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  1. So this topic you wanted the reader to repeat Jim hardys swing plane theory in a exact description and that'st it? I thought you wanted people to share their opinions on the subject right? my bad what a boring topic then I guess you answered your own question for the topic then why have responses.. Iv'e seen the infomercial before I kinda got it,but it seems a little over dimensional I see an in between plane with the two. ''He defined the one-plane swing, IIRC, as the left arm matching the shoulder plane, and the two-plane swing as the left arm above the shoulder plane''. mm
  2. I think the golf swing always has one plane it's either just flatter or more upright. I remember watching the tv infomercial a while back and it always confused how they said one plane or 2. Greg Norman had an in between swing plane while Adam Scott definitely more upright. Ben Hogan was the classic flat swinger and it obviously worked for him. I can't say one is better then the other generally speaking though you don't want a backswing that's to upright or to flat.
  3. Looks like a great tool maybe i'll buy it someday.
  4. This is in the my swing thread I didn't post this here? My question was whats a good drill to get a less wristy and more one piece takeaway any ideas chief?
  5. Whatever I find at the goodwill I never pay full price on golf stuff. At the goodwill i find brand new overstock items for like 8 bucks 5 bucks etc.. Often Nike or weird branded shirts from a company with a logo like a callaway shirt saying Toyota dealership. For me any nike,Adidas,pga tour brand shirt is great and golf shorts in the summer for me generally any brand that matches my shirt.
  6. This thing looks cool. My question is how does it know a fairway hit vs 3 yards in the rough?
  7. What you guys don't have a sense of humor? I actually agree discussion is over.
  8. 1. I believe the hips and upper torso turn act as the source of creating the untapped force on the backswing. 2. I believe the bigger your turn and more tourqe you can create potentially. this allows you to have a faster axis on the downswing for more force without as much timing element. 3. It wen't off topic because I was simply trying to talk about the downswing with some picture descriptions to better get the idea not get in to data, Not that so much the mathematical physics of it all in numbers.
  9. I think your over analyzing it. The golf swing is very technical in terms of swing plane,address the grip, ball position alignment etc.. Go ahead an scrutinize there because the rest of what i'm describing is the result of doing those things correctly. We can go on for hours on those technical aspects but the downswing doesn't work that way because it's moving so fast. My point here is most players tend to think of technical variations in that aspect of the swing when in reality there really isn't much. You could be sold on in by remembering when you have hit your best shots and would pro
  10. Forget the term then centripetal,centrifugal who cares! You guys are way to self righteous and close minded and have made me out to look like a fool when I was simply trying to share an idea. I tried to explain that with the stuff iv'e learned on this site has helped a ton and in unison with what I discovered on the range could help. I don't think Don Peterson is not incorrect at all. Imagine this Boogie make your perfect golf swing and hold on to the club as tight as you can and attempt to complete a swing. the results will be that you can't because the golf swing is a motion not static keys
  11. Iv'e noticed in my videos that I get to wristy on my takeaway and bring it to far inside or underneath which is a huge problem in my swing. Iv'e tried the braced takeaway but it feels awkward. Is there any drills I can incorporate to make this more natural?
  12. I think Don Peterson explained it perfectly he is a top 50 instructor 100% credible works with tour pros is saying exactly what iv'e been saying all along. I don't need to reply the 3 questions it falls into the into the argument for the sake of it syndrome. Just like this it doesn't have any relevance to anything i'm talking about at all. In a court room it would ''objection'' relevance and sustained on my part case closed..
  13. Oh really your not impressed by top 50 or top 10 instructors out of the many thousands out there what a nonsensical statement.
  14. I prefer it from a practice standpoint. I don't know anyone who plays for money or competitively. I play with my dad a lot and have been for years but it's always just for fun.
  15. I never play much competitive golf it's mostly alone with lots of other thoughts.
  16. As long as your not taking shots to the head ever see that movie with Will Smith. Concussion?
  17. I'm saying it is right,but apparently you guys are a bunch pf physics graduates and are laughing at the fact I'm using terms incorrectly. Anyway I say I'm done talking about this, but will stick to my guns and say i'm right.
  18. For me it's my shoulder joints and arms from hitting 200 golf balls then the next day play 18 and so forth. My back does get a little tight.
  19. This video is almost a full on golf lesson in itself. We can't all have a perfect swing like this guy but he adds some good pointers here.
  20. I'm in pretty good physical shape and get tired from hitting to many golf balls then playing. So yes your arms get tired they need rest.
  21. Look I can have an opinion on something If I want I did stop went on to other topics.
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