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  1. I lift weights all the time and for the modern swing and game it's essential especially in the legs. To play devils advocate it's possible that weight lifting can be a deterrent for some but not many. It reduced injuries and increase arm strength not a whole lot bad with it all. I will say that rhythm and timing it very important and will stay that was as a fundamental forever! you look at guys like tom Watson and Couples here and they have distance and still keep it for years and a lifetime. If you lift weights for golf it must not hinder the length of your backswing in the long term. For a 2
  2. You can really see it on your driver video 8/13/15 your head is way behind the ball this will cause you to hit up on it or hang back to much and release it left. I know it's much to ask swing like these guys,but doesn't it just ingrain a perfect mental image.
  3. It make sense from a miss hit and distance control standpoint I think everyone at every level should give it a try.
  4. I go to golf galaxy and hit in their simulator from time to time and have tried every club with every shaft imaginable and in the end I just buy some grips lol.. Anyway you have a point to a point.. Those big chunky irons for good players like yourself are only effective in the 6 and 7 iron range and it's wise to get one. Not saying you can't play with a g30 or burner 9 iron, but you wouldn't like it into the wind and it's not accurate. Think of a mid iron as a let's hit the green club it's 185 yards medium size target and a green is a success therefore forgiveness is an optimal decision. Now
  5. 3 wood all day put it forward in your stance and nip it thin with less wrist action. It's the most effective way to hit a trouble shot that does not take tiger woods athleticism. If it's down in the rough I'd say chip it out as far as you can. Hitting down and putting the ball back in your stance is the least effective way to make the ball go low. In fact it's generally very ineffective and won't work at all. Say you take a 4 iron and turn it into a 2 iron loft, but even at 18 deg the ball will go up when hit down. If your skilled it's all about thin it goes low everytime! The worst thing that
  6. I read that you hit the ball high and want to stop a hook and draw correct? Your very steady throughout your swing but if you notice at 11 sec at impact on your driver swing 8/3/15. your spine and right arm are to behind the ball and going upwards instead of extending down the line. Upwards is inevitable, but the more you minimize this unavoidable impact position the more distance and penetrating flight you will get. Not to say you won't get a draw just less left and high draw possibility. Copy this impact position at 22 sec just perfect and with your steady backswing doable.
  7. Iv'e worked hard on it yes I just to have even more mobility as a 23 year old. So what is an S posture? I am reading and watching everything thanks
  8. It depends on who you are I had a back injury years back and I don't know if I'm capable of making a traditional golf swing one in which you load up into your right foot and coil. So compared to doing this and having a unwound golf swing it's more powerful for me because it's an adaptive move. Again I could be wrong i'll work on it and I'f I see more club head speed and power I will stay with it I'f I physically can.
  9. Sound good I probably have some weakness I can work on in the gym. I mostly lift weights and work on legs and lack core strength and rotation exercises. Easy habit to get into at the gym because of the machines are st up to go.
  10. E6 isn't a great ball instead opt for callaway chrome soft or nike rzn 2 piece.
  11. Will do good idea I love hitting balls at 60% to ingrain what your working on. yes I turn incorrectly instead of the weight going to the inside of my right foot it goes to the outside I move off the ball then make a traditional hip turn. From my view it's actually powerful and takes the pressure of my back it's less consistent for sure I guess im just coordinated to be able to play with it.
  12. Well hey you gotta go with what works for you. From what I saw in your irons it differed from this swing with the driver a bit. It's very easy to not get extension is a 9 iron vs a driver because the shaft is shorter and by nature it's just different. You wanna have some gapping between your arms and hips but never to the point where your arms are stiff and straight at impact good luck.
  13. From what I see in my video is that I don't have a true sway I obviously come off the ball a foot but it appears that I also turn my hips as well. I think this is kinda hard for me because I'm always trying to not reverse pivot and I feel if I stay to static in my turn that I well reverse in the opposite direction and hit weak hooks. I'm sure feel isn't real anyway and would probably hit it flush more often making a better static turn with a quieter head. I'm not disagreeing here just it looks that I appear to come off the ball first then rotate and make a hip turn. I'll try to stay stati
  14. . I't was just a joke referring to the fact that I didn't get the swing key videos much I was being sarcastic about the iq thing not literal.I haven't been ignoring any advice at all.
  15. No as I said before i'm not ignoring any of this. I'm just saying everyone is unique and for some reason i'm semi consistent with it. I'm going to work on this but If I stay consistent then i'll stick with it. The reason reason I keep wanting more info is to get more ideas about my swing not just the swaying Is that my only issue? Yes it's the Haney swing plane guide and it's an awesome device.
  16. I'm looking for more information about my swing not just swaying which I'm working on diligently. The reason i'm coming back for more information is to get more ideas not ignore it.
  17. They look identical if they had the same build otherwise it's just minor differences from their body type. ''Wish I could swing like that''
  18. it's very long and I would need to research his swing thread and study it in depth read everyones replies etc.. I was asking you
  19. Well you look like a golfer strong build and such,but looks like you lack the basics. I would listen to the instructor and start with the grip and stance and alignment first. Don't put the cart before the horse your in a great position to ingrain terrible habits or improve rapidly. Once you get the basics down hit irons on a tee only say 5 iron. With your new proper setup and grip hit shots 35% of full distance over and over again in the air to a mini target. This may be boring but it's the only way to start. You should get your desired shot flight at that low speed without fatal e
  20. I guess I was duped by his awesome swing and the ease he it that hybrid 315 yards carry over water. He then drained those eagle putt's like a pro. I guess he can't hit a 9 iron to save his life.
  21. Great swing I can see a few simple pointers that could help you out immediately for your build. First off tee that ball higher place it a hair up in your stance of your left instep with little or just a hair shaft lead. Since you state have back problems and have a trouble turning you need to adjust to your ability. Anyway back to topic that shaft lead will cause a shallow path into the ball and sometimes a pull or pull hook. Mimic this set up and work on the other keys stated here for a more stable base in your swing.
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