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  1. I want the face to be tungsten carbide. That cor thing does kinda suck
  2. What's your take on not flaring your feet a bit it seems Rory does it less with a more restricted hip turn and big upper body turn for that x factor. The more you flare your feet the greater your hip turn and the more your swing over rotates whats a happy medium.
  3. Of course there is alignment rods and such on the driving range but whats the definitive way on those tough shots at the golf course to ensure your lined up right?
  4. There is a variety of ways to play these shots it's plus or minus proposition. For 30-50 yards a 56 will need to be opened up with x amount of speed. First get square hit hit 60% and watch it sail over your target then aim left open the face with the same swing and watch it get nearer until you find the combo. With a 60 deg it's less of an issue because you can add more speed and wont have to add as much loft. more loft needs more speed less loft less speed. If you can chip you can hit these shots it's really just a hinge and hold mega chip try it with an 8 iron open the face and gauge it afte
  5. From some old Golf magazines I believe Tom Watson has some media coverage as the next great Player and such. He was and still is a great hall of famer.
  6. For the prestige a major for the prize money the fed ex cup!
  7. I'm new to this thread my goal is to help members out with their swings and offer any technical advice or comments from my vast knowledge of reading over 500 golf digest magazines and 15 years of the golf channel Anyway This guy PHIL MCGLENO called me out and publicly made me out ot be an idiot who doesn't know what he is doing. I will say this dude seems like a... JACKASS> I'm trying to do my best here and have fun with I don't need weasels like this commenting on my mistakes as a newb to this site.
  8. Iv'e never tried it myself the idea is similar to shooting a 3 pointer you catch and shoot look at the hoop and go. I think it's different in golf though but a few have had some success give it a try you never know. My suggestion to you for the long term is to line the putter up and rotate your head look at the hole then the putter head-then the hole etc... Repeat this process until the line feels true then in your mind make that 12 foot stroke as pre determined and go.
  9. As far as golf has come and the television ratings it get's from the Bubba's and Dustin Johnson of the world why not reset everything for the integrity of the game? First thing they should do is get a tour ball regulation with certain spin requirements like balata from there they can go back to persimmon and steel only with a 250 cc max like the 1980's. It's like baseball leave the game as it should be and let the manufacturers sell the high tech illegal drivers if they choose to amateurs who need it and actually have fun with it. I think there are more pro's than cons to doing this the game i
  10. I guess you could still be given the option to retee but most of the time id rather be dropping 10 yards from where the ball went into someones yard with a penalty stroke like a hazard. I think a penalty stroke is always enough unless your brave enough to hit it given the option to do so.
  11. Anytime you get something older make sure it's of quality for it's time preferably top of the line. Get a set of r9 irons or some titleist dci 990's get the right shaft on em and your gold. These can go cheap because I think they are 20 years old. Alien and those other clubs are generic scrap metal clubs that are sold at sporting good stores as starter sets for kids. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TITLEIST-DCI-990-IRON-SET-3-PW-IRONS-DYNAMIC-GOLD-STEEL-STIFF-FLEX-112494-/351468522515?hash=item51d5280c13 This is not my ebay I don't sell on ebay
  12. The next big thing is hyper light heads weighing 100 grams with directed mass where you need it. Shafts can only go so light current 30 grams is the lightest tour shaft ever tried by Brant sneedeker I think.. don't quote me on that though :) Anyway head weight really influences how fast you can swing it 100 grams less and you might gain 20 mph and if built correctly possibly 50 yards.
  13. Iv'e done this get one at a pawn shop or something and take it to the range heck get a 2 if you can find one.
  14. Here is a nice article depicting a frying pan vs hammer being similar to blade irons vs cavity backs.http://www.oobgolf.com/content/the+wedge+guy/golf+equipment/5-2032-Blades_Versus_Cavity_Backs_A_Golf_Club_Epiphany.html I think impact tape could be useful if you think your swing is getting sloppy with your big chunky irons. The idea is smaller heads have a more compact sweet spot and over time you will hit them better more often simply by using them I can attest to this being very true! On the flip side a bad miss will lose yards it's prettty much as simple as that vs a chunky iron
  15. It's a huge advantage if it's that nice but some are terrible in that case Id rather hit off perfect lies on mats.
  16. I'm not afraid to be myself that's what gives plus I didn't know I was getting responses. Im just trying to help people all of my responses have adressed their main question and are from basic golf fundamentals I wanna know hat gives actually?
  17. Great glad to hear it just remember though it's the grooves that cause spin not necessarily a divot. If you got it timed then go after it remember though your misses will be to the right and we all have misses I like mine to be pin high to the left vs 12 yards short and to the right/ from experience I will say a divot with a 7 iron is no better than a picked 7 iron good luck go get em.
  18. I get all of my sources from tried and true factual articles like this book above. Ask martin hall,David leadbetter,The golf fix guy and ball position with irons will be a prime factor in determining if you hit fat or thin. Hey I'm sure there are other causes but the guy seems like a good athlete he said he hit 230 yards with his woods which are more forgiving than the irons! A little set up tweak and proper ball position could help the guy but you already knew that right?
  19. I have found otherwise primarily irons not so much the driver but some pro's do Like Rory. You can take a handful of examples of good players doing it one way or another and playing very well but generally speaking you need to bend your knees before you jump maybe there is someone out there who can jump stiff legged but it's helpful to do so just like a little pre set is going to help the club go back correctly fade or draw. Ha ha yeah ok
  20. Yeah ok makes sense still a nice swing :)
  21. Well I looked at the thread starter it said 5 hours ago or one day ago I get that good point.
  22. An 80's shooter has lot's of penalties hazards etc.. He said he it 9 out of 18 greens should be good enough to shoot a 78 maybe. You can't get up and down if you don't hit the fairway in fact you can't do anything if you don't hit the fairway the hole is essentially lost to par without getting lucky. Hit the fairway miss a green make a bogie then the next hole birdie followed a few bogies and do it again that's a 78. Of course putting and hitting greens matters but mid 80 guys usually spray it off the tee.
  23. I've been Playing Golf for: 25 years My current handicap index or average score is:4 My typical ball flight is: weak right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: straight weak and right Vi eos: Im trying to get more clubhead speed without swinging out of my shoes is there a secret? This one was 112 mph out of balance.. This swing was 96 mph in balance and probably a decent shot. How can I get the heat with losing my balance is there any timing drill or anything you can see in my swing to make it a l
  24. I thought the video would help it addresses all of his questions without getting technical such a percet set up and swing emulate that and it would probably fix his problems sometimes it's that simple.
  25. It said you videos allowed this video basically covered all of his questions everything he needs to widen his stance and fix his set up a bit his swing was fine I thought dude take a look at this video it's a perfect swing and one to emulate with getting technical.
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