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  1. Whenever I think about being a good player score wise or index wise I go back to The Longs drugs Lpga challenge tournament that they held here in Lincoln ca 10 years ago. It was a low key event at a course I play all the time and shoot 83 76 etc.. There was Grace Park in the lead on the 14th hole par 5 she nailed a 270 yarder she is 5-6 with tree trunks for legs great player. In the same group there was 5-2 skinny white girl I had never seen before,anyway she was 4 under par that day on the 14th hole! Iv'e never been there or at that score. I have a bigger swing I'm more athletic can shoot a nba 3 pointer and run 20 mph,Yet here she is 4 under at a course I play all the time. She knew distances used the right equipment and hit it 240 yards max but straight as an arrow then followed up with hybrids on the green.


    This course get's windy but is basically wide open with big greens. They played from the mens white tees and it's something to think about in terms of your handicap and getting to scratch or better.


  2. I don't mean to state things in such absolutes so I shall rephrase. Bench press is a terrible exercise for your golf game. Iv'e seen guys like this at my gym no joke they are big and unflexible and would make great linebackers. To get strong arms curl 15-30 pounds do triceps exercises or machine pully rows not bench press. Rory,Jordan are 20 and hyper flexible as they get older lifting will not help them. Golf exercise is about balance training and high reps low weight plyo metrics stuff.  If you wanna go ahead and bench say 80 pounds that's ok itt'l even out your body and create more upper body stability without tearing muscle tissue and getting big.

    Sources my trainer at my local gym.

  3. I have found calories don't matter it's content. A bottle of Snapple ice tea has 230 calories and a box of mac n cheese has 700 both are essentially void of much nutrition. You can gain muscle or maintain weight with juicing vegetables and eating 1,200 calories a day with maybe a 300 calorie snack. The key is fat the more the better saturated fat red meat,hot dogs you name it it's fine as long as your juicing your nutrition level will be high. Also never drink alcohol if your going to the gym it will hamper and growth or results by as much as 85% and it takes weeks to recover from just drinking say 5 beers.

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