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  1. Today was a dousey to much course for me to handle!!. Greens ran at 11.0 I tried to play from the tips with some wind, I was also a little tired and slightly off with my driver. This made it tough I shot 85 in pga tour conditions. Next time I play from the men's tees. Mostly missed fairways and short game. One hole I putted off the green but on a few I had some nice lags. They were so much quicker than what i'm used to and with the wind just made the long par 4's with 240 yard forced carry's kinda intimidating seeing that I carry it 265 with no wind.
  2. The pictures are just examples. Overall it's just a feel thing I tee the ball higher level my set up out up and it goes straight that's all.
  3. I like the ball hunter guy that's totally me.
  4. You win I lose okay I'm done here you and few others are just making me look like an fool while at the same time making yourself look bad as well. I don't no I'm wrong here so.. You tell me the answer please because I don't know.
  5. If you already know the answer and think it's different then explain yourself sir? It's not a shift into a braced left leg. It's a Little bit of clearing the hips and driving into a sublty bent left leg with knee flex well for me everyone is built different.
  6. Maybe he did a little but less than tiger from what I can see and even less in most lpga players who are very straight. I'm actually done defending myself here it's plain as day at impact with most examples of straighter hitters.
  7. Not talking about competitive disc golf just backyard Frisbee The golfer uses his hips as the axis on the downswing swing to utilize the leverage of the shaft into the club head translating into centripetal force. Do I need to keep repeating myself here?
  8. Nope. Nobody "just does." They learned how to do Well sure it's a skill but isn't as hard as many people realize. If you take a Frisbee back nice and level the rest will just happen as long as you don't stop your arm and flick your wrist. same correlation. 1.The body is the axis the head on the end of the club utilizes centripetal forces, 2. No I don't have mathematical data. I never wanted to create numbers my original point on this topic is about centripetal force and the downswing, 3. Feel is a huge component in golf I was trying to explain and display some physics to reiterate the concept of clearing the hips and allowing the club head to harness centripetal force. ''People thought this guy was an Retard growing up funny how that works for the normies as I call them''.
  9. Maybe your just taking things to literal? This is 3 golfers with a 1,200 shot spectrum and 82% fairway hit rate that's what I was going by. Based on their impact position and this stat it dictates their is a reason for their success. I analyzed their swing and saw a small correlation and how it equates to impact. Your correct a larger sample size is needed,but this is a nice place to start. Even if this is theory or postulation who cares? It's a forum for discussion not statements of only cold hard facts. Explain is this a real thing?
  10. That's the whole point kid by setting up with moire symmetry you emulate this position wow. Sounds like you guys went full retard Paul Wilson built a whole dvd system on this topic and he is a PGA class A pro. ''Swing machine golf''
  11. The whole point here is the mechanics of the swing that your teaching and everyone else is teaching is 100% correct. It's actually of the utter most importance until you make a completed backswing. from here there it's the same force as throwing a baseball it's automatic and requires no fundamentals just like throwing a frisbee or even setting down a 50 pound weight. It takes effort sure but unexplained effort. this is because your not fighting nature, In the backswing your taking an object in a space of time and with it it's fighting gravity and yourself trying force it into an arc of direction. Once your here it just takes effort nothing else. It's like your asking me how do I take a step,or how do I Throw a Frisbee 15 yards you just do. From a golf swing standpoint i'd recommend taking very baby swings and getting this motion until it feels like taking a step and throwing a Frisbee. in the end it's actually requires no more force or coordination than doing these actions it's the back swing that's very difficult to get right and as I'm explaining the misunderstanding of how the downswing works in combination golf is hard for some ''Take it or leave it This is some facts and opinions it just is. ''I never stated this as the only way to swing a golf club''
  12. Iron Bryon is not human and would set up to the ball with very little to any shoulder tilt. It's the most accurate hitter of the golf ball on the planet it makes no mistakes and is stable and symmetrical as un humanly possible.
  13. I think i'll pass on that one I made my point in the last post as clearly as I can take it as it as is absorb ignore who cares! Your a 1 handicap I'm sure you have already mastered the downswing.
  14. Of course I know Phil it's less shoulder tilt at address which coincides with about the same position at impact resulting in straight. Over the course of a pga tour season it's might be irrelevant or might be relevant? I do know that it could help the 10 handicapper on certain shots on their home course. Simply narrow your stance and imagine your shoulders level as possible and swing it. I do this all the time I hit it 260 yards+ with a baby draw. It goes lower because I'm getting my actual 8.5 degree vs an upward approach into the ball and less shots higher and misses to the right because my impact point is nearly symmetrical to address. A standard set up with the driver requires better timing for high bombs if not high right or hang back hook everytime.
  15. ''I keep getting told I'm wrong quoted over and over again it's annoying the truth is getting twisted here.. I'm not wrong I don't care what anyone else says and I'm not being stubborn either. I'll try to simplify the whole thing so a few of you can get this simple yet elegant concept. You can take my words try to twist them as Iv'e been trying to explain this so I'll simplify it. I'm no noob I've seen thousands upon thousands of people struggle with the game indefinitely because they fail to get the downswing motion. To keep it short most people have a degree of skill level when it comes to making a nice loaded backswing path and takeaway. This is because some people are more athletic and stronger. The backswing,set up and alignment are skill fundamentals that we should all work on,but the downswing is an automatic reaction that everyone messes up because of effort that put's the brakes on force. Assume your practicing taking lessons getting that grip right the stance etc.. This is good but is only 50% of the swing that most people get close to right and still struggle for life and wonder why? The reason is their effort is getting in the way! once you have a average backswing you can hit playable golf shots that go where you intend them quite often by simply getting out of the way and letting momentum do it's thing. it's doesn't take super fast hands or blazing fast hips it simply requires that you clear your hips out at the right time and let the clubhead pass through into a smooth balanced finish. Maybe this is centripetal force,gravity momentum call it whatever you want it just is and is why the pro's are so good and you a topper and slicer. In fact you take an on plane short backswing with a very un athletic person with a correct smooth downswing action and they will still hit playable golf shots that could go farther than the athlete who is forcing the action despite a beautiful backswing. ''We all have different backswing skills, but each of us should be able to clear out like photo 3 with Bubba here.'' http://tourexperience.com/is-the-golf-swing-centrifugal-or-centripetal/
  16. I'n golf there is no fundamental correctness everyone does it differently and an observant bystander uses this information to further add to his knowledge. I never stated that this is the new swing as is the only way to swing a golf club no knuckleheads! This is taking a swing key from the straightest hitters on tour and possibly integrating into your swing if you tend to hit high and right and spray the ball all over the place.
  17. She hit like 400 out of 485 fairways and hit's driver a lot because she is a short hitter. Your correct Dustin Johnson has less tilt and last time I checked he was an ace off the tee. I'm sure there are some very good exampled of this on any tour when you look at they guys,or gals who are long and straight or just straight. Who knows maybe this is why Jerry Kelly missed that tee shot to the right on the video again this is just an observation.
  18. I'm sure there is some long hitters who do not set up with as much tilt, but a lot of them at impact are way back as displayed here again. Spine tilt at impact is unavoidable Sadlowski sets up kinda in an odd fashion so maybe not the best example. The green line hasn't changed much for Kelly it started straight and is only slighted back at impact and apparently from the video was a miss. From what I can see straighter hitters are very much less back at impact and can probably bee seen over and over again by pictures and analyzing tour swings.
  19. No I haven't had a chance because I keep getting banned for 3 days because of bad grammar and miscommunication. Spine tilt backwards at impact is essentially unavoidable,but it appears these straighter hitters minimize this from their original set up position. Notice that the long hitters appear to tilt back more at impact based one their original set up position? This may not always be the case such as Jason Day and Justin Johnson. I'm not saying setting up with less spine tilt will result in less power but it could increase accuracy if you already have power. If anything it reduces launch angle a bit and might reduce carry distances and maybe a little loss distance with the added benefit of straighter shots. This is just an observation how can you not see this it's in plain sight?
  20. In reference to this thread everyone who is disagreeing here is doing so in a reckless fashion not related tho this topic! Did you even read the thread and did you watch the videos? I referenced the fact that these are the straightest hitters on any tour. They have minimal spine tilt axis at set up and impact which is an interesting observation being that they are the straightest hitters. I have said this before show some class act like an adult and less like a golf snob! I have 20+ years of golf knowledge I don't need to prove to anyone my credibility!! Unless of course they are asking if I teach tour players then that would big no so what?
  21. Jack Nicklaus quoted that you can have a perfect swing and a bad setup and still hit a terrible golf shot vs just an average swing and perfect setup to produce reasonable golf shots. In other words it's 90% of it. No I didn't make this Iv'e tinkered with this idea for years and just kinda thought if 20 minutes ago. Guess what look at the videos it's right there they do what I say and as a result they are hitting 78 to 85% of the fairways that's like a robot. If you wanna hit it long copy long if you wanna hit it straight do what they do seems logical.
  22. I'm done trying to explain this maybe a better topic would have been the downswing and some key to work on.
  23. It's true you probably just don't understand it it's beyond you that's fine. My writing is incoherent probably a little but last time I checked it's in English not Russian. Actually what I have said here relates to everything I have learned from this forum. If you read what I wrote to any degree you would understand. I'm saying that everything people are working on is correct only from the set up,grip and mechanics stand point. This goes for the 5sk or any other method up into a backswing. The rest of the swing does not exist and is a motion that occurs from the result of momentum,leverage centripetal force and by you just clearing out of the way. I mean you use your hands sure, but it's actually that simple and people need to realize this or will forever be lost in the mystery of golf.
  24. They have less backwards spine tilt at address and consequently return to square at impact more often. What> This is basics 101 it's common golf knowledge that you can open or close your stance to hit a fade and draws or adjust the face angle like Jack Nicklaus it's debatable of what technique works better sure,but kinda golf teaching intro stuff.
  25. I guess... Iv'e played in college mini tours,high school eat sleep and breath golf read books have read hundreds of golf magazine articles study the game you know learn. I'd say i'm very qualified I'm still learning but what is qualified? Some guy who has a class A card works in a shop and has been around the game 5 years and been trained in a facility, or someone like me who has been around the game 20+ years and has extensive knowledge? Who do you trust more a med school grad or a doc who is 60 years old and has experience and has seen the ropes. I have enough knowledge to say I'm qualified to a point. Your reference to club head speed may or may not apply were talking face angle here right? You hit different shots on the golf course sometimes a chip sometimes a flop it's never the same. I can say the same goes for full shots you open up for a fade or close the face for a draw right? Well now you know how to hit the straight ball congratulations new shot learned.
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