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  1. 2019 Florida Swing

    Greetings ... Not for sure, but somewhere I read that the WGC-Mexico event would be shifted over to the West Coast Segment. If that is indeed the case,then the first eight weeks of 2019 would look this .... Jan 3-6 ... Sentry Tournament of Champions // Jan 10-13 ... Sony-Hawaii Jan 17-20 ... Career Builder Challenge of Hope // Jan 24-27 ... Farmers-SanDiego Jan 31-Feb 3 ... WM - Phoenix // Feb 7-10 ... AT&T-Pebble Beach Feb 14-17 ... Genesis-Los Angeles // Feb 21-24 ... WGC-Mexico and (I presume) Puerto Rico
  2. Greetings .... In watching past Masters coverage, now provided officially on YouTube courtesy of Augusta National, I've noticed a multitude of things in the comparison of past and present tournaments. One of the most telling tidbits comes from the 1977 Masters replay. At about the 29 minute, 35 second mark of the video, the final round tee times are displayed. The spacing (which may also be referred to as intervals) between each 2-man group going off on Number One Tee is eight (8) minutes. Compare and contrast that with the 10-minute intervals for most current final round tee times. Also, if you have paid careful attention, players back then were moving from one hole to the next much faster then the players of today.. Well, you quite naturally get the idea -- slower play has become the unwritten law of the land nowadays. It's no wonder that coverage of final rounds of regular PGA Tour events will more than often run well past 6:00pm, leaving hardly any time to chat with the winner and then (unless it's a big event) see them receive the trophy. And it is also no wonder that on occasion a sudden-death playoff sometimes gets interrupted by darkness and has to be concluded on Monday. Sadly, the players and the tours are letting this happen, and it seems that all parties are either unable or unwilling to properly address it. What do you think?
  3. The USGA's Ten-Year Exemption Policy for Winners

    Greetings ... 10 years for winning the US Open itself, and five years for winning one of the other three majors, is more than fair enough. If you're a one-hit wonder who's never heard from again,, well then so be it -- enjoy your five or ten free passes and then be on your way, or else try to re-qualify like any other golfer. The only change that I would make would be if someone achieves a calendar year grand slam (winning all four majors within a given calendar year), then give that person a lifetime exemption. No one's ever achieved a professional calendar year slam, and the odds of even doing so are way off the charts, so there's no need to worry much about one-or-more of the 156 field spots being swallowed up by some old has-been 30-40 years down the road. The US Open is "open" for a reason, and that is how it should stay.
  4. Issue: Fed Ex Points at Palmer and Memorial events

    Greetings .Iacas and Macdutch The PGA Tour saw to it that both the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Memorial Tournament would award 3-season exemptions and (something I forgot to mention the first time) have purses comparable to the WGC's and Fed Ex playoff events. I can think of no reason of any kind why both events should not also have enhanced Fed Ex point values as well. Of course, as you say, they are both invitational events. But then so are events such as the Masters Tournament, the WGC's, the Players and PGA Championships, and also (even if no one may think such) the four Fed Ex Cup events. All of them have large purses and enhanced points, and all but the first three playoff events offer at least a 3-season exemption. So again, what rationale could there be not to let the Palmer and Memorial events offer enhanced points?? There are of course other invitational events -- the Heritage, the Colonial at Fort Worth, the DC National and also (in my view) two pro-am events, the CareerBuilder and Pebble Beach. But they are considered as regular events, offering standard points, exempt status and money, so there's no need to make a special case about them. Oh BTW -- I also consider the winners-only Sentry Tournament of Champions to be an invitational event. But it is one that I would seriously consider revamping with a larger purse, 3-season exemption reward and enhanced Fed Ex points. However, all of that would be done -ONLY- on the condition that the field would have at least 50 winners rather than the random 25-35 per year. This can be easily done, and would include an assist from the Official World Golf Ranking Tournament Strength-of-Field stat. Thanx-A-Lot!
  5. Greetings .... As most here should know by now, beginning in 2015 winners of the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Memorial Tournament receive 3-season PGA Tour exemptions, putting the two events on equal footing with the World Golf Championship Events (WGC's) and the Tour Championship, at least as far as exempt status is concerned. However, the Fed Ex Cup points offered by the two events were -NOT- brought up to the level of the WGC events, meaning that first place is worth 500 points, rather than than the 550 points offered by the WGC events. Does it strike you as kind of odd that the PGA Tour would grant to winners of Arnold Palmer's and Jack Nicklaus' events a 3-season exemption, but at the same time choose not to raise the Fed Ex point values of the two events as well?? Thanx-A-Lot! (But not to the PGA Tour)
  6. 2018 WGC-Mexico Championship

    Greetings ... The potential rewards on Sunday for current WGC Mexico leader Shubhankar Sharma Solo 2nd Place -- Enough Fed Ex Points to apply for Special Temporary Status, allowing for unlimited sponsor invites and Top-10+Ties exemptions. WINNING -- Can join the PGA Tour and be exempt for most events thru the end of the 2020-21 season. Would automaticly be in the Masters, Players, Open Championship, PGA Championship and official stroke play WGC events in 2018. May reach Top 64 on World Golf Ranking List, making him eligible for Dell Match Play. Staying among Top 60 in the World Golf Rankings would earn spot in 2018 US Open. One catch (somebody check me on this) -- because the win would occur in a WGC event -AND- because Sharma is a non-regular PGA Tour member, the 550 Fed Ex Points would not apply, so he'd be starting his PGA Tour career with zero points. Thanx-A-Lot and Enjoy the Final 18!
  7. Greetings .... One of the worse things about watching coverage of the regular tournaments is that the 18th towers announcers (Nantz-CBS or Hicks-NBC) spend a few minutes conversing with one of the execs of the chief presenting sponsor of the particular event. It's all drivel that isn't needed. For all the money these corporations spend for commercial time, it would be better if the execs themselves appeared in one or two promotional spots, briefly explain what their company is about and as well as say which local charities are beneficiaries and then take a hike and let the broadcast go on! That's My Take!
  8. 2018 WGC-Mexico Championship

    Greetings .... RE Questions about qualifiers and other info for the WGC Mexico Invitational Championship Here's a category-by-category qualifier list from PGA Tour.COM BTW -- Notice that there are no categories regarding winners of certain events, such as the four Major Championships, the Players Championship, other official WGC events, plus events with 3-year exemptions (A Palmer, Memorial, Tour Championship). If such categories did exist, then the most recent winners of those events would automaticly qualify. This explains why the likes of Si Woo Kim (2017 Players Ch.), who didn't qualify any other way, is not in the Mexico field. And here's a page with scoring links, tee times, course info and purse breakdown Thanx-A-Lot & Enjoy
  9. U.S. Open Playoff Going from 18 holes to 2

    Greetings .... While I approve of the elimination of the 18-hole playoff, I strongly disapprove of there being only two holes in a aggregate playoff. At the very least it should be four holes. That's my 2¢¢ents Worth!
  10. Should the Tour Championship Winner Win the FedExCup?

    Greetings .... I am happy for both Justin Thomas and Xander Schauffele. Each man got their just rewards. I have never been a fan of the Fed Ex Cup playoffs for a variety of reasons that I personally won't go into here. These days the only PGA Tour competitions I have real interest in are the four Grand Slam majors, the Players Championship, the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup. I will say this in support of the Tour Championship -- it is a season championship within itself, offering a 3-year exemption (it's 5-years for the Fed Ex) to the Players Championship plus all regular open and invitational PGA Tour events (excluding the majors, WGCs, CIMB, Tournament of Champions and CJ Cup). I have no problem if on occasion the Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup end up being won by different players. So There! Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  11. 2017 L.A. Open (Genesis Open)

    Greetings .... The field for the 2017 Genesis-Los Angeles Open is the strongest of the year on any tour by far. Go to the Official World Golf Ranking Events Page and toggle the "Total Rating" field (AKA Strength of Field, or SOF) so that you see the highest ranked event 1st, next highest ranked event 2nd, and so on. Then look at the "This Week's Events" section just to the right to compare the Genesis SOF of figure 567 with the other events. Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  12. Humble Greetings ..... CBS just closed out its 2nd round Masters Highlights Show with a brief talk with Arnold Palmer. It was upbeat, but left me with a feeling that something was up, even if no one said out loud that something was up. Did anyone watch and feel the same way? Enjoy Your Masters Weekend Frank-0-Sport
  13. Greetings .... Nationwide is definitely on the side of Jack Nicklaus and his Memorial Tournament. The insurance firm has announced a renewal of its sponsorship commitment thru 2021, as well as a sizable increase of the tournament purse -- going from $ 6.2 million in 2015 ($1.116 million-1st prize) to $ 8.5 million in 2016 (at least $1.53 million-1st prize; article says $1.615 million) . Full Golf Channel News Article The purse increase puts the Memorial equal with the Fed Ex Cup playoff events. Only the three in-the-USA WGC events, the Players Championship and the four Grand Slam Majors offer higher purses. Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport.
  14. Greetings ..... The recent falling out between NBC and Donald Trump following some unfavorable remarks of his has got me thinking about the WGC Cadillac event. Currently, in addition to sponsorship by Cadillac and others. it is being played at the Trump-owned Doral Blue Monster, is co-sponsored by the PGA Tour and International Federation of Golf Tours, and is being televised by NBC and the NBC-owned Golf Channel. I've neither heard or seen any comment on it from the media at large as of now. Do you have any thoughts on the possibility of anti-Trump sentiment having some sort of impact on the WGC Cadillac Event ?? Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport

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