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  1. I few years ago I put a perfect golf ball shaped dent in the face on my Cobra SZ 440 driver. It was not real noticeable to the naked eye. The first thing I noticed was that the sound of the driver changed and my drives were not going as far by a good 30 yards or more. The pro at my club confirmed that there was in fact a slight but detectable dent, he also agreed that it did not feel right when hit. Cobra also agreed and replaced it with another SZ 440. The new club was good but not quite as loud or as long as the original. The original SZ 440 was probably the longest driver I have ever hit, t
  2. This is a topic I have done some reading on. From what I have read I do not see where there is any good scientific evidence at all! There are many resources available on this. I frequent the James Randi Educational Foundation web site www.randi.org . There are some good articles on this site related to this topic. iacas, what IS your thought on this?
  3. rangerat


    I have had four total. Until this year I had not had one in two years. This year...510 yard par five, just off the green in two, chipped in for a eagle 3!
  4. Not worth the rsik at all!!! Chew gum, sunflower seeds, etc.
  5. It took me a long time to try a hybrid. I finally did get a 3 iron replacement to try because I almost never used my 3 iron anyhow. I have since reshafted the club and it is my favorite club in the bag. Great off the tee, off the grass and I even use it at times to punch out from under trees and such. If you can, demo different brands and lofts to get what you are looking for. As far as "pros and cons": Pros: very versatile, easy to hit, etc. Cons: Only one for me, I hit the hybrid so consistently well that it sometimes feels like a yardage gap between this and the 4 iron.
  6. From what I have seen, heard, learned from reading various articles is that most of the clubs that are fake tend to be drivers. I am sure that there are fake irons but it is a little less common. In my opinion, I think that the 90% of clubs on eBay are fake statement is inflated. Also from what I have learned, most clubs can be distinguished from fakes. Some are very good fakes but rarely perfect. If they are "perfect" then you have nothing to worry about anyway, lol. Good luck, keep us posted. Some pics when you get them might be helpful for comparison purposes.
  7. What you say does have truth to it but... there were A LOT of guys in the field with a a lot of different driver brands (including past champions) and the guys hitting the Cobra's seemed to do very well.
  8. I do the P90X and one of the components of this is yoga. I have always considered myself quite flexible but this seems to help a lot.
  9. I think that the Cobra drivers are among the longest available. A lot of guys who won their divisions and placed near the top in the ReMax Long Drive Championship used Cobra.
  10. I once found a childrens 5 iron on the fringe of the 17th at my home course. It was dusk, no group ahead of me and the pro shop had closed for the evening. I put it in my bag with thoughts of giving it to the pro shop in the next day or so when I returned. The thing was so short it fell down inside my bag and I forgot all about the darn thing until months later I found it when cleaning out my bag. I once also found a bowl/pot pipe near the 5th green. Didn't keep that one.
  11. I give each club a quick clean with the towel and brush after each shot. I also clean my entire set before every round I play. I can't stand playing with dirty clubs. It amazes me when I see a guy with old hardened mud in the grooves that probably has not been cleaned all season.
  12. No watch, no rings, only thing in my pockets are tees, ball marker and repair tool. I sometimes play with a guy who is a paid EMT and is "on call"; he wears everything including a pager, phone, etc. on his belt. I don't know how he can even swing a club!
  13. I recently started doing P90X, it's a lot more intense than I thought it would be. Stick to it, and it will definitely work! Good Luck!
  14. I first played golf at age 29 and have been playing for about 8 years now. I feel that I would not have the same passion for the game if I had started playing when I was younger. I see some of my playing partners who have been playing since they were kids and they don't seem to have the passion for the game the way I do. In fact, I am now better than most of these guys including the one who talked me into playing to begin with.
  15. Great question, good article. This is an ongoing debate I have with some of my buddies. I say that golf is a sport but I will qualify that by saying that I think it depends on how you approach golf. For myself, I walk, practice a lot, and even my off course workouts are golf centered. For the guys who ride in a cart, play infrequently, drink, smoke cigars or any combination of the aforementioned, it my not qualify as a sport. I'm not bashing these people I'm just seeing the two approaches to the game as the difference between a sport and an activity. PS- PiKapp23, great avatar... I looked in
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