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  1. Should the Tour Championship Winner Win the FedExCup?

    Greetings .... I am happy for both Justin Thomas and Xander Schauffele. Each man got their just rewards. I have never been a fan of the Fed Ex Cup playoffs for a variety of reasons that I personally won't go into here. These days the only PGA Tour competitions I have real interest in are the four Grand Slam majors, the Players Championship, the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup. I will say this in support of the Tour Championship -- it is a season championship within itself, offering a 3-year exemption (it's 5-years for the Fed Ex) to the Players Championship plus all regular open and invitational PGA Tour events (excluding the majors, WGCs, CIMB, Tournament of Champions and CJ Cup). I have no problem if on occasion the Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup end up being won by different players. So There! Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  2. 2017 L.A. Open (Genesis Open)

    Greetings .... The field for the 2017 Genesis-Los Angeles Open is the strongest of the year on any tour by far. Go to the Official World Golf Ranking Events Page and toggle the "Total Rating" field (AKA Strength of Field, or SOF) so that you see the highest ranked event 1st, next highest ranked event 2nd, and so on. Then look at the "This Week's Events" section just to the right to compare the Genesis SOF of figure 567 with the other events. Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  3. Humble Greetings ..... CBS just closed out its 2nd round Masters Highlights Show with a brief talk with Arnold Palmer. It was upbeat, but left me with a feeling that something was up, even if no one said out loud that something was up. Did anyone watch and feel the same way? Enjoy Your Masters Weekend Frank-0-Sport
  4. Greetings .... Nationwide is definitely on the side of Jack Nicklaus and his Memorial Tournament. The insurance firm has announced a renewal of its sponsorship commitment thru 2021, as well as a sizable increase of the tournament purse -- going from $ 6.2 million in 2015 ($1.116 million-1st prize) to $ 8.5 million in 2016 (at least $1.53 million-1st prize; article says $1.615 million) . Full Golf Channel News Article The purse increase puts the Memorial equal with the Fed Ex Cup playoff events. Only the three in-the-USA WGC events, the Players Championship and the four Grand Slam Majors offer higher purses. Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport.
  5. Greetings ..... The recent falling out between NBC and Donald Trump following some unfavorable remarks of his has got me thinking about the WGC Cadillac event. Currently, in addition to sponsorship by Cadillac and others. it is being played at the Trump-owned Doral Blue Monster, is co-sponsored by the PGA Tour and International Federation of Golf Tours, and is being televised by NBC and the NBC-owned Golf Channel. I've neither heard or seen any comment on it from the media at large as of now. Do you have any thoughts on the possibility of anti-Trump sentiment having some sort of impact on the WGC Cadillac Event ?? Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  6. 2013 CIMB Classic Discussion Thread

    Greetings ..... Check out who's invited to this year's CIMB Classic, particularly those in the "Available Top 60 from the 2013 Fed Ex Cup Points List". As you will see by viewing both links below, the CIMB tournament staff had to go way, way down the points list to find players who wanted to play in this event. Will this be the case all the time, or will more of the top players choose to tee it up here in future years?? [URL=http://www.pgatour.com/inside-the-field/2013/10/20/inside-the-field--cimb-classic.html]CIMB: Inside The Field[/URL] .... [URL=http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02394.html#2013]2013 Fed Ex Cup Points Leaders[/URL] Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  7. New scheduling rule for PGA Tour players (idea)

    Greetings .... Have now realized that in my previous I failed to give special mention to David Duval. Apart from any other golfer, Duval, if for only a brief time, had his own special kind of "Right Stuff". He won the 1999 Players Championship and 10 other PGA Tour events within a two-year period from October 1997 to October 1999, then later added two more wins, including the 2001 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St. Annes. In addition, he was the 1998 Leading Money Winner, wrested the #1 Ranking from Tiger Woods at least twice, and had success in team competitions such as the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and World Cup. When Duval was on top of his game, he was a force to be reckoned with. When interviewed on David Feherty's Golf Channel show, Duval more or less said that he wanted to compete, wanted to win. I believe it is safe to say that he certainly had all the right motivations to have a phenomenally successful career, taking on all challengers, whoever they might have been. Unfortunately, as we all know, that intense desire quickly left Duval not long after his 2001 Open Championship win, and his career took a steep nosedive. Fortunately and most thankfully, his personal life has became a happy one, and he is at peace with himself.--but we are left wondering "what might have been!!". Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  8. New scheduling rule for PGA Tour players (idea)

    Greetings .... [quote name="MEfree" url="/t/70515/new-scheduling-rule-for-pga-tour-players-idea/18#post_908020"]So under your format, Tiger would likely have had a virtual lock on the Fed Ex Cup by the first week in August- that doesn't really make a for a compelling end to the season. [/quote] Your point is well taken. It is true that Tiger has been dominate in many seasons, but for how much longer is that going to go on? Can he keep playing at such a high level each year? And whether or not he does keep going at his great pace, who is going to challenge him, how many are going to challenge him and how often will those challenges occur?? I am of the opinion that Tiger Woods is indeed a rare phenomenon, one that we may not seen again anytime soon. However, there's a catch to that rareness, and that catch is--TIMING!! Tiger Woods has succeeded in a period of time where the work ethic dynamics of PGA Tour players are much different than when the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Billy Casper, Johnny Miller, Tom Weiskopf, Lee Trevino and Tom Watson were each in their glory. Back when these legends were playing, the PGA Tour was a place where one had to work hard for success -- exemptions were tighter, courses were not always so easy to overpower, players--even the slow ones--finished rounds much faster and tournament prize money offerings--while obviously low--were mostly not overinflated or disproportionate. Today, the PGA Tour is a much different animal -- exemptions are looser, courses are getting knocked down with ease, slow play has become the unsung rule of the fairways, greens, hazards and concession tents and tournament prize money offerings (Greg Norman, you were right about something!) have skyrocketed way out of bounds. Although some pros are out there with a desire to win, it does not seem to be the same desire that existed years ago. It almost seems as if players just occasionally sneak in and grab something only when Tiger is either not playing his type of game, or isn't in the field at all. And while it is true that both Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh have each had fabulously successful careers--which obviously in a world without Tiger Woods would have been celebrated even more--their efforts have had no significant impact on Tiger's incredible string of successes. The suggestions and proposals made by me in the particular discussion thread are intended to do something that the PGA Tour is seemingly unable or (more likely) unwilling to do -- promote a stronger, tougher work ethic dynamic for its players, where their desire to compete and to win is driven to new levels. Hopefully, the end result would be that years such as what Tiger had in 2013 and on other occasions would be very few and far between, and that instead we get to see a great many PGA Tour seasons come down to the last event with several players all in the running for whatever big prizes are on the table. Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  9. New scheduling rule for PGA Tour players (idea)

    Greetings ... [quote name="MEfree" url="/t/70515/new-scheduling-rule-for-pga-tour-players-idea/18#post_907862"]Sounds like change for change sake only. Why do away with a WGC event and the playoffs only to replace them with 4 or 5 events with bigger purses than a regular event? The WGC and playoff events already have bigger purses. And what would the incentive to rewarding extra points if there are no playoffs? [/quote] In lieu of a long explanation --- (1)There should be a carefully considered revision of points distribution in each of the 46 PGA Tour events, resulting in a widening of the difference ratio (IE, gap) between 1st place (tournament winner) and many of the lower places, particularly among the Top 30. At the same time, and in the interests of competitive fairness, the difference ratio (or gap) between 1st place and the lowest places should be narrowed some. The widening of the difference ratios between 1st place and any of the Top 30 places would put a greater premium on finishing as high as possible in a tournament, including the most important place of all--the winner's chair! (2) Eliminating the current playoffs and re-assigning all their points elsewhere (to any of the 46 events, not just a select few)(BTW -- there are 66,660 total playoff points; a single regular event offers just 3,513) , combined with the increased emphasis on winning, plus the offering of other competitive incentives that have significant meaning, would in one sense make the entire 46-event season a playoff series. Every victory, regardless of the event or its individual status, would potentially have a special meaning. (3) The -ULTIMATE- goal is to meet conditions necessary to win the Fed Ex Cup Grand Prize at its full value of $10 million. Al Davis, late owner of the Oakland/LA Raiders, said it best -- "Just Win, Baby!!" Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  10. New scheduling rule for PGA Tour players (idea)

    Greetings .... In the PGA Tour's current state, where you already have the four Grand Slam Majors, the Players Championship, four World Golf Championship events and the four Fed Ex Cup playoff events, there's very little pick and choose freedom, especially when you consider that the Fed Ex Cup events are the same ones every year -AND- they all occur, more or less, within the same 4-week period each year. The playoffs themselves are a logistical nightmare--and will be even more of a nightmare in 2016 with the inclusion of golf in the Summer Olympics. As for requiring players to play all regular events at least once every 3-or-4 years, that's asking a lot. Also, what about competitive incentives--IE, little added perks that like enhanced purse and points values, victory rewards and whatever else that would make it worth a player's time and effort to tee it up?? For a brief time in the 1970s, the PGA Tour did an experiment called the "Designated Event". Any recent winner of a major, the Players or the (1976-77-78) World Series of Golf, as well as US Ryder Cup members and PGA Tour Top 30 Money Winners were required to play in Designated Events. But there were some problems -- (1) only three such events were played in 1974, and then only one per year from 1975 to 1978; (2) The only competitive incentive (IE, "perk") offered to players was a tournament purse 25 or 50 percent larger than the norm. A Designated Event victory carried no bonus rewards, nor did it award its winner (in 1976-77-78 only) a spot with 20 to 25 other players in the World Series of Golf. The Designated Event experiment was canceled after 1978. In my view, the PGA Tour should -- (1) do away with the play-offs and at least one WGC event; (2) simply have the season end at the Tour Championship with the Top 50 points leaders competing; (3) annually have at least 4-to-5 different events be worth something extra in terms of purse and points offerings as well as victory rewards. Mandatory entry is not a requirement. (4) With the addition of ample--and meaningful--competitive incentives, make the awarding of the Fed Ex Cup's Grand Prize at its full value of $10 million conditional. If the specified conditions (several options offered) are not met, then the Grand Prize would be worth only $5 million!!! Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  11. Greetings .... The PGA Tour moves on to Houston TX for Shell's Wonderful Houston Open (a little wordplay on the sponsor). Click-on here for »» [URL=http://www.pgatour.com/inside-the-field/2013/03/shell-houston-open.html]a very interesting breakdown of the tournament field[/URL] , showing how each player qualified for this week's event. ALSO .. [URL=http://www.pgatour.com/tourreport/2013/03/26/shell-houston-qualifiers.html]The Four Monday Qualifiers[/URL] Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Sport
  12. Greetings .... 19-yr-old Jordan Spieth tied for 7th and earned $148,892 to secure Special Temporary Membership for the rest of 2013. He can now accept as many sponsor invites and Top-10 finish exemptions as he can get. If Spieth can add about another $150,000-or-so to his current total of $521,892, he should lock up a PGA Tour card for 2013-14. Thanx-A-Lot, FrankoSport

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