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  1. I like any rifle shaft (project x especially) better than the dynamic golds. I was also told by a club fitter that the rifle shafts tend to be manufactured a little more consistently as far as the proper frequency and what not. He lost me in the details but that is what I got out of it. I once saw another club fitter take out 4 or 5 Taylor Made drivers with what were supposed to be the same shafts, they each had a diffn't frequency to them.
  2. I can't say enough about underarmour. I had a long sleeve warm weather shirt and it was great under my golf shirt, no restriction of motion at all. As long as the sun was out, thats all I need when it is above 40 degrees. If it is any colder, cloudy and/or windy, I would throw on a standard golf jacket over it. But the underarmour shirt was the key.
  3. Tour Edge Exotics XCD - I also vote for that one, recently hit a bunch of 3-woods and this by far was my favorite, great weight, great feel, and could get it up in the air to land soft. However, they are very $$$.
  4. Playing lessons are worth it. Swing mechanics are only part of the game. Learning how to manage a course, preshot routines, chipping or putting habits, etc can all be gained from a playing lesson. They are best when rotated in with regular lessons on the driving range
  5. thanks for the replies, I am going to take it in and have them check it out. I knew I wasn't going crazy
  6. I got a new set of mizuno MP 60s this fall and I am thinking the 9 iron out of the set has a diffn't lie than the rest of the clubs. Has anyone had that happen to them? Can the lie be adjusted on an iron?
  7. My bag is broken up into 4 dividers and a bunch of pockets top - Driver, 3W, Hybrid, Putter middle left - 3-5 iron middle right - 6-8 iron bottom - 9 iron, PW, SW, LW pocket for green repair tools and ball markers, sharpies, keys, watch, wallet pocket for tees pocket for semi used balls pocket for "pearls" pocket for gloves I panic if they are not in the right sections.
  8. - Replace my driver every other season. - Recently replaced my set of irons after 9 years. Technology hasn't moved forward as much for irons. - Putter I've had for 9 years and I see no change in the future. - Wedges 2 years, I like the spin with a new set of wedges.
  9. I prefer the vokey, I find them a bit softer as far as feel is concerned.
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