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  1. Here's an update after working on my grip a little and 3-4 good range sessions working on getting my weight shifted. I know I probably still require a TON of work getting those hips laterally shifted but just wanting to see if it looks like I'm trending in the right direction. I've gained a horrible push / slice though. Not sure what's causing that. Any other glaring deficiencies in this swing?
  2. Like at address? Keep it forward?
  3. To be honest, I've weakened it from about a week or so ago. It was a bit stronger, I may need to go back to that.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12+, it's actually gotten worse it used to be a 9 then I started trying to "fix" my swing. My typical ball flight is: Push / Fade / Fat / Thin The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push, improve contact Videos: This is me in my yard just hitting some whiffle balls. A few things I'm working on is really trying to eliminate the hands. I read that it's the shoulders that open square and close the club face throughout the swing. Problem is, I know that I'm still handsy and armsy through out, I feel tension almost constantly. My problem I've had for my entire golf career here is an underneath swing plane and miss to the right and I just simply have run out of ideas to try and fix this and get on plane. It can't be that hard, right? Is there any hope for me here? I'm all out of ideas. Grip:
  5. You are very correct on the follow through. No matter how hard I try I'm having to try and save the shot with my hands and arms. When I try and have more passive arms it seems to result in a massive slice most likely due to the open club face. I think my backswing is a huge part of this problem?
  6. I've been playing golf for 7 years. My current handicap is 10 My typical driver ball flight is a fade, but lately it's turned into a huge, ballooning slice. My irons are much more consistent, although my typical miss with those tends to be either a slight fade or slight draw. The shot I hate the most and what I'm trying to get rid of is this enormous slice that I've suddenly acquired with my driver over the past few weeks. Looking at my own swing video I see several faults, but wanted to see if you pro's here could point them out and how to correct them. :) Videos: Face on (I apologize apparently I trimmed off the last half second or so of this video, but hopefully it's enough to work with): Down the line: Think you guys can fix me?? These two drives were the only ones I hit straight all day, haha ... figures. Still seems like there's some very apparent, horrendous problems, though!
  7. This is most common with my driver. I film my swing regularly trying to figure some things out, and today I noticed that my belt buckle points pretty far left of my target (I'm a right handed player) in my follow through. Among some of the other common causes of a slice, I'm wondering if this could be a contributing factor? I know you always hear about "pointing your belt buckle at the target" so I'm just seeking some information on this It's too dark to be out hitting balls now to test this theory out so I thought I'd drop by here and see what you all thought and if it's something I should concentrate on.
  8. Well I've been trying to figure out this fade/slice issue I've been dealing with ever since I started the game 2 years ago. I haven't played all summer and got an opportunity to head out the other day and was happy to come home with a 95. However, I realized that my lower back was hurting ... a lot ... and for some reason I noticed it now, and was wondering if it was an issue. To be honest, I've always known that I've done this. Just this time, after taking a few months off, I thought to myself, this doesn't feel right ... I slowed down my swing and what I believe I'm noticing here is as I'm arching waaay back coming through impact, this upper body reaction seems to keep the club face open as it impacts the ball. In my follow through, think the reverse C position ... really exaggerated. So the question is ... how can I stop doing this? And, is my assumption right that the upper body reaction, to whatever it may be (counterbalance maybe?), is keeping the club face open causing my oh-so-reliable banana slice?
  9. I've been golfing for a year and a half now and have reached the 90's rather consistently, perhaps the low 90's at least over my last many rounds. I had an opportunity to play 6 entirely new courses over my spring break with a buddy of mine and managed to shoot between 92-96 the whole week. I'm very happy with this. Anyway, I'm wanting to improve upon all of that so here's a few things I'm doing and could use some feedback. Last year I spent every waking hour reading golf digest and watching instructional videos online. This meant every time I addressed the ball I had a novel of tips running through my mind and lead to severely inconsistent play. I even took several lessons! I had so many people telling me how to play I never developed a game of my own. After taking about 3 months off from the game over the winter, I came back and thought about nothing more then swinging smoothly and staying in balance. Anytime I get an urge to put a little extra on it, I remind myself of Ernie Els, the big easy! I love his swing and is what I try to be like ... smooth and solid. I'm doing this because I believe starting slow will develop a good foundation of muscle memory provided that the shots I'm hitting are accurate, which is become my primary goal as opposed to my first year where I wanted to split the fairway with a 300 yard bomb every time ... which never happened. The only thing I split were the leaves hanging off the trees to on the right side of the fairway as my huge slice tore through my soul as I re-tee'd for 3. So my only thoughts now are picking a line, addressing the ball, and pulling the trigger. I don't think there is a single thought during the course of a swing that could be positive for the outcome of said swing. A clear mind, I believe, will allow my body to just react instead of plan. I'm trying to make the golf swing a very natural part of me, not something that feels forced. I'm planning on not taking any lessons this year, I mute the television when golf tips come up on the Golf Channel, and I refuse to open a Golf Digest anymore. This year, the game needs be my own. Does this sound like I'm on the right track? I mean I'm sure it does, but is it accurate? Is this how you start on the road to success? Here's what I want ... I want to impress my playing partners when I pull out the big stick and hammer one down the middle with grace and style, so I believe if I have this foundation of a smooth swing, over time I'll become more comfortable with it and begin to increase club head speed and distance and be able to 'swing within myself' faster and still remain in balance. Are these thoughts correct? Or should I be doing something differently? I just don't want to hinder my potential. Maybe I can be good at this game one day, maybe not ... just as long as I'm on the right track to something. Edit: If it helps, I do have a practice net that I can hit balls in to. I've been using it with the only thought of working on rhythm and balance.
  10. So a major point here would be to make sure I'm dropping the club in on the inside? Perhaps to the point where a divot taken would point slightly away from me?
  11. Thanks so much for these replies this is going to help. A few questions, however. One, how do you stop using that left leg for a rotational axis? I've been working on "snapping" the left leg on the down swing to get my hips to stop sliding. My instructor told me that my lower body was also out racing my upper body and that this should help. Another question is, do you think my backswing is too far on the inside? I noticed in the video after taking a closer look just now that my right arms is bent half way back. I pulled out Tiger's book and did some comparisons and he retains that triangle where I'm deforming it. Could this cause my problems of push/fade/slice along with the myriad of other issues I'm facing? Bottom line...how do you keep it simple? Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how much I have to work on that instead of going out and enjoying a round of golf I just head to the range. :(
  12. Hold that thought ... I have a front view coming up right now. :) Edit: Here it is http://www.swingacademy.com/swingana...l.aspx?id=1798
  13. Speaking of the wrists, one thing I do notice is that my right hand tends to gravitate from on top of the club (where I start with a neutral grip) to down the right side of the club (more of a strong grip) when i approach impact, thus leaving the face open. I cannot seem to keep my hand on the club and that's something I've been working hard on.
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