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  1. On Wednesday June 19 2019, the PGA Tour announced that the Los Angeles-based consulting firm of Korn Ferry has become the new sponsor of the PGA Tour's Developmental Tour (prior names -- Hogan, Nike, Nationwide). »» Details From PGATOUR-dot-Com ««
  2. To Turtleback ... I am not opposed to the rewarding of players based on their finishes in any given event. The player who finishes first gets an appropriate reward for that finish and so does the last place finisher and all in-between. And, as in any sports event, the winner (as well as anyone finishing among the Top 5, 10 or 25) will always be the one that successfully executes on a consistent basis as well as when it matters the most. My main argument here is that some level of fairness for the benefit of all finishers be maintained. The winner would still get the lion's share, and the rest would get what they each deserve. But the difference between first and last place should not be so much that it becomes competitively unfair, which the current Fed Ex Cup Points set-up is in my view. On the Top 125 Money Winner standard, I've always thought that it allowed too much "deadwood" to stay afloat for much too long. Trimming the threshold to the Top 80 or 90 would be appropriate, but those numbers may not sit well with the tour players. I also advocate a trimming of the WEB.COM exemptees from 50 to 40, which again may not sit well with the membership. A reduction of both money leader and WEB.COM exemptions might justify reducing full starting field sizes to, say, 120 players, vs 132, 144 or 156.
  3. RE - MDF ..... No matter many players make the Low 70-and-ties cut, only one is going to win, and then the rest finish accordingly, My belief is that there should be two cuts, the first at 36 holes to the Low 70-and-ties, and then the second at 54 holes to the Low 40-and-ties. Those not making the 54-hole cut would receive appropriate money and points. Also, those who do make the 54-hole cut but (for whatever reason) do not complete their 4th rounds will be treated as if they too did not make the 54-hole cut, and let them receive appropriate rewards. A smaller 4th round field (at least 40 to, say, 56 players playing twosomes) would enjoy tee times more flexibly spaced between groups. The final twosome would go off at around 1:20pm ET, or about 30-40 minutes earlier than current practice. This would allow for a not-so-harried conclusion and proper TV sign-off. Also, in the event of a playoff the extra minutes gained with the 54-hole Low 40 cut would allow the TV network (CBS or NBC) to stay with the action longer and perhaps avoid shifting coverage over to Golf Channel at the 7:00pm ET "Zero Hour". RE - PGA Tour's Proposed Low-65 Cut ... When I see words to the effect saying that the top money prize would go from 18 percent of the purse to 20 percent, I am concerned about what tinkering the PGA Tour may do with the lowest place prizes. Currently, the difference ratio between the 1st place ($ 900,000 in a $ 5 million event) and 70th place ($ 10,000) prizes is 90-to-1 in regular PGA Tour events (excluding WGC's and majors). This was an improvement over the PGA Tour's 20-percent distribution method of the 1970s, when the difference ratio between 1st place ($ 40,000 in a $ 200,000 event) and 70th place ($ 300) was 133.33-to-1. In the first two years of the Fed Ex Cup, 2007 and 2008, the points distribution method mirrored that for money. Then in 2009, the points distribution method was changed (perverted, in my not-so-humble view) to a non-standard method. Further adjustments (more perversion) occurred later on, so that now the points distribution math works this way -- For regular PGA Tour events offering "full-point allocation". the difference ratio between 1st place (500 pts) and 70th place (3 pts) is 166.66-to-1; for WGC's, where 1st awards 550 pts and 70th awards 3.40 pts, the difference ratio is 161.76-to-1; for the Majors and the Players, where 1st awards 600 pts and 70th awards 3.40 points (the 21st thru 70th place points for WGCs, Majors and Players are the same !!!), the difference ratio is 176.47-to-1. So, I am dreading the "gross perversion" of the prize money distribution that may result should the Low-65 proposal be adopted.
  4. Actually, it would be the 2nd post post-WW1 and WW2 three-peat, after Peter Thomson's three Open Championships in 1954, 1955 and 1956. Three of Willie Anderson's four US Opens came consecutively -- 1903, 1904 and 1905. Other "3-Peat" Open Championship winners -- Jamie Anderson (1877, 1878, 1879) and Bob Ferguson (1880, 1881, 1882). Tom Morris Jr. won three consecutive Open Championships in 1868, 1869 and 1870. The tournament was not played in 1871, but resumed in 1872 when Morris Jr, won again. Walter Hagen won four consecutive PGA Championships in four consecutive years (1924, 1925, 1926 and 1927) -- the only player ever to win any major in this particular fashion.
  5. Thank You! BTW --- WRBL does have a METV sub-channel where the CBS feed could have been placed unblemished, but they didn't think of that option! Folks are racing a little hell on their Facebook page.
  6. 9:10 AM ET If you live in or near Columbus Georgia, WRBL TV-3's grossly over-talky weather guy is making Masters watching on a split screen one huge royal pain. If there's an online link to the CBS feed, -PLEASE POST- !!
  7. Well, that scenario is no more -- so, barring any unthinkables, the final group will be Molinari, Finau and Woods.
  8. If Brooks Koepka, currently -10, were to hole out his 2nd at 18 -AND- if Molanari finishes at least -12, Tiger Woods (-11) would be knocked out of tomorrow's final group, because Finau (-11) finished ahead of Woods.
  9. JUST ANNOUNCED -- by Masters Tournament Chairman Fred Ridley Early Sunday Start -- All groups off in Threesomes CBS on-air for the final round at 9:00 AM ET https://www.masters.com/en_US/news/articles/2019-04-13/finalround_tee_times_adjusted_due_to_weather.html?promo=siteAlert
  10. Least important bit of tournament information, but just in case someone wants to know ....
  11. Don't know if this has been posted already -- Augusta.com reports Ian Woosnam has announced that he's done as a Masters competitor. I'm guessing (mildly and wildly) that Larry Mize, Jose Maria Olazabal, Sandy Lyle and Fred Couples will follow suit -- maybe next year if not this year. As for ageless wonder Bernhard Langer -- who knows?
  12. Many here most likely know this already, but it is worth repeating ......... Over 20 years ago, then-CBS announcer Peter Oosterhuis observed that in certain situations a putt must be struck firmly enough to hold its line, and that a player must commit to making such a stroke. In the many decades of watching the Masters on TV, I can sometimes tell when a ball is struck that it won't go in, and it doesn't matter who the player is or how experienced they are. It is no surprise that this same sort of thing has happened a few times already this year. Expect a few more misses blending in with the makes this weekend.
  13. A great article from PGATOUR-Dot-Com on how Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw first met, and their relationship-friendship and respective careers since then. Article Link -- When Tom Kite Met Ben Crenshaw
  14. Congrats to Rory on a St. Paddy Win! Best regards to all others, but especially for Jim Furyk. Had he won, the rewards for him (especially at age 48) would've gone far beyond the $2.25 million 1st prize -- a five-season PGA Tour exemption thru 2023-24, plus invitations to all four Grand Slam majors thru 2021.
  15. According to the TV Times page at PGATour.Com, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm EDT on NBC In informal (and by no means official) response to posters herein asking about player finishes and tee times assignments for 3rd and 4th round play, my personal understanding is that the priority order is as follows 1. Best score for 36 holes (for 3rd Rnd Tees) / 54 holes (for 4th Rnd Tees) 2. In case of ties for #1, best score for the particular round played. 3. In case of ties for #2, the player who completes the particular 18 holes the earliest. followed by 2nd earliest; 3rd earliest; and so on. It is possible that priority option 2 may not be used -- but I'm not sure.
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