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  1. From the 363yd tee, I'd play my driver. Average carry about 220-230, and a fade/slice. I'm aiming at the right edge of the bunker to put my ball on the right side of the fairway on the '+25' bit. Allows for the slope into the fairway middle. I love my 7 iron, which I hit 140-145 clean and straight, and I'm aiming for the back of the green. Gives me plenty of green to work with if short, while taking the bunkers out of play. Or go with an 8 iron if pin position is middle or front (aiming middle).
  2. I'm missing McDs and PizzaHut in England ☹☹☹
  3. Practised chipping into the washing machine. Fatted a chip up onto the worktop where a set of 6 plates were in a drying rack. 2 plates survived.
  4. Less than £50, a bloody bargain! Essentially the wonderful book, brought to life with some extras thrown in. Brilliant. My only concern (from your POV) might be that people will get this instead of the book rather than 'as well as'. Best wishes though, LSW is some of the clearest insight I've had into the game! I need to post on here more and get more involved.
  5. Is there a bifurcation issue here? I'm sure I read recently (possibly in Golf Konthly or Today's Golfer) that Pro players must play the same ball all round, while amateurs are allowed to change balls every hole. How would this 'changing warm balls' idea sit in competitions where amateurs and pros play together (like the sorely missed Masters)? Or have I misunderstood something?
  6. I woke up in a bunker once. Apparently I’d hit the shot from the the bunker but it hit the lip and rebounded, hit me flush on the forehead. I say ‘apparently’ because I don’t remember it; only the waking up bit.
  7. 15 seconds is a bit of an exaggeration imo unless you’re hitting 40-footers or something. I reckon it takes me less time to simply work out which foot is higher in two spots than to stare at the hole from several angles. There’s a lot to be said for ‘letting your brain do the work’ with a quick glance, but why take a chance? A few extra seconds (although I don’t think it takes longer) is hardly holding anyone up.
  8. Ahhh, I stopped after calculating the probability of one shot failing 😂 Tbf, a 1 in 2 chance is great! I’ll have a go. Middle class prison will be fine.
  9. Definitely not don’t it right then 😂 Would you mind calculating odds to account for 7500 shots from the average golfer? I obviously couldn’t 😂
  10. Using the same formula earlier in the thread but based on the full 7500 shots rather than just 4000. I’m not quite sure I did the ^ but right on an iPhone calculator though.
  11. To my mind, you only ‘Break 80’ once; the first time. After that you score below 80. I think that will mean more to me (biased because I’m chasing it, perhaps?) than a single digit handicap.
  12. If I’ve done it right, the odds (with 7500 shots) amount to 99.987%. I’ll try it!
  13. Could use the ‘How did you score today?’ thread as your ‘diary’ 🙂 I enjoy reading how people play. I’m going to start posting in there more regularly this year.
  14. Bloody typical ain’t it?
  15. If ever my friends can’t make it for a round on an 18 holer, I just play my local 9 hole course for £10, then visit the range if I’ve noticed anything needing tweaking.
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