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  1. Why is it unbelievable I can drive 300+ ?

    If you look at an iron head face on. The toe starts where the grooves end and goes to the end. the heel starts at the end of the grooves and goes to the hosel area. That being the case when the club is grounded and swung it is easier to see the toe than the face as it goes into impact. Yes the ball starts out where the face is pointed. I don't see what the big deal is about a guy who says he can hit it 300 yds. In the late 70's when I started I saw many amauter golfers in calif. who hit it 290- to 300, with macregor persimmon drivers. granted some roll was involved but it was still long. Heck I saw nicklaus at riviera hit one 295 on the fly. Big Jack was longer and higher ball flight in my opinion than woods.
  2. Why is it unbelievable I can drive 300+ ?

    ok.Lets clear this up. the clubface has a toe, a face and a heel. It is easier for a golfer to see the toe rather than the face when he is swinging. toe pointed to right ball goes right.pointed left ball goes left. swing at half speed and you can easily verify this for yourself.A player who knows this then can work the ball in different directions. just like Bubba.
  3. Why is it unbelievable I can drive 300+ ?

    What I meant by that statement is that the ball will always start out in the direction that the toe of the club is facing at impact. This is like hitting a fade or draw for example. Toe to the right ball goes right. toe left ball goes left, ( rt. handed player) If the ball then turns more rt. or lt. in its flight then your swing plane added to the problem. just like ping pong, or any other ball and stick game.
  4. Why is it unbelievable I can drive 300+ ?

    I am glad to see a new golfer who can wail the ball. A little physics will go along way also. Keep in mind the ball always goes where the toe of the club is is pointed at impact. good luck and have fun.
  5. I-MIX shaft advice needed

    I have ft-9 draw 11*, with aldila dvs 60- reg. 350. very good results. the x-com 6 stock shaft stiff is very good for higher swing speeds, as callaway r&d; dept. did alot of research for the stock shaft for the masses and not just for cost. my swing speed is 88 as I am a senior player. I also have a nike 10.5 square headed with a proto "BY YOU" which is the best shaft I have hit in 40 yrs. of golf. am looking to get one for my ft-9 I-mix.