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  1. Seems to be a commonality with straight hitters here is Jerry Kelly 2 or 3 in driving accuracy Pga Tour. Notice set up less spine tilt \ and at impact 14 sec mark consequently less spine tilt straighter shots. lol he didn't like the shot though,still good example.
  2. This is in reference to something along these lines at impact. More powerful yes, but clearly not a straight and as we know Tiger finds the sand more often than David Hasslehoff. It's a tip dude something that I thought of and reasoned that there has to be a reason why 80% plus fairway finders hit the fairway so often. Any golf tip or instructional advice comes from alternate sources and is then expanded on. I'm sure if you analyzed straight hitters this is something that they would have in common with. ''I would never give up 15 yards for more accuracy''. Really have fun hitting your second shot 130 yards in from the dirt behind a small tree while I play from 150 yards in the shortgrass where you can hit the green.
  3. Here is 2 videos from the most consistent drivers on any professional golf tours right now. You will notice at impact they are very level and are not hanging back much at all. There has to be something to this key being they are in the 80% plus range on driving accuracy stats. There may be someone straighter out there on some tour, but these are what I found and it's pretty clear at impact they don't hang back much and have less,but still some spine tilt at address. Something to think about here if you find your self spraying the ball and would gladly give up 15 yards for more fairways.
  4. With so much golf information out there he uses pretty standard data and informs the viewer A+ there. I like him better than Rick Shiels because he is less cocky, but no less snootty being he is British.
  5. Picture left is what I was referring to originally before I was told I was wrong. I was never talking about a reverse pivot entirely. My main point from this entire thread is the golf swing isn't that complicated and is a simple force of nature even if i'm off with calculations or whatever. Notice how perfect her center is in relation to the ball. The center being her hips. Pretzel stated that gravity would equate a whopping 33 mph on the down swing if it was left alone on it's own. That's actually quite substantial when you add it as a multiplier take 33 mph x added acceleration from your hand speed and you probably get 66 mph. The axis of rotation would be here hips which would further increase the multiplier. Being that she is behind the ball her shaft lag and speed would be maximized to about 100 mph with a driver without much effort thanks to leverage and acceleration. This is why LPGA our player hit it far without strength based on centripetal force,leverage mechanics and clearing out to let this multiplier occur. I don't care if I said 50% speed loss or whatever it wasn't my point and is way off topic! I know with strength you can do just fine take Jason Zuback he had a huge reverse pivot but a stable body and hit it 400 yards. everyone on here is trying to get better and why not maximize what science has to offer vs odd references and exceptions to the rule? Yes Jim furyk does it different you don't lose 50% of your club head speed and maybe i'm off with the calculations so im not incorrect in my analogy here. You notice the depiction of an orbit in both photos this is the key added with the axis as the speed multiplier x the shaft as the lever and the head utilizing centripetal force and acceleration. Knowing this beats mechanics,checkpoints and steps because it's simplifies the whole thing. Simply load up with balance and let the rest occur. This is why I hit 40 drives in a row 265 yards + Iv'e never had that kind of consistency before and I mean never because I was fighting the forces of nature instead of letting them work for me. Everyone else will continue to struggle over analyze and improve eventually by luck mostly unless of course they take this advice here. I will say This forum has helped me a ton in reference to mechanics and being able to achieve that backswing position. What I'm saying is this all you need need to work on in terms of fundamentals as the primary objective. Once you get that part down the rest does not matter simply let it go and the ball will fly. It's simplifies everything work on getting set up the the ball with proper mechanics,alignment and ball position and grip that's it. Once you get this down understanding that the down swing is nothing more than a force of nature is eye opening. Iv'e seen the topic of getting your weight forward as the primary objective and core here as the 5sk method,but in reality that motion is yin and yang with the first part being essential and the second part being the result. Why be so harsh I was just trying to help others? Jamie sadlowski is a long driver and utilizes the same forces i'm talking about x 20! He loads up way behind the ball often past parallel to create a massive orbit. Along with his super fast hands and a + degree in launch as he hangs back a bit results in 375 yard drives. If youv'e ever seen a remax long drive show then you know that these guys hit it very wild and a few good ones from luck and timing. This is an odd reference he does the same thing a good golfer would do with adjustments to power it out there. Most golfers should have a slight + degree in launch angle on drives and probably hang back at impact a little it's just unavoidable. Take Rory here much more consistent with power by the result of his set up he is hanging back at impact but still getting the speed multiplier from clearing of his hips. Lpga tour players hang back less hence more consistency. The more you force it the more power can occur with the added fun of wild misses. Another basketball reference would be shooting a 17 foot jump shot it's stable easy and consistent vs a long 3 that uses the same mechanics but will require added force and instability,and if you fail to use the mechanics you will probably shoot an air ball. That's not what I meant and you know it again irrelevant to the topic.
  6. I'm pretty sure iv'e stated all fact's besides the 50% reverse pivot thing that's was only a generalization with some truth to it. If all of this is wrong then go ahead and reverse pivot all day if you hit it longer doing this then have it.
  7. Honestly you kinda have a straw man argument! This is the depiction I put on the first page I thought it was interesting and kinda made sense to me,I mean the proof was in the putting in my view. Instead i'm hearing how great you are your an author and know 10x more about the golf swing then me what does that have to do with the price of beans? Your arguments are based on mishaps of misspoken words or incorrect data and is pretty much irrelevant to the point. Your so far off the topic and the idea here that I no longer wish to go on. Your like a lawyer twisting words to unvalidate my main topic here from irrelevant trivial matters. This put's me in a negative light and really doesn't do anything to add the what I thought would help other golfers. It's like I was giving directions and said it's 10 miles down the road to the gas station when it was really 35 and somehow your focusing on this like an annoying lawyer character in an old timey movie.
  8. I meant centripetal force are you saying it's not real let me check...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centripetal_force#Sources_of_centripetal_force Yup it's real and it's based around a center axis ''AKA'' you the golfer and a lever with a tethered object the club head. It's more complicated in it's true nature and goes into advanced mathematics, orbital velocities and such which are beyond me. Just like orbit of the moon is gravity because it's actually just falling,kinda like dropping a rock from a building it's still the same force just smaller. The weight of a club head being 220 grams is tethered to a 45 inch shaft and 3 1/2 foot arm. This extension along with some added force from your hands in an orbit around an axis ''AKA your body" utilizes the lever,gravity and centripetal force. Yeah your correct I'm no physics major just had some college sort of.. Anyway this is just basic stuff here if your a physics expert than how can you disagree?
  9. I meant centripetal force are you saying it's not real let me check...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centripetal_force#Sources_of_centripetal_force Yup it's real and it's based around a center axis ''AKA'' you the golfer and a lever with a tethered object the club head. It's more complicated in it's true nature and goes into advanced mathematics, orbital velocities and such which are beyond me. Just like orbit of the moon is gravity because it's actually just falling,kinda dropping a rock from a building it's still the same force just smaller. The weight of a club head being 220 grams is tethered to a 45 inch shaft and 3 1/2 foot arm. This extension along with some added force from your hands in an orbit around an axis ''AKA your body" utilizes the lever,gravity and centripetal force. Maybe this is just beyond most people and they don't get it oh well?
  10. Gees dude use common sense it's just a laymen s term statement maybe it's 17.5% who cares!. If you want scientific proof get a basketball and hop on to the court and proceed to the 3 point line. From here take a running start and shoot that ball. Then try it taking 4 steps backwards and shooting the ball otherwise known as a fade way shot. Generally speaking you never see fade away 3 pointers because the reverse motion takes heat off the shot,hence you lose power duhh. The reverse pivot causes not only the host of awful shots I described,but also a loss in speed because your hooking it and falling off of it there really in no argument on your side at all. It's like your asking me to prove the moon is smaller then the Earth I'll say trust me it is. This photo depicts the worst of the worst. .
  11. Stop disagreeing with everything I say it's annoying! ''If you disagree explain yourself instead of saying no not ahh no it isn't like a 12 year old''. Baseball and golf are forever integrated like peanut butter and jelly they have a long history together and many similarities in the swing. I don't know what turn rates is maybe you can educate me on that one? Yes you can lose up to 50% of your club head speed by reverse pivoting and duck hooking it depends on how you hit it and how good you are. If you have played for years with a reverse pivot and still hit it good then it's very minimal and you lose only a little speed. I have hit a 280 yard drives and then a 150 yard snap hook from a reverse pivot some players miss the ball entirely that's a 100% loss, so yeah it's a killer! in fact I say 90% of the swing because a reverse pivot is the number one killer in the golf swing once you do it you can't hit a playable golf shot unless you top one and roll it out there in play,or are really strong and arm it out there 220 yards.
  12. Hey as long as it works man Ideally I think it's best to set up with a spine Tilt like this \ And rotate around that axis doing this makes it almost impossible to sway or reverse pivot.. This is what I have been working on lately with superior results and some weird pushes though? I find it odd that every new fix has new misses. If you happen to set up to the golf ball in a more I Position and come off the ball minimally it can still be effective as long as you come off the ball a little.. Use this idea or shot for more of a 6 iron or something similar. I really think the reverse pivot is the death all to golf shots in general and is the Achilles heel to most golfers. Were talking slices,snap hooks,shanks,topped shots,chunks it's just all the awful shots.
  13. 90% of the golf swing is getting behind the ball at address or on the backswing. If you can do this then you can initiate the clearing of your hips as much as possible on the downswing. If you can do this in smooth manner and time it naturally then the club head will accelerate very fast into the ball and you will be good. A little sway sucks but it's better then your head,or upper body going towards the target in any manner on your backswing. The only thing that can happen from there is falling back and losing about 50% of your club head speed. Try to get a proper set up,but if you happen to come off the ball 3 inches it's better than trying to stay static. Ask your self whats worse a 5 yard push or pull on the green or a balloon fade that comes up 40 yards short in the water, or worse a snap hook driver because of a reverse pivot.
  14. A lot of baseball players hit on their front foot such as hunter pence and a few others especially the old school ones like Ted Williams known as one of the greatest hitters of all time. Anyway there a tons of mechanics in the swing such as timing,athleticism grip and alignment but overall understating that inertial forces and leverage play 75% of hitting the ball vs forcing it will help a lot of players out and make the game way less complicated in feel vs steps and checkpoints etc.. Ok prove me otherwise why are you getting so threatened and defensive kinda weird?
  15. Your correct that I could fall back into old habits true. I know I was setting up to the ball like Phil here and getting results like no other from less sway and a better turn. Not so much centrifugal force more so centripetal and I don't think your really getting the depiction here as you are the axis of rotation and the head on the club act's upon this force. Your arms act like an extension to the lever and as your body rotates in an orbit the head creates centripetal force whether it's horizontal or vertical it remains similar. In a golf swing you apply a little action and force with your hands but this mechanism is mostly Newtonian physics. This isn't a simple fix it's elegantly complicated yet very easy once you figure it out and is the reason pro's make it look so easy and everyone else analyzes and struggles with static drills that don't apply to motion. The reason it works in a vertical swing when angled back at set up is because your tilted back behind the ball and rotate around an axis. Then as you transfer into a full downswing and release all your weight forward making the mechanics of this force work. You do think that you should get your weight forward correct? The axis of a vertical baseball swing will also be levered as you being the center it's very similar and is why baseball players are trying throw the bathead. In golf it's much more similar to a rope with a weight on it except the rope is the shaft and it's a solid. Take a look at the master Fred couples here he applies this force perfectly makes it look effortless. Forget the length of his swing it could be less than paralleled not the point. Notice how his shift translates into a kinetic motion that makes the clubhead does what it does. If golfers just realized this they would no longer struggle! I was trying to share this if you don'y understand it or disagree with it that's fine Also not true Iv'e been putting on what I have learned from this forum on my swing thread and went the range and hit 200 balls and is the reason how I discovered this.
  16. Well sometimes it's harder to get lined up on the course otherwise yes relax it's just golf.
  17. Oh really this must have been a while back How was I supposed to remember?
  18. It's all about percentages golfers only think they do well on the range when in realty they do not. You get a bucket of 100 balls you warm up hit some tops wild slices then you get in a groove and happen to hit 5 nice shots. This continues on until the bucket is gone. Humans have a difficult time at pattern recognition and only remember what they wanna remember. If your are good enough to hit 85% of those balls perfect and the rest playable misses then you should expect reasonably similar results on the course. Most golfers are in the 20 percentile range and out of 40 fulls shots on the course they hit five to ten that keep em coming back, They then wonder why I was so good on the range and act like it's some mystery when the answer lies in the fact that your hitting a 100 ball sample,and it's flat and perfect lies everytime.
  19. Offset for better players is often a dirty word akin to shank! Modern clubs generally have little or a lot of offset. The whole idea is to help hackers square the face and get a little lead on their shot. For good players however it makes the ball go left everytime or very low as some gamers really go after it and get a lot of shaft lead already. What's your opinion here I think any club that is designed to make a bad swing work will only let you keep making a bad swing without improving. The only instance where help is needed for golfers is when the shot's need forgiveness like drivers,some hybrids and fairway woods which are already taxing enough on marginal misses.
  20. The weird thing is a driving iron is essentially a 3 wood with 16 degrees in loft just a shorter shaft and an iron. Some players can't hit a 3 wood so it could work for you maybe? I find if I hit my 16 degree 3 wood easy it performs like a one iron would with less spins and a boring flight. the benefits of the one iron is aggressiveness you can swing hard and get low spin results. I'd opt for the titleist 712u 2 iron and bend it degrees strong to make it 16 degrees. Yes it's in the 200 dollar range but anything else is probably a hybrid unless you find an alternative. A cheaper route would to buy a single 2 iron forged blade .355 tip get a one iron shaft in specific graphite to fit and bend it stronger and adjust the lie angle at your local pro cost about 100-150 bucks total. http://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/archive/2013/04/19/titleist-introduces-tour-proven-712u-forged-utility-iron
  21. It's has something of a superstition to hit as no player to ever win the contest has won the masters! besides that I love it and wish there were more par 3 courses like this around the country.
  22. I have a Ben hogan 19 deg with a x-100 wood shaft, a Taylor made jet speed 22 degree s flex Fujikuara. My other hybrids not in play are a ladies flex 22 degree burner,a 22 degree burner r flex rescue and a Cleveland mashie 26 degree cut down to a xx flex miazaki shaft. I find my black cat 6 iron with jumbo max grip in graphite replaces the mashie with more spin and the Ben Hogan is just straighter then the others with extreme accuracy. I'm on the fence with the Jet speed as it's very similar to the ben hogan and I might just find a 3 iron game improvement iron with the right shaft for higher launch and more spin.
  23. I often carry 18 clubs when I'm playing for practice I have 4 wedges and a bunch of hybrids. I find I need the hybrids and only really 2 wedges mostly. The extra wedges help yes,but 5 is to many. Most pro's have a nice gapping system say 50- 55 -60-and maybe a 63 lobber it depends.
  24. The only product that's 100% accurate is track man type product or about golf with a camera based system that reads the spin and velocity of the ball then translates that into real time data. These will cost a minimum of 5,000 then you would have to build you sim with pvc pipe and blackout cloth. I bought the luanch pad golf simulator for tiger woods pc for 100 bucks a while back and it's sucked big time because of it's software interface!! The opti shot 2 uses the same infrared technology with a better software interface. Overall I think it could be great if you build a great sim and have room in your garage. Can't say for sure I haven't used it but if you know your yardages to a T then you can calibrate it around perfect. The optishot is very accurate for clubhead speed,and face angle at impact that's about it. The rest is for display and entertainment purposes. I think it can groove your swing allow you to hit balls and see the direction of your shots and not so much actual yardages,spin rate or launch angle.
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