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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played after work today, started well, ended up being one of the worst 9's I've shot all year. Was walking by myself, behind a slow 4-some in carts. Hit a perfect 5 iron for my tee shot on #1, made par... Hit GIR, made par on 2.... Then on #3, a couple in their 40's or 50's that were behind me pulled up to the tee in their cart. The 4-some had just cleared in front of me, allowing me to tee off on the par 5. I hit a drive that had a bit of a slice to it, then decided to ask if they wanted to play through. They were very cool, and nice, and we ended up playing together the rest of the way. That's where it all fell apart. I still parred the par 5 3rd, but then proceeded to make triple on 4 after going OB, double on 5, 3 putt bogey on 6... Bogeyed par 5 7th after being 180 out in the 1st cut after my tee shot. Bogeyed the 8th, and the 9th as well. Shot a 45. On 4, I hit a pull-draw tee shot on a hole where that was not acceptable. On the short par 3 5th, I slightly pulled a gap wedge and it rocketed off a mound on the backside of the green and ended up going 40 yards past the green and beyond some trees. Then I literally started shanking irons, they still had decent distance but probably went 30-75 yards to the right. I think some of it had to do with being with that couple; since they were with carts I felt like I was hurrying much faster than my normal pace and they didn't really take much time before their shots so I felt obligated to kind of rush my routine and limit practice swings. That being side, none of the circumstances should've caused me to hit the ball as poorly as I did those last 6 holes. Playing again Saturday, going to have to hit the range before then to work it out.
  2. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Thanks for the tip, I will let them know. Tried to sneak in 9 after work with a co-worker, only got through 5 then started playing best ball because it was getting dark at a rapid pace. Can't believe summer has already flown by :( didn't really have any time to warm up or even putt before the round, and it showed. Hit a couple decent shots I guess. Oh well. Probably wasn't a good round to track with Game, since I was playing quickly and skipped warming up and a routine, but I really want to get more rounds on here so the sample size provides significant data. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/datkinson29/round/1839510
  3. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/datkinson29/round/1837700 http://www.gamegolf.com/player/datkinson29/round/1837343 Walked 18 today, the course had 27 holes and was set up weird on the Game system so I had to play the two 9's as separate rounds on GG. They were my first two rounds on Game, and I love it! Super cool. I will say, one time I forgot to tag my drive on the East 9 -- I think it was the 5th hole -- I blasted my drive, but kind of hooked it and it went left, hit a mound and ended up going like 340. Anyway, when I got up there I realized it hadn't registered, and I was trying to add the tee shot but I accidentally added it to the wrong hole, then I tried to correct it and kept having issues, got frustrated, then whacked my approach from 115 without full concentration. I have really been working on having a deliberate routine and giving each shot my full attention and being decisive. Well, that did not occur with this shot, and I hit a grounder about 70 yards, then had to punch, was still short, pitch up and 2 putt -- double bogey. I shouldn't have, but I'd be lying if I said that hole didn't affect my mood negatively for about the next 20 minutes - which included a bogey on a par 5 and a drive into a water hazard. Enough with that complaint. Game golf is awesome. Shot an 82 which I am happy with but felt like I could've been easily in 70's today if my short game wasn't awful. According to GG, I actually gained 0.64 strokes off the tee; but lost over 3 strokes in approach shots and short game shots, and almost 3 more strokes on the greens. I wonder how badly my punch shots affect strokes gained on approach shots. I also had two tee shots that went into water hazards, I would imagine that would hurt my strokes gained off the tee, I know I added penalty strokes on those but maybe I did something wrong because it's hard to believe I gained strokes off the tee if 2 were water balls. I will say I was hitting my tee shots great besides those two.
  4. My Swing (Dakota Atkinson)

    @boogielicious , thank you for the response! Those screenshots are helpful. I didn't realize my head moved back that much on the backswing, that is something I will try to tidy up. The downswing path does seem to look good, which I am very happy about; the part of the backswing that concerns me is how at the top from DTL view the club is pointed way to the right. I don't know if it's because of something I do with the wrists, or if its okay because the club is still square to the forearm, or what. I just know that whenever I try to change it, everything that follows in the swing is thrown way off, and I can hardly hit the ball haha.
  5. My Swing (Dakota Atkinson)

    Here's a few more vids, including some face on angles. The last 2 times I've played, I was hitting fades which I usually hit draws/hooks so that was surprising. I don't know what specifically I don't like about my backswing, but I know there is something I don't like. Also likes like an early release, and maybe that I am standing too close to the ball at set up? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. 9/1 -- Spent about 15 minutes hitting putts on living room floor (hardwood). Laid a couple rods down to try to hone in my alignment and stroke. I have been solid inside 5 feet lately, but haven't sank a decent length putt in the last few rounds... Also took some swings with the swing stick from the Tittle (I use the swing stick frequently, the only thing that product was good for) and read a good chunk of "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect."
  7. Favorite golfer

    Current: Don't really have a stand out favorite player. i like the young guns... especially JT. also a big fan of Henrik Stenson All time: Tiger. I would like to see another top player show the same attitude towards golf that he did... I feel like a few players have similar talent levels that he did, mostly DJ and Rory, but they don't have the same composure/ferocity/killer instinct. Spieth is probably the closest as far as mentality goes.
  8. My Swing (PaddyMac)

    Looks like your backswing goes pretty far inside, then you kinda come over the top and swing way left. I would would make sure you're gripping the club correctly, then focus on making sure your weight is forward and swing more right. Find a spot out significantly right of where your target is and feel like you're throwing your hands towards it during the swing, see if that helps. Once you starting hitting straight, don't exaggerate it so much, because your body will get used to swinging in-out and then you'll start hitting hooks if you visualize it like that. But it helps me when I am swinging left. As far as keeping weight forward, there's loads of tips/videos/drills on that on here. Key # 2
  9. Range-->Course

    Obviously the main thing is to keep working on your swing, because there's a lot to work on when you're shooting 110+. But if you're practicing as often as you say you are, you should be able to shed strokes pretty quickly. I just had the same issue as you the other day. I had a great lesson/range session, so I went to play 18. Wasn't hitting that great but I was +1 through 6, so I was stoked. But then I hit a couple really bad shots, lost a lot of confidence, and then all the sudden you start to question your mechanics and it spirals out of control. I ended up shooting an 89. It's very important and very difficult to have the mental toughness to be able to shake off bad shots and not let them affect you, also to stick to your gameplan. Like previously suggested, I actually just purchased Lowest Score Wins the other day. I have been wanting to put together more meaningful range sessions, and carry a better strategy onto the course, and it seems like it's a perfect book for those two tasks. As far as the mental game goes, I also bought an older Bob Rotella book 'Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect' for like $4 based on the suggestion of my chiropractor haha. Pretty excited to receive and read both of them.
  10. My Swing (Dakota Atkinson)

    Just looked at this.... thankfully my swing has improved a bit over the last 3-4 years. Note: I said in the first post that I shot 88-97.... there is no way that was accurate lol. Now, I am mostly in the 78-85 range. Had a few lessons this year, have seen a lot of improvement but I still have a couple big misses per round that really hurt my score. Misses are usually a hook, occasionally a push. I think my swing looks flat but I don't know the best route to go in making adjustments. My instructor has yet to mention anything about my swing being too flat, or my backswing at all, but looking at my swing on video I think that's where some issues may lie. Thanks in advance for responses!
  11. What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    This is very difficult haha... Baseball: Major League Football: Friday Night Lights Basketball: Space Jam Wrestling: Vision Quest Bowling: Kingpin Golf: Happy Gilmore Racing: Talladega Nights Boxing: Rocky IV
  12. Took a lesson.

    Wouldn't that promote more of an open stance, as a lefty to move your left foot further in front? Just trying to comprehend because this may help me, also. I dealt with hooks and losing balls left a lot during the 2nd half of this year, and I generally have a slightly open stance as a righty. I think one of the big contributors is my grip, I have a very weak grip but every time I try to change it I end up reverting back to it...
  13. The swing stick is very attractive, but sounds too good to be true. First, I'm hoping it wouldn't alter my swing too badly. Second, how could it possibly decipher ball-flight results from swinging a weighted 29 inch stick through the air? Regardless, the price is also very attractive, and the swing stick would be very beneficial for me. Living in Iowa, it's pretty much impossible to golf from now until about March, and I've been looking for ways to practice. My apartment ceilings are too low to swing an actual club. This product is affordable and compact enough to where you could use it in your bedroom. Going to back & purchase
  14. 2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Disappointing finish today, but overall very impressive showing from Tiger so far. Havent heard anything from announcers, but he looks like he's sore/in pain walking around to me. What do you guys think? Any pain whatsoever would have to be a major red flag, right?