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  1. In my opinion anyone who is complaining about speed of play on anyone else needs to spend time in a combat zone, that will really make a person appreciative for the time they do have on a golf course, whether it be 3 or 5 hours. Likewise, how about just coming up on someone and asking in a nice civil manner. "hey, mind if I play through" I went out golfing two days ago and came up on an older couple for a few holes until 17th hole where they were both still waiting on the tee box, mind you the next group was about 300 plus yards out on a par 5. They asked us if we'd like to join them for the last two holes, we figured why not. Anyways this lady couldn't hit the ball more than 50-75 yards, and the guy wasn't much better. Whats funny was she was saying things the whole time to me about my friend (who has literally not played golf in 10 years, and when he did, it was for a couple months) about her being a Marshall and how she appreciated us playing from the forward tees. Or how he shouldn't be hitting a ball from the out of bounds territory (mind you both her and her husband hit balls down there) Anyways, point being, don't get your panties in a wad, enjoy the time you got, if you don't have the average time to play a around (4.5 hours), no one is forcing you to complete all 18 holes.
  2. I should have been a little more specific in the OP, this is what I mean, brand ho'ing in golf is the only time you can get away with it.
  3. Plus think about it, if you make it past a certain size, like say a foot, people could literally rocket that thing in there with little respect or regard for the green speeds/angles, etc.
  4. I was thinking about when I played golf in high school and just recently picked it back up, how I really haven't deviated from what I've always liked back then, still go with now. You would think after a 10 year break it would be a perfect time to branch out, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. I think since so much of golf is mental, you have to have sort of a synergy between everything if you are going to golf better. For me its always been Clubs: Taylormade, has nothing to do with the fact I've grown up in San Diego Clothing: Nike, I've seen some other clothes I liked, but Nike has always seemed to find that balance of being comfortable/fashionable/unique without being over the top. Balls: Nike again, don't really care for their clubs, like their balls :P Gear: Nike/Taylormade i.e. bags, visors, gloves. Anyone else this nit picky or is it just me
  5. Yeah I should have expanded even more to say that if you really want to turn bogeys into pars or pars into birdies. Its all about your 100m and less game, if you can lay it up within 5-10ft a good amount of the time, and 1 putt or 2 putt those. Your score will drop pretty significantly. Of course I'm no pro at this, its just my short game is where I've always put my emphasis in, especially chipping.
  6. The short game is everything, if you are more than two putting, you are eating up strokes.
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