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  1. This morning I wen't to beautiful turkey creek golf club and hit my usual 200 balls driving range session. I had the usual warm up with my sw hitting them well,then went to my 5 iron hybrids you know just the basics. Iv'e been working on getting a backwards spine tilt at address to prevent a sway and let me tell you I think I have figured it out.! I hit my callaway 9.5 degree razr driver 40 times in a row 265 yards carry with a high draw or a slight push. The epiphany came to me from reading this forum obsessively and getting into the weight forward topic. What I realized is the weight forward
  2. I'm never really judgmental in terms of appearance but can kinda just tell an athlete from a hack by they way they walk. I'll add that when I started working at my first golf job at age 17 I played with a Marshall who was in his sixties and shot about 2 over everytime great player I never really expected him to be so good at first.
  3. Even flop shots have shaft lean in no way to you ever want negative shaft lean unless maybe it's a severe uphill bunker shot or something and you don't want to dig even then neutral at best.
  4. Yeah ok I write run on sentences Anyway chipping is between 4 and 24 yards. Pitching is less the 60 yards with a minimum of 38 yards. I treat them with the same ball flight dynamics as a chip instead they are just amplified. I will say 50 yards pitches are kinda tough even the pros have difficulty with em. There is always a lw shot for a 50 yard pitch or a high cut gapper. It's a hard shot and if the poster was referring to 50 yard pitches directly than I will say he's in the same boat as everyone else cause they are hard. You have a shot that requires less than full commitment on the backswi
  5. Oh your not impressed were you supposed to be? For one i'm in my office right now so I can't display a video and next time I go out the course I doubt ill post one from my chincy 12 megapixel camera. Responses like these are non productive and ridiculous! I was adding some relevant information to help the poster here and was trying to back up this with the fact that i'm very good at chipping. What i'm saying works wonders and is basically the most effective way to get up and down, and if he trys what i'm saying it could fix his flaws.
  6. Any par 4 where you leave your self at least 200 yard's in is playable depends on what your looking for. Try mixing up the tees when you play if the hole is to long move up if it's to short move back etc..
  7. Oh interesting I love how your adding Bobby Jones as a description to fundamentals being taught today.
  8. Your swing is to chippy and lacks extension and shaft lead. You have other issues as well but this is a good place to start and work from there. Take a look at Master Luke here try to copy this set up left and get a littler farther away from the ball. You will then need to work on your turn and other elements that others are describing here,but this is the place to start. I said to chippy as it's to short and handsy think load up and hinge and go from there. Sometimes visual depiction is better then explanation so that's all i'm offering here. Start here listen to the other members
  9. I wouldn't worry about the clubs as much as the lie angle. I play one degree flat to standard depending on if it's +1/2 inch some of my irons are. If you set up to the ball and the lie angle is flat or level then your good! I prefer it toe'd up or upright a millimeter or 2,but that's just me! I bought this set 3 years ago for 160 bucks in good shape I had them ben't one degree flat standard length dg s-300 shafts. I didn't like them much but played with them a while adapted to them and played well with em. The clubs you bought are very good clubs It's the bigger version 850 version right? As l
  10. No I read most of it especially his issues. I think what you guys are teaching is fine :) I use a bit of a more advanced method and rarely use a basic chip and if it call for one It's usually use an 8 iron or putt it. I was just trying to help the guy out. I rarely hit bad chips,pitches or floppers I mean im actually very,very good at it I would say pga tour level minus my sand game.. To me all chips, pitches and floppers are basically the same minus swing plane and swing length. Assume your on a flat lie I think the stance should be open with a sw on a medium rough lie. The weight should be 5
  11. I very much agree that's that hook and push move that I hate. Even with my sway my head was so far off the ball That it essentially eliminated that miss. How do I get into this position at the top and still return it to square if I start tilted from the get go? Rory is rock solid perfect and is probably why he is able to go into the ball with speed and less effort. You notice at set up he is angled back and has a good amount of shaft lead how important is that? Again How do I set up like this and return it to square without blocking or hooking the ball Meaning If I start angled back I wil
  12. How do I do this without returning to the ball in the same position?
  13. Well yes your correct it's not like a full swing in fact it has more wrist action and is very much shorter. I'm just saying it has a lot of elements in it like your set up can dictate a host of issues even on a 12 yard chip.
  14. Well I disagree it's the start of the swing just like the full swing and would expect similar results. I say this because I have a short equal to Phil's and adopt such techniques .
  15. Wow thanks That's why I'm now missing it high and right and hitting some snap hooks because I'm going away from the target though impact cool.
  16. I do this all the time great tip here man check this out.
  17. Yup he was younger here I love watching this video 115 mph speed with no effort I bet.
  18. Here is a stop position I've been working on as a a centered turn feel. Te me it feels like no turn,or just a static feel with little to no resistance but I't keeps my head steady. I will throw in a stop 6 iron and a full swing 6 iron with a driver swing probably with a sway as it's harder to stay centered. I think it looks better just making sure it's correct and I'm working on the right thing. I don't want to put effort into something if I'm doing it wrong. The video is a 3 swing compilation.
  19. Sounds like you don't play enough or practicing the wrong club ratio at the range it's just golf. When I go practice I notice I hit 2-4 tee shots and approach shots great and it's getting better because I practice. Go out there by yourself hit 4 tee balls and 4 approach shots per hole just practice.If for some reason your hitting 3-4 tee balls in play and the same day hitting 7-9 greens then maybe it's a mental issue but I doubt it. You will find your Percentage rate per shot will actually reflect your chances of doing this with one ball in a real round. If you see your self at the range hitti
  20. Short game shots often mimic full swings it's something to consider. For instance say your weight displacement is off you shoulders are to closed and you have to much weight on your back foot. From here your in an awkward position it's all hands the face is pointing to far right and you manipulate it often chunking it or pulling it left. Instead on pitches and chips get as level as you can in unison with your stance or slightly open as desired. Make sure the face is pointing towards your target and you should be good. Make that hinge and hold move the angle of attack should be slight descendin
  21. I see this as a great thing gives all players a chance to enjoy the game! heck I wouldn't care if there was 8 tee boxes it doesn't deter anything from where you tee it from.
  22. From my experience they make you play your best golf and when your on they perform for you. It really depends on what your after in your game if it's just hit the green then big and chunky might be right for you. It goes from there players irons allow you to get it closer while bladed allow to do whatever you want whenever you want such as low,cut draw and the distance control is perfect. The downside it misses they aren't forgiving enough and when you miss they come up short but still on target.
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