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  1. Such a beautiful swing he moves his head a little though. When you do something that works you shouldn't change it to much that why bubba is who successful and Tiger woods who has changed his swing 9 times has been all over the place. I incorporate data that I deem relevant and use it towards my game. That's why I ask questions here you guys have helped quite a bit some of it though I disagree with.
  2. Ill try to mix the two I really don't like to fix something if it isn't broken,however I will say it's far from perfect. I look at hunter mahan and it just looks to restrictive I guess that's the modern swing. I'm a self taught guy like Seve here.
  3. Ok thanks Looks Like a have a few setup tweaks to work on with my irons however if I did what these guys are doing in these photo with say a 7 iron on would smack down on the ball hit it low and left 120 yards. It looks so restricted to me I could never do this with my driver.
  4. Iv'e seen hunters swing and it's awesome however this photo he looks to stiff and locked up.
  5. A 2 iron is 18 deg a one can be 18 bent strong or 16 deg. It makes no difference if your Ben Hogan or just the average Joe playing long irons only has marginal advantages compared to 5 woods and hybrids in fact it's almost non existent! Unless your a super high speed player who needs a club for the British open to tee off with on certain holes then woods are simply better it's a fact. A 1 iron is basically a shorter stiffer 15 deg 3 wood.
  6. Yes thanks I'll look at the 5 keys. I do move off it a bit making me have to time it probably causes and another element of timing. I think my swing would be weak if I was dead centered though more consistent,but no power.
  7. oh ok let me guess... I'm looking for simple ideas like your aimed to far left etc.. Not a commercial
  8. The 5 wood is a strong hybrid pro's use it to nail it 260 yards downrange amateurs can use it because it's larger face is easier to connect then a baby hybrid. A utility iron hybrid club built right should be identical to a 4 iron. SO NO 5 WOOD IS HERE TO STAY IT'S KING
  9. http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/photos-jason-day#20 Notice in one of the stills how much room he has to hit the driver good athlete.
  10. When pga tour pro's routinely hit it 415 yards we will have a problem.
  11. I have a self made 26 deg Cleveland launcher hybrid cut down to play as a xx. Miyazaki shaft plays like a 4 iron I love it.
  12. Ok thanks I just want people to see it not an old thread I made a while back.. The video is public?
  13. Lacking lower body balance and some upperbody torque overall. Good hands though I'm glad you like the driver.
  14. This is a very difficult thing to train your body to feel. Best bet is to take a broken driver shaft at 44 inches and wrap it in duck tape till you can feel some weight on the end. Swing until until your hear a nice whoosh!! Assuming your making a proper weight shift then the downswing is really about personal timing.
  15. Glad it works for you! You should check out some of the instruction on this site your swing it a little flimsy and could use some balance.
  16. Try picking the ball with no divot and gradually move it back. It might be a band-aid,but who wants to hit it fat right?
  17. Been trying to step away from the ball a bit here is a few updates of my swing. Question do tour players do what they do because of talent or proper fundamentals? I'm on the road to better
  18. Putting would be your best bet if you don't have time to whack balls.
  19. Looks good thanks I have some more videos i'll be posting later.
  20. Ok well every individual is different this is just what I have seen from hundreds of golfers over the years.
  21. Well what do I need to work on then I can't change what iv'e been doing for years?
  22. Make sure your grips are tacky and clean good luck :)
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