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  1. Congrats to Rory on a St. Paddy Win! Best regards to all others, but especially for Jim Furyk. Had he won, the rewards for him (especially at age 48) would've gone far beyond the $2.25 million 1st prize -- a five-season PGA Tour exemption thru 2023-24, plus invitations to all four Grand Slam majors thru 2021.
  2. According to the TV Times page at PGATour.Com, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm EDT on NBC In informal (and by no means official) response to posters herein asking about player finishes and tee times assignments for 3rd and 4th round play, my personal understanding is that the priority order is as follows 1. Best score for 36 holes (for 3rd Rnd Tees) / 54 holes (for 4th Rnd Tees) 2. In case of ties for #1, best score for the particular round played. 3. In case of ties for #2, the player who completes the particular 18 holes the earliest. followed by 2nd earliest; 3rd earliest; and so on. It is possible that priority option 2 may not be used -- but I'm not sure.
  3. A brief bit of my 2 cents worth .... The Fed Ex Cup Points System -- while very flawed as it is currently administered -- nonetheless operates very much like official tournament prize money did when that was the exemption standard. With money then and points now, it is a matter of consistently compiling wins, Top 5's, Top 10's and Top 25's each season. The more times a player does this, the more likely he will be at or near the top of the standings by season's end. Otherwise, he is on the outside of any or all of these -- the Top 30 (Tour Championship), the Top 125 (playoffs and full exemption next season) or the Top 200 (Web.Com Finals). Back in the Money Days, the penalty for missing the cut (or else a withdrawal or disqualification) was no money earned. The same is true now for points. There is no need to even consider creating what would be a very confusing and convoluted penalty system. My two pennies are spent -- your turn now!
  4. An unusually large difference between the 1st place leader and anyone among the 2nd thru 30th places is always a possibility. However, with the way the PGA Tour is at present, this would not be a huge deal in most years. Furthermore, I have no problem if on a few occasions the Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup winners are not the same person. One has to remember that the Tour Championship (at least up to now) is a mini-season championship by itself, offering nearly as many rewards as the Fed Ex title does. In winning the 2018 Tour Championship, Tiger Woods served up one of the best of all reasons why the occasional "two different winner" scenario is not necessarily a bad thing.
  5. Note to Iacas -- I am aware of the 2019 changes. As the text below suggests, I am not in favor of them. Congrats to Tiger Woods (Tour Championship) and Justin Rose (Fed Ex Cup) That's how it was in actual fact. Presented below are the final actual fact and alternative scenario Top 30 Fed Ex Cup finishers. From 6th place upwards, there are only minor differences of note. However, among the Top Five finishers, some dramatic differences occur, mainly with Tiger Woods, Billy Horschel and Justin Rose. Again the main points of the alternative scenario premise -- (1) NO pre-tourney reset of player points; (2) Based solely on the pre-tourney difference between 1st place (Bryson DeChambeau at 5,789) and 30th (Patton Kizzire at 1,432), a modified offering of Tour Championship points. (3) no adjustment of any player's score before, during or after the Tour Championship. The alternative scenario was no mere fiddling around with numbers. This was a carefully considered enterprise, reflecting my personal feelings concerning many aspects of the current (and future) Fed Ex Cup playoff format. Indeed, IMHO there's no need (and never has been) for a play-off series -PERIOD-!! If the PGA Tour had even given it serious thought back when the playoffs were first being proposed, it could have chosen to -- (1) Not have a play-off series, just a 12-month "wrap" period that concluded with the Tour Championship; (2) Have -ALL- official events offer only 1.0x value points (3) Base the Tour Championship point offerings on the difference in points earned-to-date between the 1st and 30th place Fed Ex Cup leaders.
  6. I won't disagree with you. Just to clarify the main part of what I think is wrong is that (1) the many scenarios are way too confusing for many in the public to properly figure out and (2) winning the Fed Ex Cup by the current method favors only a few of the Top 30 even if all in the field have some sort of chance. The alternative scenarios I offer here should be easier and straightforward for all concerned.
  7. A Personal Opinion It looks like the PGA Tour has (once again) gotten it wrong with its Top 30 Scenario set-up for the 2017-18 Fed Ex Playoffs. Submitted for your consideration and comment, an alternative Top-30 scenario that -- 1. Does not reset any player's points prior to the start of play. 2. Presents a different offering scheme of Tour Championship points, based on the event's 32-year-old basic money distribution formula. In fact, if you multiply each of the 30 places by 180 you'll get the individual place prize money amounts for the 2018 tournament. 3. In addition to the above, the alternative scenario doesn't tinker with the Tour Championship's scoring format or anything else. The field just plays the event as they would any other. May the best man win. One additional thought -- consider what the scenarios might be like (especially for Bryson DeChambeau) if the three playoff events offered only 1.0x value points instead of 4.0x.
  8. PGA Championship -- Bellerive Course Overview (Link) Very nice looking course -- hope the tournament gets a good break with the weather
  9. OWGR Events Page -- Toggle "SoF" (Field Strength) -- so that the highest such ranked event is at the top, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. such ranked events in descending order. The 100th edition of the PGA Championship currently has an OWGR SoF (Field Strength) rating of 920, which puts the event at the top spot in 2018, followed by (Top Five such ranked events) the 147th Open Championship (902), the U.S. Open (855), Players Championship (854), the Masters Tournament (794), and WGC-Bridgestone (751). The PGA Championship's 920 SoF rating may change before the first round of play depending on withdrawals, so the tournament's claim to "Number One" is not yet a sure thing.
  10. Nothing in Life is Certain -- So there's that occasional case of butterflies in the stomach. As stated above, Tiger did make the Top 50 -- but by less than a cat's whisker!
  11. The Barbasol's delayed-to-Monday finish is the prime reason we have yet to see the latest release of the Official World Golf Rankings. Is Tiger's Top 50 ranking (albeit by the thinnest of hairs) really a sure thing? OWGR Current Ranking Page
  12. Replying to many who are both surprised and pleased by Tiger Woods' projected OWGR Top 50 ranking (official confirmation of it on Monday). Early in the week, I was seeing reports that it might take at least a Top Five finish for Tiger to make the OWGR Top 50. If the mathematics are confirmed on Monday, he "squeaked in" with a 3-way tie for 6th, Possibly the OWGR Field Strength (SoF) of 902 for the 147th Open Championship may have helped here, though I am not expert enough to say for sure. Incidently, as I pointed out over in the 147th Open thread, the 902 Field-Strength rating puts the Open Championship at the top of such ranked events for calendar year 2018, with the WGC Bridgestone and PGA Championship still yet to come. Following the 147th Open in Field Strength (SoF) are the US Open (855), the Players Championship (854), the Masters (794), WGC Match Play (733), WGC Mexico City (679), the Memorial Tournament (652), Genesis-Los Angeles (500), Wells Fargo (492) and W.M. Phoenix (477). LINK: OWGR Events Page -- Toggle SoF (Field Strength) so that the highest ranked event is shown first, and lower ranking events follow in descending order.
  13. From Wikipedia --- The 2018 WGC Bridgestone Invitational -- includes all invitation categories. The OWGR Top 50 entries for July 23 will be posted tomorrow
  14. Now Available ... Open Championship 4th Round Tee Times The last group (Spieth-Schauffele) goes off at 2:45 pm local time, which is 9:45 am U.S. ET. You can figure out the rest from there.
  15. Indeed it is -- And I also see that the 147th Open Championship's Field Strength (SoF) has gone up a hair to 902, from 901. OWGR Events Page, with filters adjusted for PGA Tour (USA) -- Mouse-toggle "SoF" so that event rank display is highest to lowest. So. if all remains as is by conclusion of play on Sunday, the PGA Tour's Top 10 Events in OWGR Field Strength would be as follows .... 1. The 147th Open Championship .. 902 2. The U.S. Open ......... 855 3. The Players Championship .... 854 4. The Masters Tournament ..... 794 5. WGC Dell Match Play ......... 733 6. WGC Mexico City ......... 679 7. The Memorial Tournament .... 652 8. Genesis-Los Angeles .... 500 9. Wells Fargo Ch. ......... 492 10. W.M. Phoenix Open .... 477
  16. Thanks -- I should have thought of that myself. Even so, I still wanted to post here thinking that someone might know what the story was. Let me point out that the Mickelson Incident may not have any bearing on why the U.S. Open OWGR Field Strength (SoF) ranking elements are blank. However, there is this to consider --- I have noted that on some occasions, the Field Strength (SoF) rating of a tournament is sometimes re-adjusted after its initial posting on the OWGR web-site because of player withdrawals prior to the start play. I am not aware of any post-tournament re-adjustments, and I do not know what OWGR rules (if any) come into play should there be an in-tournament withdrawal or a disqualification, or a disqualification after the tournament is done. Of course, the blank fields may just be a glitch on the part of whoever maintains the OWGR site. We'll see. At any rate, I will follow thru on the "Contact Us" suggestion and see what happens with that..
  17. Just noticed something odd at the Official World Golf Ranking web-site. The Field Strength (SoF) rating for the 2018 U.S. Open, previously listed as 855, is now BLANK , as well as the two components which result in the SoF rank figure, these being World Rating and Home Rating. See for yourself here -- OWGR Events Page, filters adjusted to show just the 2018 Major Championships Because of the blank fields in question, the 2018 U.S. Open doesn't appear on the OWGR's PGA Tour or European PGA Tour pages Does anyone here happen to know why this is happening? Would the Phil Mickelson moving ball incident somehow be playing a part in this? BTW - As said above, the 2018 U.S. Open's Field Strength (SoF) had previously been listed as 855. By comparison, the 2018 Masters had a Field Strength of 794, and this week's 147th Open Championship is projected (so far) to have a Field Strength of 901, which would make it the top such ranked event of 2018 so far, with the PGA Championship and WGC-Bridgestone still to come.
  18. Casey is the man to catch on Sunday. BTW -- Someone at CBSSPORTS-dot-COM made an interesting typo on Casey's Saturday round just now. Take a look at the attached screenshot then do the math. Casey's true aggregate for three rounds is 16-under-194, including Saturday's 8-under-62. But if you were to believe the typo error, then after an 8-under-60, Casey's 3-round aggregate would be 16-under-188 !!! C'Mon guys, he's good, but not THAT good.
  19. Koepka got as low as 5-under, then gave some strokes back and wound up with a 2-under-68. He says he needs a nap!
  20. Personal OOPS! The 2018 Travelers-Hartford playing dates should be June 21-24. If the admins here can correct my original post above, then afterwards delete this one I'd be most thankful.
  21. Travelers Championship (Greater Hartford Open) ... June 20-23 2018 TPC River Highlands ... Par-70, 6844-yds ... Cromwell CT Purse: $ 7,000,000 / 1st Prize: $ 1,260,000 The Field ... Inside The Field ... Monday Qualifiers Top names in field .. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Si Woo Kim, Webb Simpson, Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, Xander Schauffele, Russell Knox, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Cantlay, Daniel Berger, Patton Kizzire, Chesson Hadley Current OWGR Field Strength Rating (SoF) : 446 -- could change if certain players withdraw prior to start of play To compare the Traveler's SoF of 446 with other events, go to the OWGR's Events Page and toggle "SoF" until the listing shows this order -- U.S. Open (855) as highest ranked event; Players Championship (854) as 2nd highest; Masters Tournament (794) as 3rd highest; and so on.
  22. The PGA Tour announced today (June 18 2018) that the 3M Open, to be played at TPC Twin Cities (near Minneapolis MN), will debut on the Tour's 2018-19 "wrap" season, with the exact dates to be announced at a later time. Here's the announcement as reported by Golf Channel Some other major online sites are also reporting on the new event, but are mistakenly saying that it is the first regular (non-major) PGA Tour stop in the state of Minnesota -- not so!! Turns out that there was an event called the St. Paul Open Invitational (aka at times as the St. Paul Open or Minnesota Golf Classic) that was played annually (with some exceptions) from 1930 thru 1969. That tournament boasted winners such as Sam Snead, Jimmy Demaret,Cary Middlecoff, Don January, Ray Floyd and Ken Venturi. The older St Paul event was played at Keller Golf Course in St. Paul from 1930 to 1966, as well as 1968. In 1967, Hazeltine GC in Chaska MN was the host, and then in 1969, Braemar Golf Course in Edina MN was the host. .
  23. That I knew -- It was still obscene. The day overall has been crazy, and now DJ has surrendered his lead, allowing Berger and Finau (congrats on a great Saturday, fellows) to be the last two out on Sunday.
  24. Phil -- an obscene 10 on one hole !! Berger and Finau go 4-under on the day. Dustin gives back 5 shots and no longer leads. What in the Henrik is going on? It's the U.S. Open, of course!
  25. OUCH! Oh, the scores so far -- Are we perhaps looking at another sequel to the 1974 massacre at Winged Foot ???
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