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  1. ok cheers all for the feedback. It all helps! so would any of you recommend i try a steel shafted driver instead, cos I don't wanna be shelling out for driver after driver if I'm just gonna be snapping them! On the subject of getting a better branded second hand club, can anyone recommend some forgiving clubs for a relative novice? Although it's probably very difficult could anyone give me a rough price:age/condition ratio so I don't get ripped off!!! LOL@dent did you even try to get a refund?!? Would have liked to see you try and explain that one to the shop assisstant. ===@osean79
  2. hi kenny, cheers for the advice, tho my handicap isnt 36. in fact it actually might be.... :0 anyway i appreciate that it probably is my swing but should a club break after 10 swings?? Please bear in mind that I did hit the face of the club properly because it made a wonderful pinging sound. I think that I only didn't hit the face properly a couple of times. Is that enough to break a club?? and if it is.. what a con!!!
  3. Cheers for the responses so far. to clarify: both drivers broke so that the shaft has sheared to leave 2 parts: one part being the head (which flies onto the nice big landing patch that is the driving range - much to my embarassment) and the other is the shaft ending at the ferrule. Maybe pictures will help to explain (on the left is my howson 3 wood, which is a steel shaft and I've bent that one. On the right is whats left of the howson driver. i never got the head back!) The forgan driver also broke in the same way as the howson driver which leads me to suspect its something to do with
  4. little help please!! i recently broke my howson prodrive driver from the howson prodrive package and decided to replace it with a forgan red square (graphite shaft). however on the day i got my new shiny driver i then proceeded to lop the head off of that one too after about 10 hits. Both drivers heads came off and flew onto the grass and broke off between the hosel and ferrule. now im not the best hitter in the world but i do at least hit the ball. Im not someone who is shunting the club head into the ground. i suspect that i may be hitting the ball with the hosel or ferrule but can a clu
  5. lost balls, slow play, mishits aplenty :) and breaking my driver only to break my new one on the day it arrived.
  6. i do mine from top to bottom if the bag is on its supports: driver 3wood+4iron 21 hybrid + 9 iron 5+6 irons 7+8 irons putter pw sw
  7. im a student so i have nothing better to do than go to the local driving range and hit a few!!! :)
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