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  1. 12 Degree Driver

    Are you a high ball hitter? What flex shaft do you play?
  2. What Do You Do for a Living?

    ^^ used to do this... I'm the safety supervisor for an oil well servicing company now though.
  3. WTB Bettinardi Putter

    I'm looking to purchase a Bettinardi putter. Would prefer a Studio 11 but am open to others. Please no mallets or heel shafted models. I live in Canada so you must be willing to ship to me. Please PM me with what you've got and how much you want for it, including shipping. Thanks!
  4. I recently purchased an Adams Super LS XTD driver. The Fubuki alpha 60 "X" flex is rated for 106+mph swing speeds. I average 110mph swing with my driver. I feel like the shaft is barely flexing for me and my shots are either a pull or a mild slice. Why is this shaft playing too stiff for me?
  5. Hand Injury on the Course

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies. The fracture description sounds very much like what I am going through so I will look into that further.
  6. Hand Injury on the Course

    Was playing 2 weeks ago and first hole was a par 4. Second shot into the green was a pitching wedge and stuck it to about 10 feet, but my divot was deep and I hurt my right hand (I swing right handed). I saw the doctor and he told me that I probably pulled a tendon in my hand. He said time and ice would help. It's been over 2 weeks now though and it's just as bad as it was the day it happened. The pain is mostly in the top center of my hand but extends over to the pinky finger and down to the wrist. Has anyone else had this injury? If so what have you done to help it? I am itching to play but can't due to the pain. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Well here is my dilemma folks: I am in need of a new cell phone and I am looking at the Samsung Instinct and the HTC Touch Diamond. Both phones are touch screen. When I get the new phone (at some point this month) I will be using it for photos, music, texting, GPS, web browsing [full HTML], and of course talking. I love to take my phone to the gym for my workouts because I have both my music and my phone in one and don't have to worry about missing either. I have read up on both phones and they both seem like the best phones that TELUS currently has to offer (as far as what I need). The Samsung Instinct is not considered a "smart phone" so I wouldn't really have to worry about a data plan and could just purchase the web browser feature. The HTC Touch Diamond is considered a smart phone and I would have to pay a minimum of $30/month extra for the data plan that included the web browsing. The Instinct does not have T9 texting but has a full qwerty keyboard. The HTC Touch Diamond appears to take better photos than the samsung but I am not sure if it would really be a noticeable difference or if it is just me looking at the megapixels. The Samsung Instinct has a 2 megapixel camera where the HTC Touch Diamond has a 3.2 megapixel camera. The Diamond also has T9 texting as well as full qwerty keyboard, on screen. I am sort of stuck in the middle here and can't really decide which phone to go with. There are pros and cons to both (price of data plan being the main con to the Diamond). Anyone have any experience with either or both of the phones yet? I will be on a 3 year contract either way. The instinct allows for some wiggle room where I do not get locked into a data plan but TELUS advised me that I would only have to be in a contract including a data plan for a year and can then cancel and get normal web browsing [no email or instant messaging] following that year. I am just looking for some help in deciding which phone is my best option. Opinions?
  8. Rocco or Tiger?

    I love watching Tiger play and I guess I could be called a "man-crush poster" because of it, but I will definitely applaud Rocco if by some miracle he comes out on top.
  9. Rocco or Tiger?

    Rocco doesn't even have a snow balls chance in h3LL
  10. Hey Dub, thanks for your response. I actually have a Taylor Made 300 driver.. same as you.. only mine is in 10.5*, and I can hit it just as far as my Titleist 905R and it feels better.. but is not as forgiving on the mishits. I actually think that people are too tempted by the big club heads some time and get sucked into the marketing rather than performance compared to their old clubs.. at least I know it happens to me. The Ping G10 is suppose to be very nice but I am going to see where I end up with this Callaway Biggest Big Bertha. I know that it was an old favorite of mine that I could never afford upon release and then new clubs just kept coming.. I am going back in time though and I think that the Bertha will actually perform just as well as my Taylor Made and my Titleist. We'll see though. If a new shaft would help than I would interested in putting one in.

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