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  1. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    Monday, Monday -- We may just have to wait for that day!. Did some reports early on say that Trinity Forest wouldn't be a pushover? Much of the scoring up to now would seem to say otherwise. Maybe it just caught Matt Kuchar in a bad hair moment!
  2. Frank-0-Sport

    What Will the 2018-19 PGA Tour Schedule Look Like?

    LINK: The latest projection (January to August 2019 only) by Rex Hoggard
  3. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Hmmm -- Just visited the Events Page at the Official World Golf Rankings site. It shows the current (as of May 13 2018 at 7pm ET) Players Championship SoF (Strength of Field) rating as 854. Earlier in the week, the rating was 871. As I am not well versed on all the fine details of how the OWGR works, perhaps someone can enlighten on the reason for the 17-point difference!
  4. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    SPOILER! Brooks Koepka -- Yowzer! Nuff Ced, McGreevey!
  5. Frank-0-Sport

    10-Year Comparison: Majors & Players Using OWGR SoF Rating

    Could not answer that, as I do not understand all of the aspects of the OWGR system. I can tell you about my decision to use the "SoF" (Strength of Field) stat to do my event comparisons. One of the qualifications for The WGC Bridgestone Invitational is winners of International Federation of Tours events since the previous Bridgestone event. provided that such events have a minimum field strength rating of 115. Unless otherwise, I believe that the "SoF" stat is used for that process. So I adopted "SoF" for my research results here.
  6. Inspired by posts within the 2018 Players Championship topic on the issue of PGA Championship-VS-Players Championship for Strongest Field, I decided to do some research. I went directly to the Official World Golf Ranking site, and then to the Events Page. Once on "Events" , I chose the filter "ALL", then (individually) the last 10 years (2017 back to 2008). Finally, I toggled "SoF" (Strength of Field) until the ranking order showed the strongest rated event at the top, followed by 2nd strongest, then 3rd strongest, etc. I then went year-by-year (2017, 2016, 2015, etc down to 2008) obtaining the "SoF' ratings for the "Big Five" events -- Masters, US Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship and Players Championship. Once I had that info, I was able to easily compute ten-year averages for each of the five events. The results are presented in the attached image below. Although based on OWGR data, this may not be the definitive word on what constitutes the "strongest event". You can draw your own conclusions and express them at leisure. Incidentally, the OWGR site has given the 2018 Players an SoF rating of 871. Unless otherwise, that's a record high for this particular event. The 2018 Masters had an SoF rating of 794.
  7. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    The 2018 Players - Basics (1) The Field and (2) how they qualified (3) Daily Tee Times (4) The Leaderboard (active Thursday thru Sunday) Purse: $ 11,000,000 -- 1st: $ 1,980,000 / 2nd: $ 1,188,000 / 3rd: - $ 748,000 PLAYOFF: 3-hole aggregate score 16-17-18. If two-or-more are tied after 3 holes, then sudden-death format (18-17-18-17-etc) until there is an outright winner.
  8. Frank-0-Sport

    What Will the 2018-19 PGA Tour Schedule Look Like?

    Well Folks -- The suspense (semi-lame rah rah) is almost over. Sometime between Tuesday and the start of the play on Thursday (if not after) we'll know the official 2018-19 PGA Tour Schedule. One item has already been made clear -- The WGC Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone is history, to be replaced with the WGC-Fed X St Jude Invitational, which is to be placed in the early August week currently occupied by the WGC-Bridgestone. If any one has any inside info about other changes ahead of the official announcement, feel free to post. Thanx-A-Lot and Enjoy The Players!
  9. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Greetings .... Congratulations to Patrick Reed, the 2018 Masters Champion. Kudo's on great play to Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Jon Rahm, and Tony Finau (among others in the Top 12). Honorable mentions to Charley Hoffman (ace at 16th) and Rory McIlroy (3rd round play). One tiny note of criticism -- I'm not a putting expert, but it seemed to me that Jordan Spieth's par putt on the 72nd hole may not have been struck with proper authority and detail. Anyone else think so? 367 days until the next Masters (April 11-14, 2019) -- almost as bad as waiting for the next Christmas.
  10. Frank-0-Sport

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Greetings ... Despite the threat of bad weather, the players are going out in twosomes (Paul Casey will play with a marker) and the tee times are what one would expect on a normal Saturday. http://www.masters.com/en_US/players/pairings/index.html Oh, Yes -- How about some of these pairings ?? Reed-Leishman / Stenson-McIlroy / Spieth-D. Johnson / J.Thomas-Finau Fowler-Oosthuizen / Rose - B. Watson / Kuchar-Rahm / Matusyama-Z. Johnson Should be quite a Saturday, weather permitting.
  11. Frank-0-Sport

    What Will the 2018-19 PGA Tour Schedule Look Like?

    Greetings ... Various news articles suggest that the PGA Tour wants their "wrap" seasons to end before the start of NFL football. I have a strong suspicion that the Tour may actually be aiming to hold the Tour Championship the weekend BEFORE Labor Day, but NOT Labor Day Weekend itself. This is assuming of course that Atlanta is the host site for the tournament. Holding the Tour Championship in Atlanta during Labor Day weekend is very undesirable for many reasons, the main one being the Chick-Fil-A College Football Games that are now played there. The games brings in plenty of traffic, especially when two of them are staged. Beyond that, there's DragonCon and dozens of other special gatherings in and around the Metro Area. I can tell you from personal experience that getting in and out downtown Atlanta during Labor Day has in recent years become increasingly difficult, especially with the manner in which some of the streets have been reworked. I was until about three years ago a near-regular attendee at Dragoncon, and have seen how bad it is to get around. All in All do not be completely surprised if the Tour Championship's 2019 dates are August 22-25 and not August 30-9/3.as a previous poster suggests. Thanx-A-Lot and Enjoy The Houston and ANA-Dinah Shore
  12. Frank-0-Sport

    What Will the 2018-19 PGA Tour Schedule Look Like?

    Found a more recent article (March 2018) on Sports Illustrated's site. It says the WGC Fed Ex event in Memphis is an apparent done deal, while also suggesting that Tiger Woods' DC National event may very well be toast after this year. PGA Tour hopes to announce 2018-19 schedule at the 2018 Players.
  13. Greetings ... While the PGA Tour's 2018-19 season schedule is not yet available, there are indications that some events are getting moved, revamped or else put on the chopping block. Small hints of what may be coming are given in the following articles 2019 Schedule Could End Before Football - Rex Hoggard Golf Channel (2017) WGC-Bridgestone could leave Firestone after 2018 -- GolfNewsNet (2017) RE WGC Bridgestone leaving Firestone -- The word here is that as part renewing sponsorship of the FedEx Cup race, the FedEx company wants to upgrade the Memphis-St. Jude event to a WGC. Meanwhile, it is suggested that Bridgestone would give up the event at Firestone to sponsor an official PGA Tour event in Asia. In return, Firestone would get a Champions Tour event. If someone has more recent information about any 2018-19 schedule changes, please post here and include source links. Thanx-A-Lot
  14. Frank-0-Sport

    2019 Florida Swing

    Ten-Year PGA Tour exemptions for winning the Players, Masters, US Open, Open Championship (British) and PGA Championship were reduced to five for winners 1998-onwards. 1997 was the last time 10-year exemptions were awarded, with Greg Norman (NEC World Series of Golf) being the last such recipient. Beginning 2003, any player who wins a PGA Tour exemption of 3-or-more years in a given year, can increase his exempt status by winning PGA Tour events in each of the appropriate calendar years (or "wrap" tour seasons) following that in which the initial 3-or-more year (or season) exemption was earned. A maximum of five additional one-year exemptions may obtained in this manner. As an example, David Toms won the PGA Championship in 2001, and between 2002 and 2006 won at least five PGA Tour events to increase his prime exempt status to ten years thru the end of 2011. I'm not a fan of the PGA Tour's current method of awarding additional years of victory exemptions. I would rather that they award exemptions on a fixed basis, as follows ... 5 yrs - Players, Masters, US Open, Open Ch., PGA Ch., Fed Ex Cup 3 yrs - WGCs, Palmer, Memorial and Tour Championship 3 yrs -- Any PGA Tour event, other than those listed above, on the condition that (1) it is among the Top Five such events of the current season on the basis of Official World Golf Ranking Field Strength, and that (2) the winning player is among the Final Top 20 Fed Ex Points Leaders of the season in which the win occurs 2 yrs - All other PGA Tour events.
  15. Frank-0-Sport

    2019 Florida Swing

    Greetings ... Not for sure, but somewhere I read that the WGC-Mexico event would be shifted over to the West Coast Segment. If that is indeed the case,then the first eight weeks of 2019 would look this .... Jan 3-6 ... Sentry Tournament of Champions // Jan 10-13 ... Sony-Hawaii Jan 17-20 ... Career Builder Challenge of Hope // Jan 24-27 ... Farmers-SanDiego Jan 31-Feb 3 ... WM - Phoenix // Feb 7-10 ... AT&T-Pebble Beach Feb 14-17 ... Genesis-Los Angeles // Feb 21-24 ... WGC-Mexico and (I presume) Puerto Rico

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