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  1. I hear what your saying John Daly,lee Trevino,Ryan Moore, Bubba Watson probably hundreds of em. Out of a large sample size though there a little insignificant. The stance is kinda like the grip it's a little bit personal but it's a fundamental the more neutral you have it the more likely you are to hit it straight. My whole point of this topic is how easy it is to mis align yourself on the track and is probably the cause of most decent players misses.
  2. It depends at times I like a straight shot with my driver but when i'm hitting it my best I hit a medium draw that's a bullet. Ideally with my irons I want a high baby draw and medium trajectory wedges.
  3. Post a video guys on here can help you out.
  4. I have never had a club break unless I was pissed and applied the damage myself.
  5. A 240 yard driver means your swing speed is 88 mph depending on your age this could be good or bad. If your younger say 25-40 then you have a leak and are probably doing something wrong to lose yardage with all of your clubs.
  6. Cool good point I have been trying the same for years but still hit awful shots every once in a while and it's because of my stance. You can't really see your stance unless you set up then stand up and look left to see where they are aimed. Your hips are connected to your stance like a swivel if your square or closed a bit at address your already pre set to start a full and level hip turn. The main thing this does is allow you to make a swing that's wide open and in the slot vs stuck to the inside or over the top and across the ball. I would say it's a fundamental for 100% of all golfe
  7. I agree Ryan moore,Couples a few exceptions to the rule so? You can aim left and hit push fades i'm talking about a baby draw which is kinda the holy grail of golf. The guy is just an illustration showing the line of the shoulders to a square feet line just an example it's hard to find pics online to show what you mean.
  8. Just like to share what seems like basic knowledge known as the stance. I can't believe Iv'e been doing this wrong off and on for who knows how many years. Basically your stance needs to be in direct unison with your imaginary shoulder line or slightly open to the left of your target. This effects hip turn,swing plane,balance impact ball flight it's insane. I have my left foot and sometimes my stance to open and my shoulders dead square. It's the outside of your left foot foot ''for right hand players'' That's where the weight will drift to on the down swing. For me it was to open my shoulder
  9. Hey buddy just my opinion to a high handicapper I get the 5 k method on here it's correct but maybe not for everyone right?
  10. I saw this article on Golf digest a while back and it got me to wonder if gambling with your buddies is an essential part of enjoying the 18 vs just a mundane fun round? http://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-betting-gambling-kaplan
  11. Jack Nicklaus didn't compress the ball and is the greatest golfer to ever live. My advice to you is to copy lpga tour swings and not listen to all of the advice on this thread it's designed for the flexible athlete. Instead focus on impact using eye hand coordination and not so much torque and coil which will result in disaster because beginners aren't able to do so. If you an athlete however then attain to copy good players and pga guys because your capable of doing their backswing. Iv'e seen pretty good rec players at my course hit the ball 240 yards are consistent yet they sway and aren't i
  12. That's where juicing comes into play with carrots,apples and greens being so high in amino acids along with about 20 grams in protein it feeds your cells Combine that with a 1,500 normal food diet and you will put your self in an anabolic state if you time your work outs and meals correctly.
  13. The honor in the game of golf comes from not cheating like dropping another ball or lying on your scorecard that's stupid. To me golf has plenty of hazards out there to make the game insanely challenging as it is. Bunkers,trees,giant lakes 4 foot grass. The fairway in itself should be a place where relief is permitted always. I mean if the ball is plugged you get relief so you should get relief from a sand filled divot,otherwise soggy ground etc.. We have local rules like winter where you clean and place. With today's equipment basically making you have 4 wedges and 2 hybrids as mandatory 16 c
  14. Personal experience it's only temporary. Alcohol and training don't mix at all. Yes hot dogs aren't ideal.
  15. I have found calories don't matter it's content. A bottle of Snapple ice tea has 230 calories and a box of mac n cheese has 700 both are essentially void of much nutrition. You can gain muscle or maintain weight with juicing vegetables and eating 1,200 calories a day with maybe a 300 calorie snack. The key is fat the more the better saturated fat red meat,hot dogs you name it it's fine as long as your juicing your nutrition level will be high. Also never drink alcohol if your going to the gym it will hamper and growth or results by as much as 85% and it takes weeks to recover from just drinkin
  16. Maybe I am pioneers of the game always see things differently. Are you one to blindly follow a rule because you have no backbone? Answer this why not have 16 clubs and don't say why not have 100 clubs.. What's wrong with 16 clubs,no ob and more relief from fairways. To me rules are for relief not to penalize.
  17. I play by the rules 99.9 % of the time. I play it down except when it's plugged and I don't play out of bounds,but on my home course there is no out o bounds. Trust me I play real golf I hit it and hit it again that's golf. I do take relief from sand filled divots in the fairway because that's the way it should be.
  18. I'll trade you my x box for it Just kidding that's good to know you can buy and sell stuff here.
  19. Why would you want an adjustable driver anyway for the most part you want something consistent. Quality is made it takes time and field testing taylormade uses computers and data but fails to really say what they mean. I'm sure it's a very light club that smashes it well otherwise pga tour guys wouldn't be using it,but it's a shame and somewhat of a blessing that they come out with new stuff every year,
  20. Your not making any sense iv'e played golf for 25 years.
  21. Perhaps dabble with a longer driver it's to short 42.5
  22. The game is already very hard who needs menacing rules to make it harder.
  23. My home course doesn't have any ob so yeah! I know most of the rules as there is way to many of them anyway. Like on tv when the player has to drop it twice then place it so lame and waste of time just place it,or that one tournament at harbor town where that guy nipped a leaf on his back swing and the scooter libby douch was there lurking... He had to call a penalty on himself and cost him the tourney I think Jim furyk won. The rules aren't honorable or there to help you most of them are stupid and a waste. You should be able to ground your club in a hazard use 16 clubs and generally get rel
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