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  1. These guys are so good, it really doesn't matter what they play. I don't imagine Rory will be any more or less effective if he plays with Titleist, Nike or anything else. Ironic, though, as Scotty Cameron made an 'Inspired by Rory McIlroy" putter earlier this year. Talk about a slap in the face!
  2. My Day at Pebble Beach Hello everyone, not sure how many people will actually read all of this, but I’m writing this as more of a treat to myself. But I did start this topic and promised a very lengthy summary of my experience (and it was one, for sure) at Pebble Beach. So without further ado… On Monday, August 6 I sat and watched the clock near 10 a.m. Why that particular time, you ask? Well unless you’re staying at Pebble Beach, and I wasn’t, there are only a certain amount of tee times available and they can only take reservations the day prior. With me being on the East Coas
  3. Alright, well I called at 7:00 on the nose this morning and got my tee time for 1:20 tomorrow with a caddy (the people I'm playing with also have a caddy). I figure the clouds will be broken up by then and it'll be blue skies! I'm taking plenty of pictures and plan a hole by hole write up of my experience. Here's to hitting it long and straight!
  4. Well, this keeps getting better! My Mother-in-Law found out about this and she threw in the money for the caddy! How about that? Words really can't describe how excited I am to play Pebble!
  5. Thanks for the input, all. I pretty much decided last night that I'd go for Pebble. As someone said "It's Pebble!" Being there and having a literal free pass to play and not taking advantage of it is like going to New York and not seeing the Empire State Building. I am going to get a caddy, and as I mentioned I've never had one. I don't want to sound like a jerk but do they try and correct your game or just kind of give you the lay of the land in regard to where to hit the shot? I just don't want a caddy that's trying to be my Butch Harmon instead of enhancing the experience for me.
  6. HI there Clambake, yes I actually did read your writeup earlier this afternoon. A very good read and articulately worded. I don't know that me playing both SH and PB is an option. I could possibly pull off SB and SH seeing that it wouldn't be that much more, but logistically my option is one day of golf. We'll only be in Monterey/Carmel for two days so I think the other day will be going to a few wineries, etc. I'm leaning towards Pebble and using some of "my" own money for a caddy. I'm pondering shipping my clubs out and then back as well. Though I do know they'll rent me a set (
  7. Howdy all, new here and I've done a search and have seen no shortage on this subject, but figured I'd throw my .02 in... Heading out to California in a couple of weeks. My wife and brother told me that, as an early 40th birthday present, I can play a round at either Pebble or Spyglass (or Spanish Bay too, I suppose). I'm kind of torn as to which one to play - I've never played any of them and my Dad played Spyglass last Fall. He said it was difficult, more so than Pebble (so he heard, he's never played it). So since this is a gift, money isn't the issue for me. That's tak
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