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  1. As an aside, my AimPoint pro recommended I ‘get hold of a book called Lowest Score Wins’, and he was genuinely thrilled when I said I had a copy on the way 😂
  2. Finished my AimPoint lesson 10 mins ago. Sold! Have never putted like that in my life (also nicely explained why 4+% reads on holes cause so much chaos, and are so rare). I could’ve spent £129 on a new club, but I think I’ve just spent it on a miracle. The difference between the eye and the feet is chalk and cheese (and I bloody love cheese)!
  3. This wonderful sport gave me a lot more time with my dad. It kept him walking and getting out and about, rather than wasting away after retirement and a terminal prostate cancer diagnosis. Had to hang up his clubs last year as he simply couldn’t manage anything more strenuous than putting, but now he walks the course with me and buddies on a round. And if it’s an empty course, we drop balls for him and have mini putting comps (play for pints on the 19th).
  4. Luck is definitely involved. If it weren’t, the tour pros would more regularly get holes in one than they do (and it’s already a helluva lot compared to Joe Hacker). However, it’s a factor that accounts for less than 1% of a shot. The rest is skill level. As you become less skilled, the more you rely on luck.
  5. Golf is the greatest game in the world, and so accessible as a lifetime hobby and exercise. Why ruin it by making it a job?
  6. Good idea, I might just do that. My pro (not AimPoint) was fixing an issue where I was pushing putts by going straight on my followthrough instead of arcing properly. Anything within 5ft flat, I’m happy with. I was amazed by the physics ‘revelation’ that the hole is bigger if you stop the ball up to a half-ball round the cup, simply because gravity does it’s job. I’m hoping the physics of green-reading will be similarly revelatory and simple 🙂
  7. Tend to leave mine on, but off (on my head) when putting. Whether it makes a difference or not, I’ve no idea.
  8. Thanks for the quick response 🙂 has the chart version (MidPoint?) fallen out of fashion now (just realised I’m talking about posts 5-7years old)? The physics and maths and data sounded cool. But I’m looking forward to seeing what I take from AE. Piqued my interest when I was ‘recommended’ a YouTube vid by MeAndMyGolf having a session with (not that one) Jamie Donaldson 🙂 With this and LSW to come, I’m really looking forward to trying some new ideas after stagnating a little and falling in and out of the game.
  9. I’ve booked on to a 1-1 AimPoint Express session (2hrs) for £129. I’m going ahead with it either way out of intrigue if nothing else BUT what can I expect? Is it the sort of thing that will only really help on longer (20’+) putts as suggested earlier in this thread? Will it be useful regardless of putt distance? Are there charts or not (alluded to earlier)? Or shall I just find out? 😛
  10. Another good one: Teed up, nice smooth swing, hit my tee ten yards and my ball straight up with backspin. Rolled a few feet backwards...
  11. My round was going so well. Mostly pars and bogeys, but no sixes. Tee up on the 18th, a relatively straight par 4, but with OB down the right. Only went and put it OB didn’t I?? Re-tee, nicely in the fairway for 3, about 120yds out with a ridge in front of the green (can’t see green but can see flag). Hit a thinned 9iron for dead centre of the green, but think it’s flown past. Walk up there and my ball is nowhere to be seen 😞 Mate goes to tend the pin for a long putt, while I look for my ball... IT WAS IN THE HOLE! Saved par and NO SIXES! Didn’t break 80 (scored 82), mind but happy with no sixes 😄
  12. I leave the stick in by choice, but if a partner takes it out, I don’t ask it to be replaced.
  13. Thank you Vinsk, but that didn’t really answer my question. I was hoping for an answer from anyone who’s read both, so I’d have a flavour of what to expect. Of course, I’ll find out out for myself when LSW arrives 🙂
  14. The feedback excited me to buy a copy a couple days ago. Now awaiting arrival in the U.K. and can’t wait! I read Ray Floyd’s ‘Elements of Scoring’ last year, then ended up not playing again until last month! Do the books compare in any way?
  15. Hit an eagle Broke 90 Purchased LSW a couple nights ago (awaiting arrival in U.K.)
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