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  1. He putted pretty well overall. Made a lot of big ones. The 52yard pitch into the bunker is what really hurt him. The announcers cursed him as well!! lol. Hats off to the other guy. Draining that eagle on 16 and the birdie on 17 was tough as a TW fan
  2. I agree that the flop was the right call. If it carried another yard it would have been a great shot. Even with the result of the flop, I was confident he'd get it up and down for bogey... the double really hurt. Man I was so sure he was going to drain the birdie after hitting that crazy wedge shot at 10, too. Such a turn of events from solo 1st thru 10 to outside the top 5 after 12. I wonder if TW is as crushed as I am LOL. He is going to win soon, surely!!
  3. Sometimes I do this when I start thinking too much about the shot. Get too much inside my own head, whether I am psyching myself out because its an important shot, or not committed to the shot. Hit a bad one, then drop one that doesn't matter at all, hit it flush. That definitely happens, but I think more often I hit a bad one but I could *feel* something I did wrong in the swing, drop another one with a minor tweak, and flush it. But besides both of those, there are still plenty of times I hit a bad one, drop it, hit another identical bad shot LOL
  4. When I am playing my best, driver is my best club, but yesterday I hit it out of bounds twice. That really hurt. Which brings in the mental aspect - I usually have a pretty positive mindset but it is extremely hard for me to 'put it past me' and stay positive after sending a drive OB. Also, I'm lucky to make anything beyond 3 feet in an 18 hole round lately, and have a lot of 3 putts. So you could say everything is pretty terrible. LOL
  5. 13 of the 14 clubs in my bag were purchased on eBay, all within the last 2 years. I would say they were all killer deals also. On the flip side, as a seller, I have sold a couple shafts and a putter. The shafts I would have never sold otherwise, so it was nice to get rid of them. The fees they took out on my putter sale hurt a bit. I always try selling local first, via FB marketplace or even Craigslist, but if no one is buying - making money off eBay is better than nothing.
  6. Of the 3 remaining majors, which course do you guys think suits Tiger the best? Shinnecock, Carnoustie, or Bellerive?
  7. Per Tiger Tracker on Twitter.... eagled 338 yard par 4 and hit 17/18 FIR in the pro am today. Trying to keep my expectations tempered but it is getting difficult
  8. More fuel for the fire.. http://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/day-woods-feeling-good-hitting-it-long/
  9. This, and from what I remember about last year, this year's comeback has entailed a lot more reason for optimism. Pretty sure Pat Perez's comments were around Torrey/Dubai times of early 2017, when TW was clearly injured (again)
  10. I usually use my 5 iron. Sometimes it still gets up a bit too high but whenever I try to use my 4iron I hit a worm burner.
  11. Played in 36 degree weather with minimal wind yesterday, it was great. I was layered up pretty well and had a face/neck mask on so I actually wasn't cold. I birdied the first two holes and thought the Golf Gods were rewarding me for playing in freezing temperatures, but that turned out to not be the case lol. Shot an 83.
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