based on sound and frequency as I stated. This to me seperates them. I like the design of the Titleist mb better though fatter head.
  25. It's quite simple if your ball goes out by one foot and is off the property then the player should get a free drop if you will adding the 1 stroke penalty. It's still more penal which is good.Hazards give you the option to play it as it lies and maybe make a birdie. Nothing worse than crushing a drive that hits the cart path and goes ob,Or a great second shot that flys the green and goes ob by five feet. It doesn't make any sense right?
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