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  1. thanks Iacas for your reply ! ok i understand what you´re saying about the laid off problem. But what do you mean with cleaning up my footwork. I struggle a bit with the correct movement pattern in the downswing. I know i should roll my right foot , but i tend to get on my toes. So a little bit more lateral shift of my hip should help with the footwork, am i correct??? Do you know a good drill for improving my footwork? Swinging low and left is a swing thought that helps to steepen the club in the downswing, and would help my body pivot . right? Thanks Ben
  2. any idea, how to solve the laid off problem?
  3. Hi guys, this is my swing! My scoring average is about 72. I´ve been playing golf for about 7 years. My bad shoot is kind of a pull draw. I tend to swing a bit out to in. And in my opinion i´m a bit layed off at the top! And i tend to let the club drop further. I would love to get the club a bit more in direction of my foot line!What do you guys think suggestions and tips are appreciated Cheers Ben
  4. haha thanks for the compliment mate. Swing is working most of the time, but at the moment my short game is saving my butt . Struggling with the quality of my irons shot quite a bit ... Wish i had the iron play of Luuuuuuuuke, would enable me to score more easy birdies
  5. Here a front video of my iron swing. Would love to keep my hands leading through impact instead of that handsy release. So i really have to get rid of the excessive forearm rotation
  6. Okay i got it mvmac! Thanks for your explanation with pics and all the effort u put in to explain the causes of the EE ;) Makes now perfect sense. So what would you advice as a drill for the range to improve the position of the right elbow and to stop the flexing past 90°. Sorry for all my questions i don´t wanna mess up things by doing sth completly wrong. Cheers Ben
  7. Thanks for your replies guys. The right foot banked drill looks interesting, i´m going to give it a try next time i am on the range. @mvmac you said u would adress my backswing first. especially the forearm rotation?! One thing i´m aware of is that my club is laid off at the top, don´t know if that´s caused by too much forearm rotation, but in the downswing the rotation is really fast because the club travels on an in to out plane i think and the rotation saves the shot. on the iron video i tried to let the body pivot release the club and swing the club down and left in the throughswing
  8. Hi guys i´m playing golf for a long time and i have one swing fault i can´t get rid off. it´s early extension. tried already all tpi test and it´s not a physical limitation. I think it´s just the wrong move in the downswing. my hip shoots towards the ball and the right heel comes up very high. Especially with the woods and longer irons. Maybe you guys have experience curing this fault because my pro in my club is not a big help. Looking forward to your advice,drill etc. Cheers Ben
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