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  1. Yes get that swing path fixed it's really the only cure. As far as drills go try initiating a rehearsed takeaway and impact see where you want it to start and it end. If looks good and that's what your doing than there is other culprits such as swaying,reverse pivot and sometimes just aiming to far right.
  2. This is your best swing here probably because your standing farther away from the ball. Your doing this because it's a driver and you don't even realize it. You need that same extension and gapping with the irons and wedges. Notice how much space you have to hit the ball your right arm is know activated! You hit this one good your weight shift got initiated and your shoulders at impact was just about in the same position at impact which is what we strive for no dipping etc..
  3. Good swing not a ton of issues. You say you hit it high and left I'm in the same boat and have been for many years. Left and high is often a swing path issues and lack of right arm usage. When your path gets to far underneath the plane you either add loft or semi square it up,but because your path is shallow and stuck your right arm get's negated causing you to hang back! It goes left and weak smothered or sometimes just straight but high. This is a host of many problems because if you don't go left you will try to guide it causing pushes or line drive right misses so free up and let it rip.
  4. I don't know if your 62 years old it will be tough to shoot your age. I think if you take the game seriously by the time your 55 and were once a high cappper at age 38 then realistically you could be a scratch or +3. Say you hit it 25 yards farther in your younger years so what? As you get older your stats indicate you find almost every fairway make a ton of birdies but have some weakness like sand game,3 putting who knows. In other words no reason for your skill to incline dramatically and your distance to decline gradually.
  5. Beats me seems mostly irrelevant kinda like explaining the science of jumping how the force gets stored in your legs and the jumping motion x the force of gravity results in your total height. Kinda interesting I guess beyond me actually.
  6. That's kinda it yes I have extreme eye hand coordination I can pick up a 5 iron and toss it up like a baseball and hit it 160 yards with a draw. When I was younger I loaded up on the inside of my back foot and hit it a mile about 280 carry with a titleist professional. I inured my back kinda in my distance prime playing football and before this I drove 315 yard par 4's with a ping ti tec sometimes.. I now have an adaptive move to keep my speed up and im just older this was 14 year ago. I'm going to make a new video tonight with a narrower stance as Iacas has indicated could prevent a sway. I'l
  7. Oh thanks this was 4 years ago or so. I thought it would be fun to make a goofy video.
  8. Some em but not the majority. Players Like Zach Johnson is a good example he is just a good golfer. DJ no doubt he could hit his 7 iron 220.
  9. How do they feel any reviews> I have heard that they are filled with some kind of polymer or foam and the face is ultra thin steel construction. Not sure how they are forged that way? '' The patented technology of an ultra-thin face coupled with a structural thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material produces a more efficient energy transfer, resulting in higher ball speeds. Maximizing ball speed is of the utmost importance with regard to distance and distance control. '' https://www.pxg.com/
  10. Not necessarily sometimes long drive guys get sponsor money and enjoy life as it is vs the pga tour grind. The money is so good on the pga tour that I would think about it if I were him. Just tee of with irons and hybrids and master 9 irons and sw He could hit it 360 with a normal driver on open par 5' and hit in with a 7 iron. I agree Finau has very good power and it's big advantage. However doesn't it seem that when you have so much power that invetiably you could be the most accurate player? This dude could tee of wit a 4 hybrid swing easy hit it 312 yards and be 88% fairway kinda g
  11. He is correct to a degree it depends on what your putting for meaning if your have 12 footers for par all day then your probably not going to score very well. Take a look at this video this dude has a great swing and could dominate the pga tour with a hybrid of the tee! He hit's his hybrid very straight 340 yards or more.
  12. Oh that's interesting I played a bunch of holes today and uses a little narrow stance on a few holes that I do to hit low draws. I hit one that didn't go low instead it was a normal shot that almost had as much distance as my full swing.
  13. Yeah ok no problem apology accepted man. I did however offer some advice directly to your swing I saw that it was a little droopy at the top of your swing and needs more extension at the top. I tried to help your shammies ''aka shanks'' to the right. The ball placement thing will work if your place your irons in the center of your stance.
  14. Simply that wider golf shoes. Maybe traditional golf shoes are causing me to lose balance and drift my weight to my back foot? In the video I was wearing skinny running shoes. I assume it's probably more technical than that right? Have you ever tried to hit the ball in sandals it just wont work.
  15. Yes my weight does go the outside of my back foot however I still manage to hit it well Whenever I try to stay more centered and stable I only hit it straighter and manage to lose speed because it shortens my backswing? It's a better more consistent move I agree. Do you think I might need wider golf shoes maybe that's it?
  16. It's a bit of a skill that needs to be acquired on the range. First work on hitting intentional slices a softer distance say 140 yards with a 4 iron or hybrid then build upon that speed. A pro shot is one that cuts into a tight pin but a out of trouble slice is one that requires you to cut across the ball a lot. Aim your shoulders way open to the left,stand farther away from the ball and get vertical with hit! You need a steep chopping wood swing that is a slice. Alternatively you can just watch hacks on the range and copy there swing
  17. Never said I was your starting to kinda become a hater towards me? I will say this either are you! My swing is a whole lot better and more powerful than yours just saying don't take it personally
  18. Ok whatever brotha just offering my honest opinion and trying to offer some solid advice from a different perspective. That's what this forum is about. If you wanna be a social outcast and insult me that's your right.
  19. The courses are to long for me I can't carry it 315 yards like these guys do on many holes like 489 yards drive it over a bunker an 9 iron in it's just not a fair fight.. I hit it 300 here and there but average 280.00 yards. Id say a persimmon id average 257.8 yards.
  20. With the modern equipment being so forgiving these days there is absolutely no reason to not hit driver on most holes. The driver is the most forging club in the bag it's the biggest and goes the farthest! Just knock it down there and get it closer to the hole you score better. If there not very good then I would agree maybe a hybrid but a 3 wood is kinda small head and actually harder to hit than a driver fro most high cappers.
  21. Terrible swing quit the game what are you doing!!! JK that's an interesting move there pretty straight that's all that matters I don't see any tour players doing this action or Moe Norman type approach> It obviously has less axis with little to inside or outside of the ball eliminating side spin which is a good thing just curious though what type of misses do you run into?
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