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  1. Thank you for the edit as well as the offered advise. I am always looking for ways to improve, so would greatly appreciate if you could elaborate on this, iacas.
  2. Hi. No update in ages but here is my current swing. At the moment, I am really happy with it, my misses or pushes or hooks but they are quite rare now.
  3. ruufiyo


  4. 2 videos with my latest swing....so much to work on...feels like there is no improvement at all...just tells me to work on my swing even more. Down the line: Front View: Way too much head movement....oh my...
  5. Went to the range again yesterday and, while it felt difficult at the beginning (and actually still does), it really made a big difference to my ball flight. Anything between a straight and a very slight push-draw now. Of course, there are still the mishits but they are much more playable now (pushes not so far to the right, hooks not drawing so much, very rare pull hook). I did change my grip a bit (a little more than 2 knuckles), shortend my backswing (working on this all the time) and turning more with the upper body instead with the arms (by always feeling my left arm connected to m
  6. I am trying to have the ball in the middle for anything from a 60° Wedge to a 7i. Starting with the 6i, I am moving the ball further to the left (towards the target) so that is about one ball length to the left from center for a 5i. On the range today, I was experimenting with a more neutral grip (2 knuckles) and it was feeling quite normal. Thanks a lot for this, I was already starting to have this impression, turning to slow with my upper body, I think I tend to stop my shoulder turn at impact (if that is even possible) instead of rotating further through. Today on the ran
  7. Anything between a straight shot and a push draw would be great, I think something in the area of 0-4° club path and 0-2° face angle would be a good start. It just irritates me that I cannot get a negative club path even when I am trying to swing out to in as much as possible.
  8. Hi, I had another session with trackman yesterday and it confirms my current problem quite nicely: I tend to hit a lot of hooks (both straight and pull hooks) and, more rarely, pushes. Some of these are playable and might even end up as beautiful push draws but that is the exception, sadly. The trackman numbers (for a 7i) were showing a club path of 5-10° (with very rare 2-3°) and face angles from anything between -8 to 2°, attack angles around -3 - -4,5°. I never managed to get a negative club path (without changing the setup fundamentally (i.e. aligning my feet and shoulder to
  9. Thanks for all the recommendations, I went to Harbor Side International and played the Port course. What a great course that is, especially with all the wind blowing on Saturday. I was paired with a threesome (lawyers from the US) and had a great time (after shanking my 1st drive and the breakfast ball 5 meters to the same spot in the bushes...). Golf seems to be much more relaxed and easy going compared to some rounds you can have in Germany. Will play there again for sure, in case I will be back to Chicago (but going to bring my own clubs next time...2 inches can really make a difference)!
  10. Just wanted to let you guys know, that I have just reserved a tee time on Harborside International Port Course for Sat, Sep 07, 2013 - 10:10 AM and I would be really happy to have some nice Sandtrap compan y
  11. How can I delete my own posts? Just ignore this one :)
  12. Hi guys, thanks a lot for all the info, I finally got the details now. I will be staying near the loop, so I guess that is pretty close to the Harborside Golf courses. Really looking forward to seeing this city for the first time and having a chance to play some golf at the same time :-)
  13. Not exactly sure yet, the postcode is 60604, not sure if that helps, it should be quite central, close to the harbor. And I might need to go by cab and rent the clubs as well.
  14. Hi, I am going to travel to Chicago at the beginning of September and I was wondering if you could recommend any golf courses? Thanks
  15. Just another quick update on my swing....finally got a feeling for a better backswing (not overswinging anymore) and this is a big breakthrough for me. I guess there is still a bit room for a better shoulder turn in the backswing but very happy with this. Now I need to find a good way to work on my balance and getting my hands forward at impact. It is amazing what a good, clean contact does to your ball flight Edit: I know that this looks really rushed (it probably is)....but this is because I wanted to fit a couple of swings into the video and was so curious t
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