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  1. Oh no your confused it's my lack of intelligence I watched the videos and didn't really get it. I was stating the truth in a dry humorous way that you just didn't get the punchline I was referring to the fact That I kinda got it in my own way it's what I usually do the a4-swing key thing didn't make sense to me. reaching no I was being sarcastic.
  2. I always found that when I tried to hard to get my weight on my front foot that I lost balance. Think of it this way which is easier to maintain balance on your front foot? A jumping forward and landing on one leg B taking a smooth step forward and standing like a swan? B of course You will notice great players seem to do this effortlessly because their putting less effort into it then it would seem. Same goes for your great shots they just seem to click.
  3. It's not an assertion i'm very keen into ball flight dynamics and within a 100 chip trial on down hill and uphill chips on a icey fast green the interlock grip maintained it's line and has less draw spin. This is true on full shots as well to a degree because your adding much speed it can vary. I can say with 95% confidence that this grip will produce a softer landing on say 12 to 15 yard chips and flops. You can always try it yourself if you have 2 hours to do a trial.
  4. I never said swaying is a good thing? I narrowed my stance a bit reduced my sway and I think my timing was good today. Something we can all strive for that's what this forum is about fixing our faults and making our weakness our strengths.
  5. I used to be the same way but it actually has a technical reason. It actually felt weird and awful for me until I started chipping them in. That actually makes no sense from a scientific standpoint. Putting one handed would be very inefficient and difficult. I didn't jump to any conclusion I hit about 100 chips on a windy day and determined this by the spin,ball flight and the motion of the ball as it flew though the air. It's superior in it's stopping power,wrist hings and control. Not saying I didn't hole out chips before with the overlap but consequentially they were usually chips t
  6. Iv'e always relied on my lw on my home course to chip the downhill chips for practice on a very fast and slopey green. For challenge today I used my 55 deg Mizuno and as usual I had trouble stopping the ball because it ran out to much or I just could'tn get it right. Iv'e been tinkering with the interlock grip for chipping and today it just clicked big time! I believe it release much less increase wrist hinge and multiplies touch x 5. It keeps the face dead square though impact and with it I could add lot's of touch and cut across the ball with my pro v. I was lipping out and holing very toug
  7. Or maybe he doesn't want to or believes he can when in reality he has the ability. I think he can best swing Iv'e seen in a while.
  8. I'll be posting more videos when I feel it's where I want and respect honest and credible feedback. Just a heads up Ernest don't try to be cool by putting others down show some class man!
  9. Well maybe he doesn't want to ask him. You apparently not getting it? I think because he can hit hit 295 yards + with a baby hybrid all day then he could be the most consistent player on the pga tour. in terms of fairways and up there in gir. Who knows with a little training maybe he'd just be another Dustin Johnson.
  10. This looks like a really good way to hit a controlled 7,8 and 9 iron. and when it comes down to it probably all shots but in my minds eye I see boring 7 iron.
  11. Well honestly I don't know what to say I went to the range this morning hit 200 balls and have not hit the ball that good in many,many years.. I hit plenty of misses but a lot of high smash draws with my driver and irons! All of my misses were to the right this is out of 200 balls maybe 25 misses that's a huge +ratio. I will continue to work on the sway thing, but since I can't see myself swing and im nailing it and not really concerned with it.
  12. Oh no I'm trying to figure out the way not to sway that makes sense to me. I'm kinda dyslexic however I usually find an easy way that make sense to me based on my high iq and eventually I simplify it. I think I get it actually I make a wedge swing that I keep 60% of my weight on my left foot and keep it there that's it. Iv'e seen that swing my head doesn't move my hips turn,I mean they always turn it's that easy. You guys are talking about steps and such and I'm thinking centered turn it's confusing that's all.
  13. Sounds like a nightmare to me almost as bad as hitting this club Try polara ultimate straight balls they have very shallow to almost non existent dimple design and just go very straight and kinda low.
  14. Great video mac so in your opinion is there a weight shift? I see on the left it looks like a wedge swing where he kinda keeps his weight on the left foot or centered and makes a turn. Luke moves his head about one inch and has a traditional swing that's longer. Where does the weight go is it always 50/50 from the get go and simply stays that way. I think I can do this because I do it with my gap wedge because I keep my weight 70-30 mostly on my front foot and stay there,but struggle my woods and 5 irons because I want to load up so much. I'm not exactly getting the left shoulder thing?
  15. I guess I see it as marginal based on my shots I guess I have good timing? right now i'm hitting 177 yard 6 irons about 3 out of 4 on the green with misses being pushes and weak smothered toe hooks. My drives are 50/50 285 either out there either perfect or pushes and toe hooks and sometimes 3 out of 4. My wedges are 95% all greens in other words I'm playing well just wan't to get better
  16. Good point's than you. Yes I'm a firm believer in cause an effectual meaning that I can fix this in literally 30 seconds. Iacas tips about narrowing my stance a bit reduced my head movement a ton as you can see on the dart board behind my head in the video's. All I need to know is what do I need to do next,or do I need to do anything at all? I know If I take a more open than usual stance I tend to have more lateral leg motion in my swing,or if I stand up taller my swing it get's more vertical and 2 planeish vs bending over more at set up is more one plane and flat, This is all cause and effe
  17. I know the kiss of death in the golf swing is a reverse pivot,but what about moving backwards away from the ball in your swing a little? I do this a bit and have posted this in my swing thread, but I was thinking is it really that big of a deal if it's only marginal? If you think about it in a swing your hitting a ball on a peg and your main goal is to stay level or get behind that object to propel it forward unless it's a sw then your kinda hitting on top of it or down on it. Think of a Baseball pitcher he winds up moves away to a large degree loads up on his back foot braced by an object aka
  18. By the way how do I achieve this this then in laymens terms? Golf isn't that complicated do I bend my right knee more, square up my shoulder in relation to my stance,stand up taller what's the secret it should be a key secret that's very simple and take 5 min to click?
  19. No I'm very much convinced it will help. I think the narrow stance improved my swing a ton! My head still moves off the ball a little and the weight drifts to the outside of my right foot. I'm going to keep it basically like it is and improve on it as much as I can. If you notice Freddie here he drifts to the outside of his back foot ever so little much but his head is very,very steady and arguably has the best golf swing of all time.. I'm looking for set up tweaks that's all not a lecture on how I still don't get it. Iacas was correct a narrow stance helped me less sway. A long enough swing f
  20. Use the set that get's the best distance and most consistent ball flight only the range can tell you this.
  21. Whenever I think about being a good player score wise or index wise I go back to The Longs drugs Lpga challenge tournament that they held here in Lincoln ca 10 years ago. It was a low key event at a course I play all the time and shoot 83 76 etc.. There was Grace Park in the lead on the 14th hole par 5 she nailed a 270 yarder she is 5-6 with tree trunks for legs great player. In the same group there was 5-2 skinny white girl I had never seen before,anyway she was 4 under par that day on the 14th hole! Iv'e never been there or at that score. I have a bigger swing I'm more athletic can shoot a n
  22. Ok Iv'e attempted to make a better no sway swing with a narrow stance overall it feels very good,but a little restricted.. Driver went 108 mph both times. The iron was just a 7 iron.
  23. Played the ridge golf course 2 days ago from the back tees. mostly a practice round front nine in a cart. I played it 3 times shot 40-41-then 37. I was hitting the greens much better but managed to have some doubles in there 2 nines out of 3. I would say my gir has improved a ton same as par saves and my driving hitting most of the fairways. I had 8 birdie looks and made 1 putting needs to be more aggressive?
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