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  1. Dakota Atkinson

    What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    I usually use my 5 iron. Sometimes it still gets up a bit too high but whenever I try to use my 4iron I hit a worm burner.
  2. Dakota Atkinson

    When is it too cold to golf?

    Played in 36 degree weather with minimal wind yesterday, it was great. I was layered up pretty well and had a face/neck mask on so I actually wasn't cold. I birdied the first two holes and thought the Golf Gods were rewarding me for playing in freezing temperatures, but that turned out to not be the case lol. Shot an 83.
  3. Dakota Atkinson

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I agree, avoiding Torrey sounds like a good idea. If what I have seen on Twitter is accurate, it sounds like he is not easing into anything lol, I've read from twspot's twitter that he has been at Medalist almost every day this week playing holes and spending time at the range. If he's ready to play by Hero I think that's a good spot for him, but as we all do I really just hope he takes his time and doesn't do anything too soon. Only he/his medical team know what "too soon" could be.
  4. Dakota Atkinson

    Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    I love to practice. Like you, when I'm on the course I only want to hit one ball because I find the most happiness/enjoyment out of posting a score (hopefully a good one). Unfortunately I feel that I don't have much time to practice. I get off work around 5-5:30; I usually get 2-4 days a week that I can go to the range or play 9 holes after work. The other days I go straight home to spend time with my girlfriend. I'd love to play and or practice 7 days a week, but I would probably be single (and broke) if I did that lol. I am brainstorming towards next year; my instructor owns and operates a driving range about 20 minutes from my apartment. I am going to try to strike a deal to work there once a week or so and see if I can get all-access to the range, and be able to get there between 6-7 AM and practice before work every morning. All that being said, I unfortunately do find putting practice to be pretty boring compared to the rest. It is a weakness, but I'd rather try to solve it by hitting the ball closer than to try to solve it by draining longer putts. I miss quite a few clutch 3-6 footers, and I practice those the most.
  5. Dakota Atkinson

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    +3 39 walking a quick 9 after work today. Very pleased with that score, given my last few rounds were absolutely terrible! Hadn't hit a ball in 4 days, besides putts in my apartment. I think that may have helped a little, somehow. Still moving the ball left to right, when I am used to hitting draws and hooks. I was absolutely blasting my tee shots today, which felt great. Had a few great wedge shots, but no iron shots to write home about. Made one clutch putt, short game was okay. 6 pars, 3 bogeys, no doubles. 4/7 FIR, 8/9 nGIR, 4/9 GIR, 17 putts
  6. Dakota Atkinson

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played after work today, started well, ended up being one of the worst 9's I've shot all year. Was walking by myself, behind a slow 4-some in carts. Hit a perfect 5 iron for my tee shot on #1, made par... Hit GIR, made par on 2.... Then on #3, a couple in their 40's or 50's that were behind me pulled up to the tee in their cart. The 4-some had just cleared in front of me, allowing me to tee off on the par 5. I hit a drive that had a bit of a slice to it, then decided to ask if they wanted to play through. They were very cool, and nice, and we ended up playing together the rest of the way. That's where it all fell apart. I still parred the par 5 3rd, but then proceeded to make triple on 4 after going OB, double on 5, 3 putt bogey on 6... Bogeyed par 5 7th after being 180 out in the 1st cut after my tee shot. Bogeyed the 8th, and the 9th as well. Shot a 45. On 4, I hit a pull-draw tee shot on a hole where that was not acceptable. On the short par 3 5th, I slightly pulled a gap wedge and it rocketed off a mound on the backside of the green and ended up going 40 yards past the green and beyond some trees. Then I literally started shanking irons, they still had decent distance but probably went 30-75 yards to the right. I think some of it had to do with being with that couple; since they were with carts I felt like I was hurrying much faster than my normal pace and they didn't really take much time before their shots so I felt obligated to kind of rush my routine and limit practice swings. That being side, none of the circumstances should've caused me to hit the ball as poorly as I did those last 6 holes. Playing again Saturday, going to have to hit the range before then to work it out.
  7. Dakota Atkinson

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Thanks for the tip, I will let them know. Tried to sneak in 9 after work with a co-worker, only got through 5 then started playing best ball because it was getting dark at a rapid pace. Can't believe summer has already flown by :( didn't really have any time to warm up or even putt before the round, and it showed. Hit a couple decent shots I guess. Oh well. Probably wasn't a good round to track with Game, since I was playing quickly and skipped warming up and a routine, but I really want to get more rounds on here so the sample size provides significant data. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/datkinson29/round/1839510

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